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  1. Hi Triumph61. It was my cache you logged today. I just sent you a private message with a link to Permethrin. It is highly recommended if you wish to cache in Kansas or Missouri woods during spring, summer, and early fall. It is indeed expected to be extra bad this year for ticks and possibly mosquitoes as well. We basically skipped winter in the midwest. There were tick sightings all through December, January and February.
  2. Check out this thread. Sounds like the GC can do what your asking.
  3. Cool! For all those that complain old unfound caches should be archived; TAKE THAT!
  4. Selling my Delorme PN-40SE. It's been mostly collecting dust since I got my PN-60 last year so maybe someone else can get some good use out of it. As can be seen in the photos, It has some wear but still runs fine. Has always had a Zagg screen protector on it. Currently has firmware 2.6. Had 2.8 on it at one time but I rolled it back only because I'm selling it with Topo USA 8.0 which is not 100% compatible with 2.8. I'll leave it up to the new owner to update the firmware if they wish. Personally, losing the full Topo 8 compatibility is not a big deal compared to the extra features 2.8 provides. Everything in the photo is included: PN-40, 2 lanyards, 4 pack of fresh energizer ultimates, manual, brand new data exchange cable, Topo USA 8.0 plus 4 region disks and a 4GB SD card is installed. Price is $140 shipped. I prefer payment via Paypal.
  5. Well, since the PN-60 is the only paperless unit (I know nothing of the Etrex 20), I would say that makes it best for geocaching.
  6. Your second and third desired features are incompatible. It's not a shot at Garmin but just the nature of the beast. While touch screens are user friendly, they detract from good sunlight readability. The factors causing the "less than optimal" visibility can be partially mitigated in the design but at substantial added production cost.
  7. Portland Cyclist's reply is right on the money. I love my PN-60 but can't recommend it to someone with a mac unwilling to install windows. The hardware will work fine but the topo software is not supported which takes a lot away from the value. While Delorme now offers some aerial imagery outside North America, Garmin maps are still the better way to go in that regard. I would recommend looking for a deal on a Garmin 450 as I don't think you'd be happy with the "sort of" paperless workarounds for the 60csx.
  8. Here is the site I use.
  9. So do most Garmin models Then explain that to the person who posted before me.
  10. Delorme models let you store the gpx files on the sd card.
  11. Oddly enough it was the relative price of the Delorme that turned me away. Afraid there may be something wrong with the units if they are that price compared to the competition. I hope you're not giving economic advise to the current administration.
  12. T o o m u c h w h i t e s p a c e. Please let our profiles stretch out and breathe.
  13. Ok I tried this and deleted the file that it created and bingo no more field notes on the GPS. Wow that was easy, Thanks If you're already using and comfortable with GSAK, I would stick with that rather than bother with Cache Register. I've used GSAK, Cache Register, and Topo 9 sync to load caches and upload field notes. Of the three, I much prefer GSAK. I upload my field notes and then erase the .txt file the same way as deercreekth. As has been pointed out, uploading them to geocaching.com does not automatically log them, you still have to go into each one, edit the log and submit it.
  14. I think we got things straightened out. SilleB sent me a list of caches and I found one that was indeed causing the hex 1A problem. The PN doesn't like bullet point "dots" in a cache description.
  15. But I was under the impression the problem was resolved long ago. Edit: My bad, I still see mention of it.
  16. If you would like to PM me a list of the 60 caches, I can check it out with my 60 and 40 using different load methods and see if I have the same issues.
  17. What method are you using to load caches to the device. I know there have been some issues if using the Topo 9 sync function. I use GSAK and haven't experienced any problems.
  18. The first thing you'll need is the Nuvi macro for GSAK. This is the one I use.
  19. You may want to post your PN-40 questions in the Delorme forums. Lot of knowledgeable PN users there that can help.
  20. Yes, of course the PN-40 can provide turn-by-turn street navigation, although it's not considered a strength. Press the "find" (magnifying glass)button and the search menu will come up. The next steps depend on the firmware you're running but navigating through the find menu, you should be able to see how to enter the state, city, and street you're looking for.
  21. I assume Gitchee Gummee meant "Cache Register" rather than Cachemate, however neither program is absolutely needed with the PN-60. When you get the email with the zipped file, unzip it and you'll have 2 files. One is the main cache file and one is the child waypoints for the cache file. If you don't care about the child waypoints, just plug the PN into the PC and go to settings>connect to computer> use SD. A new drive appears on your PC. Drag and drop the cache file into the waypoints folder. If you want both the cache file and child waypoints together on the PN, you'll have to use Topo 9 that came in the box or download cache register for free from Delorme and use that. Of course GSAK is another option.
  22. You should be using 1.0 for the Delorme. What method are you using to load the PQ?
  23. If you post this in the Mogeo Forums, a lot more local KC cachers will see it and respond.
  24. Can you provide more detail as to what "don't stay on my PN-60 means?
  25. unfortunately, that is for a Garmin... I have a Delorme. Thanks anyway. I know you have a Delorme Thats why I said to try chrome it only works with Delorme and Magellan The Delorme plugin does not work with Chrome, only IE, Firefox, Safari.
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