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  1. How many here are from Missouri? What part? My wife and I are in Fredericktown. I moved down here from St. Louis about 4 years ago. We cache in Spurts. Mostly when the weather is right, not to hot or not too cold.
  2. What kind of FTF prizes??? I'm wanting to place a cache and I want to put something in it for the FTF... Wasn't sure if I should just do a FTF coin, or something more. Suggestions would be nice.
  3. Not to be picky, but I do agree... I have found so many cache containers that either been cracked or just deteriorated from being in the elements 24/7 that they were full of water or at least very moist and the logs un-signable. We usually carry a few small notebooks that we can pull a page from if needed to be able to sign and for others after us. Last weekend we got on a string of caches along a railroad, like 5 caches in a row were busted. After that stopped following the line, I think there were like 20 more, likely all in bad shape. If you are going to spend the time to seek out a place to hid a cache and make the effort to submit it, I'd make sure there is a decent container.
  4. Tagged for Interest. Not sure how to do that other than a comment.
  5. Hello, Not sure what all is considered this region, but we live in Fredericktown, MO. My wife grew up in and around Joplin and Webb City. I've also had a few relatives live there over the years. I want to place a cache really bad, but I can't think of a good place that I could get permission on. We (wife and I) talked about putting one on our property, out close to the street, but I am afraid of liabilities of someone getting hurt or the dogs going after a stranger. If I ever place a cache, I want it too be somewhat challenging or creative and be big enough to put stuff in, like a big log, FTF coin, several Trackables, some swag, etc...
  6. Placing a new Cache near an Archived one??? We live in a rural area and love cruising the back roads on our side by side and ATVs... In doing so, we stumbled upon an old Artesian Well that rumor has it was drilled in the 1950s. I've always thought it would be cool to put a cache there so other can find and enjoy it. I was searching for info on it and stumbled upon a old cache that has been archived since I think 2007. It looks like an admin or cache reviewer tried contacting the original owner of the cache and asking about its status, then after 4 attempts he archived it. Would it be ok to create a new one in the same area as the old one??? I'd like to stash an ammo can with a Geocaching logo and Cache ID on it and log as well as some swag in it. Here is a link to its Cords, https://coord.info/GCNG6F If this would be OK, would it be ok to copy a lot of the info off of the old cache as details about the site have not changed. Well except someone has actually repaired the well itself recently after the well casing/Cap rusted out. I'd take some updated pics of the Well for the new page.
  7. OP, I hear ya loud and clear... I been a casual Cacher for a few years now and not long ago introduced my new G/f to my hobby. This morning I was telling my g/f and her daughter about trackables, what they are, how they work and the etiquette of them... Then today, we logged like 11 or 12 finds, like 4 of them said they had trackables of some sort, but not a single one did... The girl was fairly disappointed... I'm like, I wish if a person removes a trackable from a cache, they would log it out. I'm betting they remembered to get their "Found it" smiley... I've had several go missing myself. Just a peeve of mine I guess..
  8. So, I got my G/f to download the official Geocaching app on her phone, she could see a lot of caches near her house and this sparked her interest.. Now I want to upgrade her account as a gift.. I go to my profile stuff and I click on ""Upgrade a player", in the text box provided, I type in here Geocaching account name same case, same spelling, same everything, it does nothing, no error, no - no user found, no nothing, just sits there.. I checked the spelling 3 times on her phone, I'm spelling it right... Why can't I upgrade her???
  9. You are right it does save a lot of time... I need to try that...
  10. Thanks Fellas... Makes sense and I think that'll get me what I need... Hopefully the G/F and I will be able to log a few this weekend... I think I've got her at least Semi-hooked on Caching... I talked to her earlier and had her download the Geocaching app on her Iphone... She created her an account, looked at the 5 we found last week and ask if she could mark'em found, then said she added like 12 on her list she wants to find next time...
