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  1. Really? When I search the market on my Android phone, I don't see any apps that are "completely free" and provide the same functionality. I didn't say anywhere in my post that there were Android apps that were equivalent to c:geo and free. I don't know where you got that from. All I said was that there are free apps using the API, contrary to what your earlier statement implied. There is no cost associated with using the API, so cost can't be the reason for the "no scraping" clause. I didn't say there was cost involved in using the API. I don't know where you got that from.
  2. Really? When I search the market on my Android phone, I don't see any apps that are "completely free" and provide the same functionality.
  3. That's just a tad over-simplified. Is it really? What do you think the reasoning behind that clause in the TOU is? Don't say server load, because that's not it.
  4. What's wrong with it? It's free. They don't like that. They want you to pay instead.
  5. That line keeps disappearing for me as well (together with my avatar). A bug that's gone unfixed for at least half a year now.
  6. I'm gonna call BS on that. Just because the phone tells you that the accuracy is +- 2 meters and the GPS only tells you +- 3 meters, it doesn't make it true. Do a proper test and you'll see that the GPS still wins. However, it's still true that a lot of smartphones are accurate enough for geocaching. But then again, a map and a compass can also be accurate enough for geocaching...
  7. Just adding that GPX 1.0.1 isn't really GPX 1.0.1, but rather GPX 1.0 with the Groundspeak extensions version 1.0.1. And no, Garmins can't handle attributes natively. There's some tricks you can pull to make them visible (convert them to text and put them into a description or a fake log entry etc).
  8. So why does the "a souvenir by ..." link for this thing go to a 404?
  9. That field will not take a GZ number. I have had this problem searching for other items like those with GW numbers. Which is kinda what the A-team tried to tell you. All geocache numbers/codes start with "GC". All all all of them.
  10. You go to the "hide and seek a cache" page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/default.aspx and enter the GC code into the "by GC code" field.
  11. Okay. I didn't realize how the "delete photo" process worked. So for now, you just delete the link from the page but as far as Groundspeak is concerned, you don't actually want the photos and can go through the trouble of deleting all the photos during a clean up of their servers. After their long standing policy of never actually deleting deleted photos, I predict that such a cleanup would cause a rather large outcry from all the people who were (ab)using that "feature" for such a long time. I also predict that this wouldn't keep GS from doing it anyway.
  12. Didn't notice any stickiness, but did notice some large inaccuracies in adverse conditions. Typical GPS behavior really... You're in one spot, it says GZ is there, five minutes later it has you 10 meters over there, so you go to the new GZ, only to be brought back to the old spot again. Rinse repeat. Previously it would just stick to one spot, obviously. But that's just how GPS is, isn't it.
  13. Really? When did the calendar filing thing become official part of the game?
  14. dfx


    I think it's very well thought out. Groundspeak would rather like to see you buy a new tag than re-use an old one. The wording achieves exactly that.
  15. dfx


    AFAIC the copy tags were never meant to be replacements for re-releasing a lost TB. They were meant to be kept by the owner - as physical souvenir(?) of the actual TB that's out there. Just like the military dog tags, they also always come in pairs.
  16. Signal: http://coord.info/map?ll=35.59751,-117.6271&z=14
  17. Someone suggesting "too much testosterone" as a reason makes me want to not log my DNFs just out of spite.
  18. i don't know for sure but i'm betting....NO I just tried it. Looks like you're right.
  19. That reminds me... time to go through my list of TBs and mark a bunch of them missing again...
  20. Wish list: Ability to set a default map type And a different kind if scale, like your usual display of "that long" is 500 meters etc
  21. One of the most requested features, and has been for a long time. You can't.
  22. It would help to know what unit you have.
  23. Wow. Seriously? Groundspeak doesn't want to give out any bulk cache data to 3rd parties, so yes, it is their responsibility to provide a high quality mapping solution to their users, so they can browse caches the way they want to. GS doesn't want anyone else to be able to offer anything like that (not with their data, anyway). Stop the Greasemonkey madness already, get Groundspeak to provide a usable site instead, or give bulk access to the cache data to 3rd parties who in turn can provide a usable site.
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