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  1. I have found a couple like that. They even SAID on the cache page that the cache was actually 100 ft from where the coordinates were because they wanted to hide one there and it was technically too close to another. It's since been archived. I might be able to find it though...
  2. So... I hid some caches before my kids were born and recently I let them find them and log finds. I didn't even think about whether or not that would be kosher or not... opinions? Should I not do this?
  3. I always say the real people they are cheating are themselves, honestly. Although I do think it sort of degrades the overall experience by setting a poor example. My husband stopped logging his finds online awhile back, but he always signs the log sheet
  4. I did one power trail just to see what the hype was about. A friend of mine was going to do one, so we went out into the wilds of Nevada to try it along with him. Some people LOVE power trails. They make a whole experience out of it. They create a team; one person records and keeps track, one person runs and signs, one person drives; and they switch around, etc. I can see how the experience as a whole can be unique and somewhat appealing. For me; I LOVED the trip. I LOVED the ET highway. I LOVED staying at the Little Alie-Inn... SO much so; that when my husband and I got married; we went BACK THERE for our honey moon. It was amazing. The camaraderie and fun was great. Will I do another power trail again? I don't think so. I'm glad I tried it so I could see what it was... but I could have done all the other neat caches in the area and still had a wonderful time. I DID really love hiking the entirely alien head series. I was bone tired afterward, but it was fantastic, and we did it at night. It was really really a cool experience. My husband and I did cache while on our honeymoon and found a lot of peripheral finds. We left the power trail alone. (There was a new one placed by that time). So yeah... the experience of doing the power trail? I would say it was quality; although the quality part of it was unrelated to the caches.
  5. This is a super good point. It does seem that 'low quality' can be pretty subjective. I found one today like that. It was this trick one where the bottom falls out and all the swag falls out on the ground. I HATED it. It was such a pain in the a** to have to pick all that up and put it back. I'm sure that other people found it delightful or funny. The page had 88 favorites. So would I call it 'low quality?' Nope! It was definitely a quality cache, handmade container and everything! But I really didn't enjoy it. I wonder if adding in some questions about what kind of caches we find enjoyable might be helpful? Then you (directed at Groundspeak) can possibly garner some statistics on the types of caches that people enjoy finding rather than just the 'quality.'
  6. Around here they are either waaayyyy out logging roads, or forest roads, or way out in the middle of nowhere. I had some ammo can hides; but I adopted them out to my ex's new girlfriend after he and I broke up. They were all fairly out in the wilds. I have found a few in suburban areas, but they did not last. The containers got taken. I even found one that was chained to a tree once; and it has since been taken and archived.
  7. I see, I was even overthinking it, LMAO!!!
  8. We just recently found one like this! We loved it! It's such a great idea
  9. I am a mom. My daughters are 5 and 4 and both of them love to cache. They have their own accounts in fact, although they basically dictate their logs to me; but the five year old should be logging her own on the site before long. She's got almost 500 finds and the 4 year old has almost 300 finds. They absolutely prefer to trade trinkets. Micros do not hold that much excitement for them unless the container is interesting. I carry a stash of trinkets around in my backpack for trading; and sometimes if there is a cache that is sad as far as trinkets; I'll put some in. I haven't really cached for about a year due to work issues; but we're getting back into it again (started in 2006); and I have noticed that this is a trend that started awhile ago and does continue. A lot of the larger caches in our area seem to go missing and then the owner doesn't check on them. I did notice the reviewers used to check and ask owners of caches with a bunch of DNFs if they would go check on their cache and disable it; but I'm not sure if they stopped doing that? We still have a great time and make the best of things of course; but it does seem that maintenance of caches has somewhat declined at least... I NEVER replace someone's container for them without permission; but I do like to do things like add more swag, replace wet logs, add a pen if one is missing; etc. I think that it just makes the find better for the next person. This is of course a bit rambly and off topic; but even with micros I can do my best to help the next finder have a good experience. I think I more responded to the inference by a few posters that people with kids don't do this anymore.... well we do! One thing I do note is that all of my caches that are 'smalls' are definitely big enough for tradeable items. Maybe it's because I started caching awhile ago, but when I started that's what a small was; anything smaller than that was a micro... and the size limits seem to be pushed more often than not nowadays.
