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What GPSs do you use?

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The Nuvi 5000 is super sweet for the car. Crazy high resolution. Plus interesting other non-normal-Nuvi features like:

- 3000 waypoints

- Waypoints display at all zoom levels.

- External antenna.

- Video in for BU camera.

- Route order optimizer.

- Automatic backlight adjustment


The Colorado has made caching so much nicer. I could not imagine going back.

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These days I mostly use my Colorado 300 for geocaching.


But when my wife isn't with me - I'll also carry the Oregon 200 (hers when we go together).


Backup unit and occasional use is the Garmin Legend HCx.


In car nav provided by my old Garmin Venture Cx.


The Old Blue Legend and Rino 120's are collecting dust. The 60C is used by my 6year old on occasion.

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Currently I use a Garmin Vista Cx and a Lowrance XOG.


In my "junk/stuff drawer" is my previously trusty Lowrance iFinder Pro. Still works fine!


Also I have a Palm Treo 650 smartphone with a Bluetooth GPS adaptor, working with Cachemate. Works great too!


... if you're REALLY bored,, here's some light reading & a bit of a walk thru history :anicute:



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I still use the (oldie but goodie) GPS MAP 76CSx and love it. Never any problems in the few years I have owned it, and am even considering keeping it for many more years (the bug for new gadgets usually bites, but not in this case).


My wife just received a new nuvi 255w as part of the incentives for a car loan on her new Jeep; the Jeep already came with an in-dash nav system, so she does not need another GPS, and may sell it. If she does, she said she may want a small handheld Garmin to take with her when walking (I do believe she may be a potential GPS geek :D ).


Back to the '76CSx, that thing is amazingly simple, comprehensive, and accurate. I haven't even tested its ability to float yet. :o

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Magellan Meridian Color. Still rock steady coords with it. Still works great for auto routing. Very glad I didn't go for a Garmin Colorado when I was considering. With all the bad reviews 'n all.


I have a Garmin Rino120 but it crashes when on for more than 10 minutes. I'm hoping a firmware upgrade will fix it. I just have to find a computer with a serial port on it. :sad:

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Geocaching - DeLorme Earthmate PN-40

Navigation - Navigon 2100



Geocaching - Garmin eTrex Legend HCx

Navigation - Garmin Streetpilot 210


Back-up back-up:

Navigation - Pharos GPS add-on to my Dell Axim X30 PDA


The PDA is basically the last ditch for navigation, like if the Navigon battery is dead, the Garmin is broken, I don't have my PN-40, and I can't find a map. The Pharos software is really that bad, the routing is just bizarre sometimes, like it once skipped an exit and tried to take me on a 14 mile loop.

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Magellan Meridian Color. Still rock steady coords with it. Still works great for auto routing. Very glad I didn't go for a Garmin Colorado when I was considering. With all the bad reviews 'n all.


I'm thinking those were mostly 1st to the shelves model issues, that most or a lot of have been patched...


1st thing I did was update everything I could on my 400t and I've been using mine for a few weeks now and as far as bugs or defects I have not noticed any...


Unless I just don't recognise them...


I have a Garmin Rino120 but it crashes when on for more than 10 minutes. I'm hoping a firmware upgrade will fix it. I just have to find a computer with a serial port on it. :sad:


Can you try a USB to serial adapter??? I work on a lot of Cisco, Nortel and other network gear and you have to do the base config via serial port/console cable and none of our work issued laptops have Serial ports.... I had to go to best buy and buy and adapter module... Once I got it working, it works well...

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Been using a Nuvi 200 (cache descriptions, road routing) and an Explorist 400 for finding caches when I get close. The Explorist is also for wood/water exploits.


My new PN-20 is slowly replacing them both. When Delorme comes out with the new Cache Register I'll probably just use the PN-20.

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Tom Tom one 3rd edition, Magellan Explorist 500, Magellan Meridian gold, Magellan Sport track color.

In the past I have used Garmin e-trex, e-trex legend, Magellan sport track map and a Garmin street pilot 320.


Most any gps in the $100.00-$250.00 price range that you can load waypoints in is going to work just fine. I have stuck with Magellan for the past several years because they can store several thousand geocaches in seperate files. A feature I have not seen in an Garmin gps.

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Driving: 60CSX or if I'm with my wife, her Nuvi 200


Hiking, trail mapping, trail construction and geocaching: 60CSX


Strictly geocaching: PN40


I also have an eTrex Vista, Geko 201 and Magellan Meridian Gold that I use from time to time. I use the Merigold on long trips where I can load files from numerous areas to the SD card and load my current area from the card. I wish DeLorme and Garmin had that feature.


I had a 60CS but just gave it away to a prospective geocacher.

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On foot, my primary GPS is a Garmin forerunner 305 as getting old means I need a fair bit of exercise, and my favorite form is walking, or hiking in the mountains. Since most of this is trails, the little watch GPS works perfect, and the heartrate monitor helps to keep me pushing it.


Vehicle navigation is with the Nuvi 265WT in the car or Streetpilot 330 in the truck, although I sometimes swap them around depending on the road trip.


Geocaching I use a Delorme PN-40 primarily


Long hikes or backcountry exploring are with the VistaC, fantastic unit for exploring off trail in the wilds. Tough and reliable, I really like this little unit, although I've almost beaten it to death over the years. The display plastic has so many chips and scratches it's getting hard to see, despite my covering it with screen protectors and keeping it in a case most of the time.


For the boat, I still just use the Garmin GIII+, which works well on the reservoirs and lakes I boat, although it does sometime overheat and go blank in the hot parts of a July Day at Lake Powell.


I also have a eTrex Legend, and forerunner 201 but they seem to be getting somewhat lonely.

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I got a Garmin Nuvi 500 for trade on some work I did for somebody. Brand new.


This is how I found out about Gecaching.


I like it, its water proof and small enough to put in my hand or pocket. It has about an 8 hr battery life. I can store allot of caches and I can download them right to my unit from the computer thew a USB cable or using a micro SD card. The unit even gives me the description and hints, no need to write anything down.


Im still a rookie but I really like this unit. If I ever come across some other geocachers while out hunting I may look at there GPS units to see what others have to offer. But for now, I'm happy.


Turn by turn is great while driving.


It can be switched from driving, walking, bike riding, boating and many others. On road and off road options. A great all around GPS in my opinion.


I do allot of boating and there are maps to buy for waterways. Im going to buy them to see how it fairs out on the water.

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After much research, I have ordered the delorme PN-40 and am hoping for the best (might even arrive today from Amazon).

We have been using the Magellan Explorist 500 with good geocaching luck, but this unit is getting old and the rubber boot on toggle button in the middle is cracked, so now is not very water resistant. This unit has also mysteriously dropped POIs from memory, which can be frustrating, and now has a flaw in the display screen (very small defect in the middle of the screen, that does not affect the display). This will be the "backup" unit when we start using the PN-40 (as discussed in other's posts).

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I use the Garmin 60CSx for Geocaching.

My back up is the Garmin 60C because I bought it a few months before they introduced the 60CSx

Automobile: Nuvi 255W

Motorhome: Street Pilot 2610

Geocaching: Me- Delorme PN-40 Wife-VistaHCX

When all fails - Meridian Gold

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