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  1. I am glad I am not the only one thinking along that line. I been caching for a while and I know how some geocachers are... assuming things.
  2. Banning one of them is like a band aid over the issue. That will just make them do it all the more by getting a new screen name.
  3. There's one guy in my area that dont sign any logs... online or paper. He happen to be a well known business man in my area. He told me it's a privacy reason of not signing any logs. He kept a personal notebook to keep track of all the caches he found. Its in the 1000's! I asked him for a few hints on caches I had difficult and he gave me some tips. He told me not to tell anyone who he's.
  4. One of my caches got signed by the county workers. It was kinda funny.
  5. I know people setup a hiding account so they can log it as a found. I am like, whatever float your boat. Do I care, no, not at all. Just funny to see it.
  6. No. It's you taking things too literally. Do you have other things in life that's more important to do?
  7. They are guidelines, not rules. If you want everyone to play geocaching like you do, you are playing the wrong hobby.
  8. Rolling my eyes. That isn't what he's trying to say. You are taking his thoughts out of context to support your narrow mindset of what DNF means to you. Nice try!
  9. Try geocaching while Deaf! Yes, it can be really dangerous for me at night when the cops think my GPS is a gun and I didn't hear him/her say drop it. Yes, deaf people get killed by cops! One of my mother biggest fear!
  10. I don't think you are following. Try geocaching in places like Hong Kong. Its difficult to find the true ground zero. It can be in the basement or 6 floors up! Sometimes the CO wants to make it challenging! The unhappy face remains me that I try finding ground zero. The problem with your thinking, you are taking it too literally of what DNF means. Not finding GZ is a DNF. If you never been in Hong Kong, you have no idea how difficult to find GZ. In most places, GZ is ground level. I got stories of trying to find the true GZ, it shows less than 5 feet on my GPS but I know I was at the wrong level! There was a cache that took me over a hour to get to GZ. Why? Most walkways are on the 3rd floors and trying to find stairways to that 3rd floor can be nerve-wracking because they are behind unmarked doors! A unfounded cache is on my map but it doesn't show if I try looking for it or not. I like seeing the unhappy faces on my map because it reminds me of my journey of trying to get to GZ. I understand there's other ways to list it but like I said earlier, its more user-friendly to log a DNF log! I am not going to waste my time making a bookmark list! That's too time consuming! I want to turn on my app and see the map and I can see where I left off. No need to fool around looking for the list and trying to get it to work! If you delete my DNF logs, I will report you to GS! Some people like to see DNF so they understand other people journey so they can make it easier for themselves of not making the same mistakes. They are almost the only thing I read on the cache page. If you are a CO that hate DNF, you are playing the wrong hobby. DNF is very much part of our hobby. The good CO are the one that don't complain about how other people play the hobby.
  11. Thats why I save park with playground for a rainy day. Some of the best caching I done are on rainy days because nobody is paying attention to me.
  12. People that complain about other cachers.
  13. The reason for DNF log is so you know to go back and try again. I would make it clear so the owner doesn't think its missing. The watch list or bookmark is not user friendly. Hit the DNF and you will see it on the map every time you are looking in that area of the map.
  14. Gs said to archived your caches and place new one.
  15. Yes! Limit to once a year. Time to shake up the number game.
  16. I noticed that when I use the app. Really annoying.
  17. Since you are from my area. We got a paranoid CO in our general area. This person have all their caches as PM so they know whos looking at it. GS removed that feature last year I believe and I am glad. Because we got a high amount of PM caches in our area, its really annoying when I want to take a non member caching with me.
  18. I will say this again, not everyone can be a good CO. Geocaching give those control freaks too much power.
  19. Are you still beating on the dead horse? If you don't like GS new suggestions, please archived all your caches and stop geocaching. No hard feelings.
  20. GS finally kicked GC600 to the curb. Very likely cleaning up the caches that doesn't do any good.
  21. No. We don't need it. I haven't forgotten that controlling CO that own a webcam cache in Hawaii. People like him is the reason why we got rules today.
  22. Yep, it shows up on one cache I was following. I was laughing and don't care! Carry on folks, not everyone play the game like you do.
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