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  1. So you want people to litter? Not a good idea in my mind.
  2. There is an online company that will make you a TB decal for your vehicle for about $10. You can supply the TB number. PM sent
  3. No they do not need to be attached to something. In my case, the attached item has a small story about it and the tag merely allows me to see where the item is.
  4. I have an eTrex 20 and love it. I bought a refurbished unit for my girlfriend from Cabelas, so deals are out there.
  5. Maps let you see that the cache is on the other side of the creek and that there is a bridge about .2 miles away ON THE PATH. Other wise you would end up heading straight for the cache and wondering how to cross the 100 ft chasm the creek is in. Maps also let you see that there is really a street nearby the cache that puts you much closer to the cache than the .5 mile walk from where you are.
  6. That's not really possible, is it? You would be surprised...
  7. As far as I know.... there isn't a way to do this on the website. It is possible to do offline using GSAK program, both in GSAK and updating bookmark lists on the website.
  8. Is there any chance that the GPS was preloaded with caches or loaded caches into it manually? A PQ shouldn't give duplicate entries.
  9. Being able to travel all over your area gives you the flexibility to find caches in your spare time there, such as an airline pilot during a layover. The most I've found in 1 day is 104, and that was in an 9 hour period. In certain areas it is possible to get several hundred in a day, but it is a lot of work. As for "being addicted".... well some of us are retired, or have jobs where we can spend time caching. I tend to plan out road trips and vacation trips around caching. We've seen some pretty amazing things, gone to some very scenic spots, and had a good time while traveling. The reward is seeing places, finding that elusive container, and having a good time fulfilling various challenges.
  10. My Etrex 20 is set to alert at 1/4 mile as is my Nuvi.
  11. You will have to contact Groundspeak about this, not us in the forums.
  12. Wow! They are excellent reasons. Now I have to do some more thinking to do! Regular updates would be nice. I was wondering why I didn't see any Magellan GPS units in the geocache store. Thanks for the reasons. PS... the GC has been abandoned by the manufacturer, so no more updates for it at all.
  13. I use Inreach... and chose the plan that allows me to suspend my subscription when I don't go out by myself as much, like during winter. I researched SPOT and other "tracking" devices and decided that for my use the Inreach was the best way to go. With other devices you may not be able to tell your rescuers what the situation is, so they may not bring the right equipment to help you. The joke my daughter and I have is "Help! Got two flat tires and out of beer. BRING BEER!!" A friend took his Inreach to the top of Everest.... Yeah, way cool to be able to track him.
  14. Panther... Basically it is the San Juan NFS that doesn't allow caches. I wasn't aware that BLM there doesn't. Indian Nation excepted as they don't allow any at all. On this side of the Great Divide, the NFS allows caches as does BLM.
  15. The South Park Series in Colorado has 75 caches hidden.
  16. Wait.... there is a proper protocol to a throwdown. You have to stand with your back to GZ and toss the throwdown over your shoulder. Then you count to 10, turn around and hunt for the throwdown. That way you can actually claim that you found it.
  17. Being moderately vertically challenged, I'd be interested in links to any such tools. can grabber
  18. Am I to assume that if you were to find a cache on the day I found that cache and had dropped off a TB but not logged either the cache or TB drop that you would Grab the TB from me? I'll tell you right now that I would grab it back and drop it into the cache. I don't use a smartphone to cache, so I don't immediately log caches when I find them. I will log them within 24 hours, usually less, when I've returned home and can use my computer.
  19. IMHO... rate it appropriately as to overall D and overall T. You might mention that this will involve some driving, yet the time required to do the Wherigo should reflect that it won't be a quick C&D.
  20. Bolding mine You want to know who owns the plane?? The Air Force Museum does. As you said, it is ON LOAN.
  21. They are using GSAK and the Findstats and Genupload macros.
  22. upload them to some place and then imbed the link in your posting.
  23. Are you also using a Greasemonkey script?
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