  11. Can anyone walk me though a Step by Step on the Easiest way to do MultiStage Caches, with my Garmin Montana 650T??? I'm not real savvy on all the ins and outs of this GPSr yet. I don't get a lot of time to use it. Currently, the way I use it is, I go to Geocaching.com and find a few caches in the area I want to cache in... Each one, I print out the sheet for the cache (I know this defeats the purpose of ""Paperless", but thats how I do it) then I click on "Send to my GPS" and it pushes it into my GPSr... Works very smooth, neer any issues... Then I drive to the area I want to explore, turn on my Montana, select "Geocaching Mode", select cache of interest, follow to Ground Zero, Find Cache... Works really good. No issues... However, I've been seeing more and more Multi-Stage Caches, where the Cache owner lists each stage in plain text and the cacher needs to manually enter it, each stage into their GPSr... So, I've been going and finding the 1st stage then adding the next stage by By doing the following <Off Garmin's Page> https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId=%7Bb4ba02e0-96f8-11e0-d01c-000000000000%7D 1.Touch Mark Waypoint 2.Touch Edit 3.Touch the Location box 4.Use the arrow buttons to select the character you would like to change 5.Use the number pad to select new numbers or use the up or down arrows to select letters 6.Touch the check mark when completed 7.Touch the X when completed Then from the main menu, I pick "Where too" then ""Waypoints"... Then the name of the waypoint I want to seach for, then "GO"... Here is where the problem comes in... It doesn't actually go to the new waypoint I created, it goes to the next closest Cache that I have loaded... There has to be a better way to do this for the slower kids like me...
  12. So if a lot of us are experiencing the something or pretty close, can we get a ticket open on this and maybe The Powers That Be fix it???
  13. OK, thanks for the replies... ON one hand it makes me feel better that its not me... But on the other hand its an issue that I can't correct... Refreshing doesn't seem to do much for me. The only thing that works is moving my mouse around till a name of the cache pops up, then trying to click on it, but getting the name to pop up is the hard part... Its like real inaccurate if that makes sense... Thanks again. I just want to check into a bunch of caches to get us ready for the trip. If I do all the footwork, to where we can show up somewhere, pop out the GPSr and go, I can get my wife and daughter into it.. Its funny because at 1st they're all do we gotta do this, this is Daddies nerdy or geeky hobby, but then after I find the 1st one, it gets competitive to see who can be the 1st to find the next hid... We looked for one in Memphis Tennessee for almost an hour in the Blazing Sun... Truthfully, I was ready to give in, but it was like the 7th one and I had found 5 of them and they were wanting to get another one on me... I finally spotted it, but did not say anything and let my daughter find it... She was pretty happy with herself on that one.
  14. I'm sure its just me, but for some reason, when I view the maps to see what all caches are in proximity to my pinpoint, I see tons of Caches, if near, when I go to click on them, it doesn't pop up that box that give you options to read more about the cache, print, send to GPSr or Phone, etc... I'm logged in under my name just fine, using Vista, FireFox 15.0.1 All looks to display fine, just when I go to click on an cache, the mouse pointer looks like a little hand and it does not want to select the cache in question... Seems like it works sometimes... Other times not... Pretty sure it does this on both my Work Laptop (running IE) and my home PC (again running F.F.), which is why I think its something I'm not doing right... Its been months since I've cached and it does look a bit different. Not sure what all may have changed. We're getting ready to go on a vacation and I'd like to get a list of caches in the area to go after... Tips on my above issue?
  15. I've had a Colorado for years... I guess since about 3-4 months after they hit the shelves... Only problems I have ever ad with mine is the dang thing just seems to suck the batts dry... I will not leave the house with it with out 2-3 sets of extra batteries... Then every few times out, it will randomly shut off... I power it back on and it works fine for a good long time.. Now I use the Montana and I've not had any issues with it either.. I still keep the Colorado as a backup unit. I will amidt, I don't use many of the advanced features. I go on Geocahing.com find the caches I'm interested in and push them into my GPS from the web/mapview, get to the area where I think they are, turn on the GPS, Geocaching mode and go to town looking for the cache and adventuring as I go... Mark Them found when I find them, come home and update the site with my Finds or DNFs onto the next mission... I've been really happy with both my GPSrs....
