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  1. Never heard them called a blinker or blinkie but I'm not really around other cachers so I don't get to talk shop often. I'm a lone ranger in my area. That's a neat history lesson though. Thanks for filling me in!
  2. Just curious...are these nano containers made specifically for geocaching or are they one of the many things that have been adapted to be used as a cache container but originally had a different use?
  3. Swag is awesome. Just wish people wouldn't use the caches to dump their trash. It's like some folks rummage in the glove box or under the seat of their car and just find any piece of crap that might pass for swap and dump it in the box. I don't always take or leave...but when I do I make sure it's something at least kinda cool. Something worth grabbing and adding to your swag bag to maybe leave somewhere else. That said...does anyone have a "signature" swag item they like to leave? Not like a custom coin or anything like that...but maybe your the cacher that always leaves a plastic spider or silicon bracelet or like the guy above that was leaving milk caps. What's your sig. swag item?
  4. Yeah...I sent them a message but nothing back yet. Just want to see if they were going to pick up the cache...which I doubt since they are 4+ hours away and it's just a small lock & lock box.
  5. Considering what this cache is...now that I figured it out...it was definitely placed there with permission. If I am allowed to take it over...I have a great place to move it to that is still very much related to the original theme and goal but it will be at a non-government location. I'm guessing that you are talking about taking a cache container that belongs to someone else. If you do that, and move it, you need to re-submit it as a new cache listing, and send it for Review. Or you could be talking about asking the cache owner to adopt the listing/container over to you. The CO is the one that needs to initiate the adoption. Of course, if the cache listing is archived, it can't be adopted. Could you provide the GC code so that we can see the listing? B. GC4HAB2...and I did log it and got the credit...lol...might as well, right.
  6. Considering what this cache is...now that I figured it out...it was definitely placed there with permission. If I am allowed to take it over...I have a great place to move it to that is still very much related to the original theme and goal but it will be at a non-government location. What do you mean by "take it over?" If you mean "recycle the cache container," that's between you and the owner of the prior multicache. If you mean to take over the listing, that's not possible. Archived caches cannot be adopted, and cannot be unarchived for the purpose of adoption. Especially considering that you've expressed a desire to change the final location to a better spot, simply submit a new listing for your design. Yeah...basically...take the cache and recycle it into a new cache but in keeping with the original theme. I have messaged the owner though they haven't been on here for a while either...so not sure if they would respond. When I initially made the post before I figured out the cache...I was just wondering if there was a rule or etiquette on doing what I'm doing if the owner was not able to be found. I mean it would be easy enough to take the physical cache and just "claim" it but I don't want to be one of those guys. It's pretty clear that the owner has no intention of coming here to reclaim their $1 piece of tupperware and fake rock...so hopefully I can put it back into circulation.
  7. Considering what this cache is...now that I figured it out...it was definitely placed there with permission. If I am allowed to take it over...I have a great place to move it to that is still very much related to the original theme and goal but it will be at a non-government location.
  8. Well...figured it out. It's definitely a dead cache. It was a limited time cache to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. So it went inactive a little over 2 years ago and has since been forgotten. I found the owner so I'll be contacting them to see if they might want to reactivate the cache and if not...if I can.
  9. It's in the town of Romney near the town hall. What other services are there that would have caches listed that don't show up on the official site? Maybe I can find it and contact the owner and see if they want it or if I can make it active again, assuming it's not. It looks to have been semi-popular by the number of signatures. Maybe I'll go back this evening and get some of the names of the most current signatures and search them and their finds and see if I can find the name and owner of the cache. I mean it's nothing special...but it would be a shame to let it just disappear.
  10. So...I stumbled on a cache that hasn't been signed in over 3 years. I searched and there's no info saying who the owner is or what the name of the cache is. The map doesn't show it as an active or disabled cache. Should I leave it to nature or is there a procedure/etiquette to claiming a cache and making it active again?
  11. Years ago I bought a big bag of blank wooden coins that are about 1.5" across. You can get sheets of blank round labels that you can print on with an Ink/Laser Jet printer and make your own custom coins that way. Kinda cheap but they are still pretty cool. I also had a handful of laser engraved wooden coins made back then too. Still have some of each. I'm just getting back into Geocaching and I have a load of the blanks left so I'll probably get more blank labels and finish off what I have before I move on to something a little nicer.
  12. Thanks...I'm at work now but I'll check into this when I get home.
  13. Ok...looks like I was using GSAK before...so I'll check into that. I also see the PQ's...I downloaded a bunch but can't seem to get them on my GPS. I might have to do a reset on it and make sure it's up to date. I haven't done any of this since 2011. I have used my phone for some caching and it seems to work well enough...but I'm finding that the GPS on it is pretty piss poor, especially once I get under some tree cover...not that I remember my Oregon 200 being much better. But at least I have it as an option once I get it figured out again.
  14. I honestly don't remember how I used to do it....lol....pretty sad. I know I used a different program to grabbed the cache info from geocaching dot com and put it on my GPS. Kinda a PITA as I remember. I don't remember the program though...if it even still exists.
  15. I've been out of action for a while. Long enough that I can't remember how to use my GPS. Not so much the function...but getting caches onto the unit. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. I am pretty sure it is the 3.20. I don't have the unit in front of me since I am at work right now. I just updated it a couple weeks ago so whatever was the newest then.
  17. I know the difference as far as features and such, but I am wondering if there is an internal difference as far as antenna or anything like that? Just curious if the higher models worked better at satellite acquisition, locking, ect. I know I am not happy with my 200 so I am trying to decide whether to sell it and buy a higher end Oregon or another model all together or just keep it and deal with less than good performance.
  18. I find my Oregon 200 to be pretty inaccurate and has a tough time keeping satellites. I love the paperless aspect but the unit not so much and Garmin's customer service is pretty bogus as well.
  19. Here is the beginnings of the eastern panhandle site just FYI... Mountain State Geocaching Society http://msgps.org/
  20. Thanks. I did the master reset and it seems to have fixed the satellite problem, acquiring them anyways. The maps are still messed up. I need to re-download them but there does not seem to be enough space so I have to find some. Anyone know how to delete already found caches? My manual is no help and I cannot find an option to delete them.
  21. I have been having problems with my Oregon 200 not locking onto satellites, taking a long time to acquire satellites, and bouncing like crazy under the lightest of cover. I contacted Garmin and the first thing they asked is if I have ever updated the software. I have not so they suggested I do so. I did as they said using the link they provided and afterward my unit is pretty much dead. Now it will not acquire satellites at all and all my maps including even the base maps are gone. When I go to maps there is just the indicator triangle symbol in the middle of the screen with a flashing ? over top of it. Anyone have any suggestions of something I can try before shipping it off to Garmin for warranty repair?
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