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  1. Are you sure you're logged in? Welcome to the fun.
  2. I was confused at first too! That link helped me a few years back.
  3. You will soon learn that most log books are like this. No matter how good the container if you cache in the rain the log will probably get wet and the container will probably host a few raindrops.
  4. I highly recommend this. When we used to go geocaching we would do this with our pics. I used EasyGPS to do this. I just uploaded my log and it tagged the pictures. Easy as can be. In only a minute you can have your pics tagged. Awesome!
  5. Wow! You're good. I forgotted* about that! I like the idea about visiting places like that but I think they would be better suited as POI rather than caches. Stop the smileys and few will visit them. It's like virtuals, people want them for the smileys. No smilies= few visits. Earthcaches are simply a solution for getting smilies when a cache can't be placed. Kudos on the great memory! That is pretty cool. [thumbs up] *forgotted hehe
  6. Idiots guide to placing an earthcache: Chapter one: DON'T Chapter two: Why? Because earthcaches are waymarks and NOT geocaches. THE END.
  7. I've got a cache in a shady park where the homeless and drug addicts hang out. It's a sneaky hide and not a family type hide. I figure people can easily skip it. I can't imagine any other type of caching working there. I've heard they always go missing. It's probably better than no cache at all, right? You don't have to stick your fingers or feel anywhere. It's hidden in plain sight. It is also near a lamp post in the park. If you go early in the morning, especially on Sunday (right by big church), I hear it's as quiet as can be. There is NOTHING wring with the homeless. Please don't read more into that. They just freak some people out.
  8. 10-10-10. The same as 10-9-10 and 10-11-10. Another day another dollar. It's just a number. Why wasn't there a big deal about 1-23 or 8-9-10? Numbers; you're so funny!
  9. Yes. Sooner rather than later. In our area the geo-calendar seems to fill up quickly! How many events can you fit in one weekend? A lot!
  10. I just had an idea. No picture but an idea. Take a piece of pipe around say 1.5" in diameter by 18"? Place it flush into the ground. Inside place one of those 2-liter bottle nanos. To make it easier you could put a magnet inside the giant nano. You could even make some sort of faux cover for the top. Maybe I'll do that. I'm evil.
  11. You could have a flash mob. It only lasts about 10 minutes. Pick a public place and have everyone show up to sign the log book that will only be available for X amount of minutes. How about a commercial restaurant event? A bunch of cachers get together and patronize a particular restaurant. I have been to a few of those. There are meet and greet events. You just get together and talk. Give a place and time and have at it. Two hours is a nice round number. We've had a couple campfire events. A nice campfire, cachers, S'mores, hot chocolate, etc. There are more adventurous events. You can have challenges involved with prizes. Some events are all day and have people running every which way to collect caches or complete challenges. You could always place a bunch of caches near your event and give out the coordinates at your event before they are published. People like smilies! I was intimidated at my first but we've had three and they are a lot of fun. (They can be a lot of work too!)
  12. I concur. As long as it will grab the WAAS sats that would be a solid choice for the money. eBay
  13. It is not accurate enough. You'll be hating life.
  14. Most certainly. That is not what is being discussed though. There is no intent to defraud anyone.
  15. I beleive it would only be illicit or unlawful it someone tried to spend it knowing that it was counterfeit.
  16. I know my kids would love the swag. +1 on a interesting trade item. It would be nice to mention if it was counterfeit but I still think it is a great trade item.
  17. A blank log book to sign is all anyone could ask for. Thanks for taking the time to make geocaching more enjoyable.
  18. Make sure you are signed in. On the top right of the cache page you wish to delete click the "archive listing" link. Enter the appropriate information on the next page. It will not delete it but it will remove it from the active listings. You cannot delete a geocache page.
  19. Update: I got an email that Clan Riffster's card was spotted in New Jersey (http://coord.info/GC1NJ8T). It's still got a ways to go to make it to Florida but at least it is moving.
  20. Have at it. Unfortunately complaining won't help. I just ask that the mighty bots only log each cache once. Logging two finds on one cache is bad form. Events? That's an entirely different thread.
  21. That's what they said about spam 20 years ago and I think it's pretty obvious how that' worked out. Ignoring bad behavior doesn't punish those that are exhibiting bad behavior. That part was tongue-in-cheek. TPTB will do something. Whatever they do someone will still be unhappy.
  22. Just ignore the problem and it will go away. They'll get bored. This entire thread is just feeding the issue. If I was a botmaster and that was my thing I'd keep hitting you all because some of you are so irritated by it. The more irritated posts by ya'll, the more they will hit you. Delete this thread.
  23. You need to know what is going on with you cache. Besides that, unless it is in a tourist area the log volume will slow drastically.
  24. I bet you got that from an advertisement. I used to get them from bad ads on site. It stopped happening when I started running ad-blocker. What a pain.
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