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  1. I ran into exactly that a few days ago with some in Georgia. I loaded the cartridges to my GPSr and they ran perfectly from wherever I happened to be. I had some Pennsylvania Play anywhere cartridges that I was able to run in the emulator before GeoWoodstock earlier this year like http://coord.info/GC5J33V. You could use that one or the others in the area as a comparison.
  2. There is a message up now saying the site is undergoing scheduled maintenance.
  3. Also post a note to each trackable's page. Many times people will write a log to the cache page about missing trackables but do not on the trackable's page for its owner.
  4. Seriously? How does this small list being where it is on the page ACTUALLY cause you difficulty? I wonder if it wasn't for trivial complaints like this, Groundspeak might be more willing to seriously invest in some of the more useful changes many users have requested for a long time. As things stand, Groundspeak can just shrug and take the view that whatever they change, some people will like it, some people won't. They might even shy away from big changes on the basis that large change = more complaints. I'd probably do the same myself It appears you just read my post and not the pages upon pages on multiple threads about people not wanting this information on their profile page at all or wanting to have the option to show it or not like we had before the update because the information is not useful enough to them to be on that page. Further, it seems you failed to recognize my statement is NOT a complaint in any way but a simple solution to ease some of the angst and possibly eliminate some of the complaints. Like I stated, a compromise. As far as Groundspeak's being "more willing to seriously invest in some of the more useful changes many users have requested for a long time", I've been on geocaching.com for over half its lifetime and have not seen many of those made nor attempted. (However, I am appreciative of the few useful changes that have been instituted.) More times than not, it looks as if they make changes for the sake of change itself and not for any usefulness to the end users or start a project but fail to see it to fruition or support it. This may not be the case but it is how it is perceived by many. Perceptions have been known to trump facts. And to clarify, these statements are not complaints, just observations.
  5. Since it appears we will not get back the option to hide recently viewed caches, a compromise of putting that information at the bottom of the page would be nice. It is simple enough for a user to hit the end button if one wanted/needed to see it. Thank you.
  6. I fill out a locations visited checklist and put it in a bag with the traveler every time I move one. As a result, I have seen a lot with pages upon pages of visits to each cache found. I have read that the default of the phone apps is for all trackables in a cacher's possession to visit when a find is logged. I don't know since I rarely use my phone to cache and do not log from it. I learned to type on a real non-electric typewriter, like to write a different, sometimes in depth, log for every find and prefer a regular keyboard. I don't do well typing on the phone with one finger when I am used to using all my fingers to type. Some owners want their trackables to get a lot of miles. Visits to every cache found will do that. Personally, I don't log a visit to every cache I find (just a select few like a different state, an interesting cache or a change in direction) but as I stated, I log from a computer where I have to physically select the option for all to visit so it is easier for me to pick and choose which caches for trackables to visit. I can see both sides of this issue. Normally, I would prefer any trackable I own to not be taken to every cache that one visits. However, right now I think I would be happy with that just to know my trackables are still out there. (All of the ones I have released into the wild have disappeared including the one which was a tribute to my dad.)
  7. It used to be "contain". It was changed to "starts with" 18 months to two years or so ago. I can't remember exactly but it was before Block Party in 2013 because I was trying to find the listing by searching using "Block Party" and got no results.
  8. That's the main page I use to get anything done, and the page I have bookmarked to get to this site in the first place. Can you please share some information about what will be replacing it? +1 Same here.
  9. 87% http://coord.info/GC3MFAD 79% http://coord.info/GC3Y1GE Highly recommend both. It is my understanding that caches hidden by The Raven in Arizona have high percentage of favorite votes.
  10. I use "grab" is when the trackable is listed in a different cache than where I actually picked it up. I have also picked up travelers out of a cache which still showed being in a cacher's hands. I give them some time to log it into the cache (a week sometimes depending on various factors) and then "grab" it from them. In those cases, I usually log a visit for it into the cache from which I retrieved it.
  11. A general FYI, access via the geocaching app does not update the last visit date on a geocacher's profile. People may be actually active and it may not show. I recently looked at the profile of some new cachers whose logs say "I found this geocache using the Geocaching Intro App." Last visit to the site showed "Never". Can't say if this would be the case for the CO in the OP though.
  12. Traveling caches were once allowed and quite a few still exist. Those are grandfathered. Some have requests to stay in a particular area while some are free to travel anywhere.
  13. That's a good one to remember. Yes, they are good looking coins. Nice thing to do for folks.
  14. Have not been on the forums in a bit so missed the original offering. I am interested in this beautiful coin if you have any left. Thanks.
  15. We had someone see us coming out of the woods with our kids and a shovel in hand (we had just buried a cache). The guy later asked what were we doing and we told him we had to bury a hampster. I also say I lost something and am looking for it. Not trying to pick, just asking out of curiosity, but don't the rules say a geocache can't be buried? The guidelines have changed since that was written in 2007.
  16. Sorry all that happened to the OP and glad it has been resolved.
  17. Good! I found the idea of cachers disturbing a pet grave very upsetting. Glad it's been taken care of. What people do in the name of geocaching. Place a geocache in someone's yard on a pet grave. Just no respect for others property. The area is a thicket of pines and appears to be road right of way especially since there is a small billboard type sign there at GZ just into the woods. It is at a "Y" in the road. I would like to think no one would have gone there had they suspected it was private property and especially if it was obvious a pet's grave was there.
  18. All physical elements of a multi cache are supposed to be 528 feet from physical elements of other caches, not just the first stage. However, the stages of a multi cache do not have a minimum distance from each other. Of course, it has just been in the last few years one has needed to list the coordinates of other stages and the finals of unknown type caches as additional waypoints on the submittal page.
  19. Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge) Hidden 04/06/2007
  20. Just FYI. Most times, the "last visit" date on the profile page is correct. However, the date does not update when someone logs from an app so it is not always accurate.
  21. Don't you love the hints which say "after a DNF"?
  22. Are you using IE 10? There is some information in the thread here which includes clicking on the compatibility view button in IE 10 or accessing the site through another browser.
  23. I will add that it is a good idea to carry at least one pen while caching even when the page says there is a writing implement in it. They quit working or go missing.
  24. I had that problem a few days ago. The site doesn't seem to like IE10 for me anymore. I didn't have any issues when accessing the site through IE8 on another computer or through Google Chrome on the same computer which has IE10.
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