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  1. I have made a page for MIGO (Michigan Geocaching Organization) on facebook, In order to get this group publicized we need fans. Here is a link to the page MIGO Facebook link
  2. Put the card into your computer and click on "properties" that should work
  3. Nanos and micros are NOT allowed. JK
  4. We like you already. Welcome to the club. What do you all hunt?
  5. It dose help some and you get to do lots of cool stuff
  6. Just get a shirt made that says " I have amnesia"
  7. We know some people that will not look for micros. We happen to like them. Just put out a new one a couple days ago. D4 and the FTFer DNF it before he found it. He told us it took almost two hours to find.
  8. Is anybody else having chat problems. It won't start up for us.
  9. Here are some logs we have had on some of our caches We sure like getting some fun logs. We hope others can enjoys these as well.
  10. We have the same problem. One of our caches has five or so people that never logged.
  11. Good Friday / Easter is not a holiday in most U.S. companies. I know it is observed in some countries but it didn't even occur to me until you mentioned it. Wow, you amaze me - I think of the US as being the Christian heartland, so assumed Good Friday would at least be a holiday to allow individuals to recognise the most important period of the Christian calendar! Good Friday is a bank holiday in Britain as is Easter Monday (particularly useful for consuming large quantities of chocolate eggs!). Happy Easter!! Matt The US likes to to believe they are a Christian Country. To tell you the truth most people got to church to make themselves feel good. Its herd to find a real God fearing person nowadays. Don't get me wrong I not trying to say I'm a saint. I have just as many problems as anybody else + a couple more. Noah 1 of cachensfun
  12. We wrote GC.com and they told us they will be adding this sit to their "Helpful Links" page.
  13. Its not that hard. You just hold down one button for three seconds or so.
  14. Nah, I'm 22! most cachers in my area are couples old enough to be my parents/grandparents though! My brothers and I are 13, 15 and 17
  15. Another site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geocaching#History
  16. You can make Pocket Queries that only shows premium member caches.
  17. Cool. We singed up last night. Put one of ours on the list that's been sitting for almost four months now. We rely like this site and are posting it on local Geocaching websites. Thanks for sharing GPSstorm
  18. Is there somthing like this for the U.S.A?
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