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  1. Not funny. You clearly don't know kablooey. We had a rather intense thread on our local forums recently when he discovered that someone else had done that one one of his caches. If kablooey says he has done it, then he has. boy mr fizzy............it doesn't take much for you to get those panties of yours all up in a bunch. Hey EXMAN you got that right, just get Fizzy going on FTFs and you will see him IMPLODE !!!! LOL Scubasonic
  2. You get gloating rights, especially if you're one of a few FTF hounds in the area and you get it first. You even get to leave a message for the next person to find it, if you want to gloat without hanging around to do it in person. You forgot to mention that this benefit only accrues if are an actual jerk. The good news, though, is that your gloating logs will let everybody in the area who cares know you are a jerk. The only JERK I see here Fizzy is you for criticizing those that enjoy the FTF part of the game, and how they post about it.
  3. Hmmm looked at your profile and 150 caches doesn't seem that much not what I would call going "HOG WILD" something else is going on I think.
  4. I've had a screen protector (Zagg brand) on my 550t since soon after I bought it. Has anyone begun offering a screen protector that fits the Oregon 6x0 series? I'd rather not cut my own, so I'm interested only in one designed for the new series. I just checked the Zagg Web site. They offer a generic invisibleSHIELD protector for the Garmin Oregon series, but if that's cut for the 4x0 and 5x0 units, it won't fit the larger screens on the 6x0 series. --Larry I went to the Zagg shop they custom made one for my Oregon 650T
  5. I agree REI is the way to go their return policy used to not have a time limit but they changed that to a year which is still really good.
  6. Could you please point me to where Zagg is offering a screen protector specifically for the 6x0 series? All I can find (I just looked again) is on this page, and these will NOT fit the 6x0 series.They're designed for the older Oregon units with rectangular glass areas. Also, when I search the Zagg site for "Garmin Oregon 650" or "Garmin Oregon 600" it displays a "No results" error message. --Larry I took my new Oregon 650T to a Kiosk outside of the Apple Store they had it done for me in about 10 minutes works great.
  7. Just bought the Oregon 650T thought it held unlimited Geocaches, well it does as long as the caches are on OpenCaching and not Geocaching according to Garmin, 12,000 same as my Montana on Geocaching.com thinking of returning it. Scubasonic
  8. I don't know how you figure that, there are Coords you go to the location, you find the container, and sign the provided log. Just because you don't like power trails doesn't mean it isn't a Geocache. SS
  9. Sounds to me that possibly you have done something to make your fellow cachers upset with you, and this is why they are stealing your caches, as a payback if you will. I can't imagine that someone would target you in this way FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I think someone else had brought up this question but you avoided answering it.
  10. Same problem we have with Society, to many want something for nothing, few want to put in the work and commitment it takes to be successful
  11. I really have no paid that much attention to it
  12. Look on the bright side after looking through all your GEO Junk you may be responsible to getting several more folks introduced to Geocaching.....
  13. Well I for one hope that it isn't us that gives up, cant we just move it a little ways away? SS
  14. Boy I'm glad the swag is missing in my caches I have to clean it out fairly often otherwise the log wouldn't even fit so the less swag the better IMO.
  15. I wouldn't say that 109 Finds that you are a Veterin Geocacher with only 109 Finds.
  16. Since as far back as I can remeber Fizzy has always has bashed FTFers I think he may have just been 2nd to find one to many times.
  17. ABSOLUTELY !!! If you can't handle the heat stay out of the Fire
  18. How many hides do you own? ras_oscar, DON'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION it's a set up, don't fall into his trap
  19. Thanks to everyone who replied, we have a full car and we are looking forward to the trip and the rise in finds. Scubasonic
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