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  1. Same here. Something is very broken.
  2. Wow. Almost 5 years since last post. I thought that by now at least ONE of the 148 watchers would have written something. Lamp Post Cache Please Discuss.
  3. Nice! Don't forget to put this Attribute on the cache page:
  4. Woodpeckers,however, are not bound by the guidelines..... What are you, NUTS??
  5. I just bought a set. 32 pc (16 containers) $19.99 +$5 ship = about $1.50 a cache for the real deal! http://www.woot.com/ Gotta Be quick though.....
  6. I'm still getting a 500 error when I try to access my "quickview" page. My link
  7. I thought I'd share my version of this hide. It's not a 5 star, but fun enough: Aww Hex! GC1E49Y. It's been out there over three years, so is suppose it's OK to share now. At the far end of our local beach parking lot is a set of six pipes (in a hex pattern) blocking cars from driving up the bike path. These pipes were pile-driven into the sand long ago and stick out about 3 ft, but they are 5-6ft deep inside! I have placed six identical containers into these pipes, each with a reflective tape square on top. These six are all filled with sand so they don't float up. The actual cache is in a seventh container, identical except the reflector has a little "x" on top, and of course no sand inside. There are instructions in the cache for the finder to drop it into a different hole after signing the log. I suppose the fun part is that it is NOT advertised as a water pipe type cache, so there are several levels of discovery needed: 1) WHERE the heck is the cache! 2) OK, WHICH of the holes is it in, and 3) Oh, now HOW do I get it out? The hint says "You can bring some "Gals" to help" which really confuses some people. (yes, I've been accused of "male chauvinism" har!) It takes just about 1 gallon to lift it out. There are no drain holes, but the water drops a few inches a minute as it percolates through the sand. No container is provided, but the Pacific is about 100ft away. I also put a little piece of hidden text at the bottom of the description with some more hints: "PS...It's less Dense than collected rain, yet still Attractive too..." Of course the formatting gets stripped out on the phone apps, so it's given away easier to those in the field. "It's less Dense than collected rain" means "IT FLOATS!" and "yet still Attractive too" means "YES, I PUT MAGNETS IN THE LIDS!" I get some pretty funny emails from people telling how they "Macgyvered" to retrieve it. I'd say about a third of the finders don't even figure out it can float out. In fact, while doing maintenance earlier this year, I pulled up all the san filled "dummies" to clean the top reflectors, and found a signed virgin logsheet in one! I didn't have the heart to delete their "Found It" log, as that must have been *really* tough to do without the exact perfect tool (which I have, of course). As you can imagine, it doesn't get a lot of smileys, but those who do get it have a BIG one.
  8. Thanks TOZ, very interesting reading. I think you have hit it pretty square on the head, so to speak. I actually have just started considering some challenges, especially for some things in our area that can't have a cache, or there are semi-permanent proximity issues. I do feel that the challenge site and apps will evolve to have many similar tools and features like caches, given time to ripen a bit...
  9. Favorites are your friend here. As a "non-premium" member, your searching and sorting options are pretty limited. But it sounds like you have a local area you are hunting in (ie "Lunch caching" during the week). Bring up a cache page for a cache near where you are or about where you know you will be caching. Then go down to just under the "Hint" field to the "Find..." fields. Click on "...all nearby caches" (or whatever version fits your need). You then have the equivalent of a simple PQ results preview listing. Favorites are the blue ribbon column. As a basic member, you won't be able to sort by favorites, but you can scroll down through the pages and see which ones have favorite points. Note that "Favorite" may mean different things to different people, but in general, I have found it a great way to find interesting, fun, quality, "top 10%" caches (since premium members get 1 vote to use per 10 cache finds). Good luck and have fun!
  10. There is a reason that most of the units talked about are Garmins... Your best bang for the buck is (still) a used eTrex Vista Hcx or a 60csx. Very stable, and lots of units out there for sale, plus you can get maps and topos for free. Easy to download caches, and easy to upload tracklogs.
  11. Trolls Lair is disabled. (Though finds are still being logged.) Holy Macro is archived. Holy Macro! Whoa! What??I took a little double take on this! I didn't even know that Sonorazark placed another one near Portland when he moved up there. Luckily, his original "Holy Macro!" in Sonora, Ca (Near Yosemite) is still active. But I guess location is everything: The Archived Holy Macro! GC278ME 78 fav (24% pm) on 384 finds. Placed 4/22/10 - Archived 3/13/11 (only 11 months) The Original Holy Macro! GC17WY1 17 fav (32% pm) on "only" 80 finds. Placed 12/10/07 - Active 3.5 yrs Obviously a bunch of fun, but definitely needs the right kind of location! A classic example of why I look at both raw count and percent favorites. PS Thanks Ecylram for doing the footwork on this. It has made for some fun exploring....
  12. I am going to give a big 2nd vote to the Fenix LD20!! Indeed it is about $55-60, but I did a bunch of research an I think it is by far the best bang for the buck for a "higher performance" LED flashlight. I use it about 10x more than any other flashlight I own. It is way brighter than any of the maglights I own.
  13. Children need encouragement. If a kid gets an answer rightfinds a cache, tell him it was a lucky guess. That way he develops a good, lucky feeling. Edit: less off topic
  14. A great name is one that's a subtle hint, a hint that you don't 100% understand until you see where the cache is hidden and then suddenly you get this big AH-HA feeling when you see the spot. I LOVE it when the name helps the hide somehow. I also try to make my cache names memorable & fun, with maybe a rhyme, or an anagram or some other play on a well known phrase. Much better than "Acme Trail #42"
  15. Well, it's by no means anywhere near the oldest cache with it's original logbook, but a local cache that I adopted Tucker's Trove (hidden 3/3/02) still has it's 'original' logbook. The cache was heavily damaged in a wildfire, but the logbook contents survived mostly intact (but incredibly fragile). I scanned in and reprinted all the pages, and have bound them into a 'new original' logbook with plenty more new blank pages added. I think it turned out pretty well. Scanned Logbook Pages It is both interesting and a little sad to see the length of the logs go down over the years. TFTC! I am curious as to why the OP was asking - if for other than general curiosity...
  16. SK6 Blue, you are correct! Good Job!
  17. OK Toojin- I'm going ahead. Easy if you know it:
  18. Geez - stop the chanting! Are you guys looking for this? hmmm what to draw next....
  19. OF COURSE! Its your turn again.
  20. My guess: 1701eh memorial geocoin:
  21. Look Twice - Motorcycle Version?? It has a hole & everything!
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