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  1. http://gis.hcpafl.org/propertysearch/#/nav/Advanced%20Search Your profile suggests you are from Tampa. This is the Hillsborough County property tax appraiser. You can search by address and find the owner.
  2. You could host an event at the fair.
  3. It was a 3 year old Galaxy S that was starting to go bad. Since I was the only one in the house still on Android, I gave in to the dark side.
  4. Oh well, I got a few good years out of my Galaxy. Time to pay up again for the iPhone version.
  5. Sometimes a log may be so full that you can just make a mark. Especially "vacation" caches (no longer allowed, but there are still plenty out there). Cachers add new paper when they can but the logs are a bit unorganized. Still a big part of the challenge is making that mark. I was rushed in my logs several times last week by heavily armed police and soldiers in tourist places in Europe. This just adds to the challenge. There are certainly circumstances that lead to not signing a log. It might be soaked, your pen might break. I had a unigue situation last week that prevented me from signing a logbook. The CO however, invited me to log the find. I thought about it and logged it without guilt.
  6. How did it go? I am going in July
  7. Not for me. Cannot find any caches on maps and pocket queries are coming up blank.
  8. Might be a problem for a 12yr old. I sincerely hope you didn't just imply I am anywhere near the age range of 12. I'm afraid you are closer to 12 than 21. I don't want to de-rail my thread. I just think that geoBain either was trying to agitate me, or was Nah, I think he was just making a funny. I don't read anything more into it. As to the issue, I would report the logs to the powers that be at GC.com and see what they can do.
  9. Might be a problem for a 12yr old. I sincerely hope you didn't just imply I am anywhere near the age range of 12. I'm afraid you are closer to 12 than 21.
  10. I've found a couple and never really understood them.
  11. Post a new Found It log and then bask in the glory of finding that which eluded you before.
  12. Come join this facebook group SEPAG Lots of local cachers in it.
  13. I bought a bunch and am not really pleased with their ability to keep moisture out.
  14. Under Pile (of Sticks). Usual Place(s)
  15. Given the "special equipment" factor that makes a 5, I think that some 4.5/4.5 I've looked at are far harder than some 5/5s.
  16. But I have spent decades trying to convince the local PBS station fund raisers that I do not have a telephone. I can't go calling them now.
  17. I prefer decons to lock and locks. If you have to go all out, use an ammo box. Do you see that many of them out there? I've only so far seen two plus the one I placed.
  18. Well, two days later. The arm that reached into the bush is clear (did I mention that the leaves had a coating of river mud all over them from Irene?). The other arm has a short strip of it developing on my elbow. Just a few bumps. No big deal. My ankles are on fire though. I was wearing water shoes and no socks and must have walked right through a bush. Lots of cortizone cream for me.
  19. I bought a bunch of them at a gun show for about $3 each. My opinion of them as cache containers is "they suck". Very strong yes. Watertight? No. Just too hard to close properly. There is at least one on the SRT, full of water and mud after Irene blew through. I;ve got one placed on the other back and it is soaked inside too. MAybe they would work in a skirt lifter, but not in the woods. If you want, I can leave one for you by the Linc when I go to the next Phils game. You can try it and see if you like it.
  20. I reached into a patch of it today while doing some cache maintenance. Once I realized it, and got back to the boat, I jumped into the river and tried to rub it off as best I could in the cold water. Once I got home a few hours later I got a shower with lots of soap. We will see in a few days if I escaped.
  21. I don't see why not. Sure, stuff happens, some one is going to be really late, or stop for a few minutes but that hardly seems to fit the spirit of an event.
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