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  1. It seems the organization with the art installations doesn't know what geocaching as we know it is. The temporary caches for the event with kids would be a great way to recruit new finders for your local caches, you could interest and teach the whole family at once. Of course, you would need to point out they wouldn't have to enter coordinates by hand all the time if the join Groundspeak. (LOL). Caches for the event that would not be permanent can be used as training, then send them into the wild for the permanent placements if they are interested. I would suggest publication of the permanent events happen after the event to ensure the cache is found as intended by the beginners.
  2. "It would be cool if "Lists" and "Pocket Queries" were portable, or interchangeable. I wish this Pocket Query was a List (or vice versa), *Click*, done. It looks like kind of a mess right now." On the new lists page, click the round button on right and make a PQ instantly
  3. Any container that seals can have problems with condensation. Humid air gets in when open, when the container cools the moisture condenses on the walls. With this in mind, I am experimenting with wicking condensation back to the outside and remaining bug proof. Wish us all luck with this.
  4. To OP's question............ 1. No data rates or limitations on handheld GPS 2. Coverage more dependable 3. Usually more accurate, particularly when phone signal is weak 4. Can cache and talk at same time 5 Features in a handheld your phone may not have 6. Conserves phone battery for emergency calls and solitaire game on the ride home. 7. The number one reason why carry a handheld along with a phone and other gear........... When it's all over with, whoever has the most toys wins.
  5. I believe squeezing the air out of a baggy can help keep a log dryer by reducing the amount of humid air in there, but it isn't the full answer. The idea of double enclosure mentioned here intrigues me, I may start putting logs in a separate pill bottle or similar. In fact, just did so with old logs at one cache to preserve them.
  6. My new ETrex is on the mark. In setup, system, make sure WAAS is enabled. In setup, position format, you should show WGS 84.
  7. Thanks ecanderson, you got me pointed the right direction. For any other that may come across this and need it spelled out {as I do}, here is what finally worked. Downloaded PQ to computer, hooked ETrex to USB. Your device will come up in the Library page on left as "Garmin eTrex 20x" Open this, then open the brown Garmin folder. Drag and drop, or move, the PQ to the folder named "GPX" You should get a pop-up box for "compressed folder tools", extract all. Your caches should now be visible in the "Geocaches" section of your ETrex.
  8. And now I am having slow connection difficulties too. Edited out duplicate question.
  9. Trying to move gpx file to new ETrex 20x. Is the memory card required for this? Where do I load the file to? Thanks.
  10. Normally I just follow the whim, but am planning a journey to pick up some counties for the Texas County Challenge. For that I am considering finding the 10 most favored caches in each county then planning a route that will take me to at least two in each county. The others are bonus and spares.
  11. Live in East Texas, but had just parked at a truck stop near Cartersville GA and checked for nearby caches on a whim. It was within 200 feet of the truck, had been published shortly before, and was mine for the taking. LOL
  12. the TB code refers to the same travel bug, it is for referencing without giving the logging code on the tag. Enjoy the traveler and place in a nice cache somewhere else, it has no goal to travel to, so a picture or two for the owner to see our country through would be nice.
  13. I have found a couple where there were duplicate containers, one not found even by the owner and replaced, then migrated back as it was found again by a cacher. You did right, the hide is now as the owner intends. The extra containers need homes, hide in good health.
  14. Find a good number of caches first to see different techniques, different containers, and different camoes. This may help add variety and ideas to your own hides.
  15. Not familiar with that phone, but have experimented with the Groundspeak Android app and it does quite well.
  16. Found a cache once wearing a reflective vest and hardhat. No one bothered me as I stood looking up into the trees.
  17. If you want to delete everything and reload, find button, waypoints, menu, delete. To delete only found caches, find button, geocache, show found caches, menu, delete. To delete individual caches, find, geocache, find the cache, before hitting "go to", move the highlight left to delete.
  18. My first couple were used units, both from EBay and these forums. Just be patient and watch for a good deal.
  19. I love your spirit! I have a daughter who is chair bound, and recently heard a radio interview with a young lady who also lost the use of her legs after a traffic accident and has returned to barrel racing. Your are only down when you say your are.
  20. We put them in small cities too. I have one in front of the Visitor's Center just half block from the courthouse.
  21. Just like holding glass upside down in the sink, the top should be sealed and the bottom can be open. Weight around the outside of the container and tether so the cache can be reached through the open bottom. A pickle bucket will easily conceal a small ammo can this way, the ammo can will be enough to keep things dry as cachers return to shore to trade and sign. No extra tools needed, so would most likely rate as a 3.
  22. Most often I find benchmarks to be more challenging than most caches, I just haven't been taking the time to research them.
  23. Cellular service varies by the carrier and even the phone one has. I don't see this working very well.
  24. I concur with those that posted to share this story in the log. This type tale makes hiding caches worthwhile and adds enjoyment for those that stumble across the story. Please share!
  25. I was once seeking a cache that would have me project a waypoint 180 ft at bearing ........ but couldn't get that function to work on my GPS at the time. I simply computed the reverse, then walked the proper distance from the beginning. Took a few minutes, but found the cache.
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