  10. I think it's a point based system and you get points for finding a certain number of caches on those days to earn souvenirs as you go. That's my sort of educated guess
  11. I would say enjoy finding a few more before hiding them. I know it's really fun to think about hiding them; but I think it's really beneficial to find a few first; and it's true vacation caches are not allowed. I admittedly do own a cache that is in California that I placed while I was living there for awhile, and I live in Oregon; but I go down there at least twice a year so I can maintain it still (I just maintained it this last weekend actually); but I wouldn't normally recommend that. As far as 'offgrid' caching... am I the only weirdo that uses a regular GPS anymore? I haven't been on the forums in a really long time, and I do cache with my phone most of the time, admittedly. I use an app that I think might be the one you can't mention on these forums (or at least you used to not be able to) and I can save the cache for offline use with that app. For use with my handheld (which you can use your phone as a handheld because you don't need cell service to just use it as a GPSr as far as I know); I tend to print out the cache info from GSAK (I know I'm wasting paper, but I do use the backside for scratch paper, so don't be too mad, and I recycle!) and then just enter the coordinates as I go... It sounds like a neat area to go; I hope you have a great time!
  12. I haven't been on the forums in forever; actually I have just recently gotten back into caching in the last couple of months after about a year hiatus due to crazy work schedules and kids, etc. I had noticed some changes at least in our area and I was hoping that there would be some threads like this. Looking forward to participating.
  13. I am having the same issue as blackhorse221; I tried Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. I have Windows 8.
  14. I love getting NM logs, they are so helpful! The only piece of advice I can add to this is, post a NM first before you post a NA. Give the CO a chance to fix things.
  15. I enjoy logging online, and I try to make my logs as interesting as possible. I think it's a nice thing to do, but I don't really worry too much about the way other people log since it's not my game, it's theirs. As a cache owner it doesn't really bother me either, but I do really like it when someone takes the time to say something nice.
  16. My partner has two kids, ages 3 and almost 2. They love caching, and they are pretty loud. The three year old will see someone coming and shriek, "Look Daddy, a muggle!" I think that people expect kids to be looking in funny places and exploring, and they are much less suspicious of someone with children, rather than if someone is out there by themselves, especially a single guy.
  17. It's definitely possible, and you've been given a lot of great advice so far, so I won't repeat anything, but I suggest that rather than worrying about getting 100 in a day, take it one step at a time, and if you want to, try to beat your personal best by 5, and see how you do with that, and work your way up to it, then you don't set yourself up for frustration. I remember when I first started caching, and we thought that getting 10 in a day was impossible. We found four in a row one time, and said we were on a 'rampage!' It was so exciting. Now 10-15 is a pretty typical day for us depending on where we are.
  18. Just wanted to say hi, haven't been on the forums in a while, thought I'd come back for a spell. Been caching a fairly good amount this summer. I had lap band surgery in June, so I've been recovering, but still getting out there. I've lost 50 pounds since my surgery, in addition to the 200 that I'd lost on my own, so I'm getting closer to my goal. Looking forward to posting again
  19. +1 on scrolling, but -1 on using colors and fonts, for the same reasons not to use the scroll. Just in case you really really still want to scroll, the tag you want is <marquee>Text</marquee> and I just tested it, HTML Tidy leaves it alone, so it does work. Colors and fonts are much better if done correctly. I do agree that some people use garish fonts and colors, and it's just as annoying as scrolling, but not if you're careful about what you're doing and tasteful. Feel free to browse some of my cache pages if you want an example.
  20. I think it's a good sentiment as well; but I agree with some other posters that it's definitely not something that I see often. I would say the best thing you can do is to be as careful as you can yourself, and try to educate others that you talk to when caching, or at events, and when you hide caches, post as careful of hints as possible.
  21. I think there are better ways to make an impact on your cache page than scrolling letters. I think you'll find that most people don't like them. You can change some colors or fonts with HTML and make an impact that way. Of course, that's my opinion and the opinions of a lot of other folks I've talked to, and you can do what you want with your own cache page.
  22. +1 That was horrible! I've found a lot of dead animal carcasses near caches, and I'll mention it in my log, but I would NEVER accuse the hider. I seriously doubt that person would hide a cache with all those dead animals lying around. Come on. Anyhoo... this folks is a good example of a case to just note the problem, and then send the owner an email, or post a NM; then the owner can come out and decide for themselves rather than posting it on Youtube for the whole world to see. So rude!
  23. I like it better actually. I think the navigation will be easier to figure out for new folks. I didn't have any trouble navigating around doing all the things I normally do.
  24. Yes, a terrain one needs to be accessible and grabbable by someone in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the greater number of terrain 1 caches that I've found were really 1.5
  25. Don't feel bad about getting help! Sometimes it's just what you gotta do! Glad you finally found it.
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