  16. Dang, I don't mind buying/upgrading a map, but it looks like I'd have to have several to get the whole US and you can't fit'em all on at once... As far as logging, thats what I have been doing too... Looks easy enough except one step. in Step 3. Where is click "Upload" on this page to upload your Field Notes. To upload Field Notes from your Garmin Colorado, Garmin Dakota or Garmin Oregon: 1. Plug your Garmin device into your computer with a USB cable. 2. Click "Browse" on this web page and go to the Garmin directory on your device’s drive. 3. Select the file named "geocache_visits.txt" and click "Upload" on this page to upload your Field Notes. 4. We recommend that you delete the "geocache_visits.txt" file on your device once your Field Notes have been successfully uploaded. Got it... Thanks Thanks to all of you for the replies and tips... I can't wait to find a few more caches, so I can try out this new (new to me) feature... I guess I'll figure out what maps I want/need and get to saving up for them too... I likely update the streets/navigation maps and get whatever Topo 24K maps cover from here in Missouri/Illinois down to FLorida as those are the states I'm in most. Thanks again.
  17. So I ordered my 650T and got it last week. 1st things I did; registered it, fully charged it and updated it to the latest code... No issues so far... Seems like it powers up quick and locks on pretty quick, even in my basement it seems to lock on. Note sure if its because its so new and my Colorado is a few years old, but it seems much faster. Loading caches into it is a snap, just like my Colorado was... Plug in the USB, wait for them to sync up, click on one or more caches, click on Send to GPS, and its pretty much done. Screen seems to have nice resolution and is fairly easy to read in sunlight. I don't like that there is no Clip or Carabiner on the back. I hope they don't expect end users to use that lop for the battery door. Seems like it would break off in a seconds. Also its kinda big for my hand and I wear a 2XL Glove. I hate to see what folks with normal or small hands think. I'm still leaning where all the buttons/features are... This afternoon I planned and loaded a string of 8 caches into my unit and my father and I headed out. We attempted and found 4, before we ran out of daylight... The unit seemed to work great, no issues, crashes, reloads or anything strange. few questions/comments, 1. Not sure if its me, but the ""Topo"" Maps on my Colorado seems much more detailed and I think I like the scroll wheel better than the touch screen +/- for Zooming in and out on the ratio. 2. What do I push or how do I look at the unit and see what maps/versions and or Code is on it??? There was a pretty quick way on my Colorado. 3. As we hit caches, you can log your finds and put info in, how do you get that updated onto Geocaching.com? Looks like a nice unit so far. I can't wait take it out again.
  18. dadgum, I got robbed... I think I paid 699... Where did you order it from??? (gotta link) I wonder if I could order one from where you did then call and cancel mine? I ordered mine from Best Buy online...
  19. Welp I just took the plunge and ordered the 650T from Best Buy. I could not take you guys having all the fun... I just hope this thing works as good as my Colorado has...
  20. I forgot to ask, with the firmware where it is now, would you buy this unit again knowing what you know now?
  21. Just checkin in on this thread... You guys are doing a great job of sharing info and testing all the features/bugs... I really enjoy reading it and I'm still looking at taking the plunge on this unit. I really think Garmin should form some semi-official type of club or group for you all to get more useful input like this and come up with a few exclusive goodies to say thanks for the effort and for being loyal Garmin Customers!!!
  22. Anyone know what the latest version of Topo maps are??? Oh, the Street ones too? I have both on myGPSr... I tried looking on Garmin's site, but I could only find out that it was discontinued, but I already knew that.... I was just wondering what the last maps that came out for it was and if I had them... Still a bit sad that this unit was discontinued because despite all the Horrors I've heard about the Colorados, I've had good luck with mine. I think the few DNFs I've experienced were my fault and not the units...
  23. I kinda like this one as it kinda universal and doesn't leave anyone out, vs Urban, Rural, city, etc... or Geocaching World, unless usage of the word Geocaching in the title is prohibited because of copyright issues with Groundspeak, then something with Caching in the Title, like mentioned above...
  24. IS this available on any newsstands or Book stores?
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