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  1. That reminds me. I need to go check on mine. Back to the topic though, like others have said large containers in an urban area are to easy to get stolen. In LA we have a huge urban park with plenty of space to hike, and hide large caches. You might see if you have something like that close to you. Then go hide one your self.
  2. I recently completed a virtual at the Canadian Embassy in DC. It is properly listed as being found in the District. The embassy property is part of the host nation's territory. although the host nation's jurisdiction ends at the embassy. Then you have areas like the Cook memorial in Hawaii. The land is England's, but I would not expect a cache placed there to be listed as being in the UK. Actually if I remember right a Countries Embassies, and Naval Vessel are their sovereign territory. It is not the territory of the hosting Country. So technically Your Canadian Embassy virtual should get you a Canada souvenir because you did it in another country.
  3. Actually it would do nothing to the economy. Our economy is based on the amount of real bills in the system. Not on the amount of fake bills in it. So they really have nothing to do with our economy. If you took them out though a lot of people would get mad because they might have them in their pocket.
  4. So when these things go retro I will get what ever badges I have already earned?
  5. Just for you: I only see 5 smileys. Am I missing any?
  6. I have a couple of ideas, message me. People on here frown at someone giving any kind of help on the forums to a puzzle. But i think I have found some things.
  7. I say post a note on the cache it says its in, just noting that you found it in a different cache, and make sure you claim it. Then just do a drop in the cache you found it in, and grab it again.
  8. I am sorry for your loss. When we sign the dotted line we know what we are getting into. The sacrifice that we make is one that we wish to hold the burden of. Your Husband paid the ultimate price for the burden that we choose to carry. For that he will always be honored. He is one of the the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice. A great man man once said when asked in context to serving in W.W. II "Grandson: Grandpa, were you a hero in the war? Grandpa (Ranney) : No, but I served in a company of heroes." Your husband is one of those heroes.
  9. Would the land behind a Cemetery be owned by the Cemetery, or by the Government? I am not going to place one, but just wondering.
  10. The Oldest I have found to date is a Virtual, not much of a chance to explore with school. Here is the cacheGC937D
  11. I have the same GPS and I never use a cable to connect to my PC. All I do is hand enter the Coordinates on it, and then go searching. You can input around 100 by hand I think. I never have a lot entered, as I dont go out that much because of school.
  12. It depends on what you want. I have a couple of books with hiking trails for all of So Cal, plus a book that is just for LA. If you send me a pm I can give you some ideas.
  13. I will go and try it one day soon. Who knows how many I will get.
  14. despite my flippant remark earlier you need to be careful with such a plan. It is possible that the CO has listed them elsewhere. Geocaching.com is not the only site out there listing geocaches. You could always check for geocache, and the coordinates. If it is a clean search hey go for it. I doubt they have them listed else where as they say they have with drawn from the game.
  15. Maybe I can talk my Fiancee into this because of Aliens.
  16. Does anyone have the GC number for Alien Highway?
  17. Being vigilant is fine, but it won't save you should someone wish to do you harm. In many cases neither does a call to 911, especially if you're hunting off the beaten path. "Big tough guys" are good too, but they aren't bullet proof and a crazed meth-head isn't afraid of anyone. I'm not trying to scare anyone or anything like that, but people should know that it CAN happen to you - anytime, anywhere. The best way to make sure you are safe in any environment is to legally carry a handgun ( if your state allows) and get some training on it's proper use and safety. You should be mentally prepared to defend your life, and know and abide by the laws in your state regarding the carry of a weapon. If you can't or won't carry a firearm, then pepper spray is the next best thing. I recommend one with multiple bursts. All thins considered, getting a little on you and having an asthma attack would probably not be the worst thing that could happen should some low-life want to do you harm. In my family, we prefer Glock's. These days, trouble can happen anywhere - and bad guys don't make appointments. I agree Owljones, I carry a firearm when possible. In my state there are parks/forests that I am not allowed to carry a firearm, and in those cases I always have a pretty good size knife with me. If you are not comfortable carrying a firearm, you could always check into getting a stun gun or taser. Stun guns you have to be pretty close to use on someone, but a taser you can put some distance between you and your attacker. If you are comfortable carring a firearm and are looking for a small handgun. I would suggest the Ruger LCP or Keltec P-3AT. Unfortunately, California law prevents me from owning or carrying any kind of firearm, as I am underage and there is a license required for concealed carry. On the pepperspray/mace front (see bolded text above), I really don't know if that is the best option for me. My asthma is very severe, to the point that if I were to spray that, I would be utterly and completely incapacitated until an ambulance arrived or I died. At this point, I am looking at stun-guns or tasers, but I don't know that much about them. I'm not sure if I can legally carry one here, or if I can afford the cost of the unit + cartridges + batteries. I will probably purchase a knife to carry with me regardless if I get a taser, any suggestions on type/brand? Edit to add: Congratulations, Dragery! That's quite an accomplishment. Do not purchase, and carry a knife unless you know how to use it. I am sorry to say this but more than likely it will end up being used against you. It takes time to learn how to fight with a knife. Do yourself a favor get an epi pen script, and get some pepper spray. Or suck it up and get a taser.
  18. It would seem that they care about growing the sport, not about increasing a single Cachers numbers. They want their game, and business to grow. Its a simple business model, increase your customer base to increase profits. they are probably looking to increase the 20% dollar amount that they get from new Cachers.
  19. I understand that. When I have gone over there I just cant seem to find anything. It just seems like a huge jumble of stuff, and completely cluttered. There doesnt seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.
  20. Works great. You still programming in binary, or did you finally move up to C ? He he. A lovely AOL product that was dropped two and a half years ago. AOL. Say no more. I used it... ages ago. I moved on to Firefox myself, but have fun with Navigator. I enjoy my Greasemonkey scripts too much. I like the new movie trailer for the Wall Street sequel where they hand Gordon Gekko back his cell phone when he gets out of prison. You are not using this one are ya'? Never used AOL. I run the latest FireFox right now. Checked out Google Chrome, and just didnt like it. As for the cell phone, I dont think I have ever used one of those, or seen one out side of pictures, or movies. I will stick with with my windows 7 mobile pda phone. I think I might have an upgrade phone for you though. Its like 10 years, so you should be good. Might be a little to advanced for you though. mtn-man did you ever play Duke Nukem? I loved that game when I was a teen. PS: mtn-man please know this is all in fun.
  21. Works great. You still programming in binary, or did you finally move up to C ?
  22. see post #2 I saw post #2 and read it. But it would be nice to release the info on here also. Thank you.
  23. Do you have to release the info on Get Satisfaction though? I have no idea how to find anything on that site. its such a jumble of garbage on it.
  24. I would say that if you had a type of log where someone could scratch in their name to claim the find it would be ok. I know on my cache I had forgot to add a pen, and someone had to do that. I was able to read it, and they mentioned in their online log. I have no problem with that at all. It really is up to you on how you feel about it. Do you feel that it is important to have the actual log signed in pen, pencil, or sharpie?
  25. There is one that goes around the world to all 7 continents. Does that satisfy your question?
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