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  1. 3. Is is possible to get full GeoCache details loaded in the gps without a full fledged paid subscription? I found a few reviews that list this as a limitation and I usually don't mind inputing the data myself as it saves me from having to print it out. Can the data be input by hand or via a computer? If you dont have a paid subcription can you still enter the cache hints etc. on the device? Seriously? You will drop $300 plus for a gps and not $30/yr. Your wasting a good gps and not getting the bang for your buck without premium membership.
  2. If your talking about downloading geocaches, you can download 5 pocket queries per day with 1000 per query if you are a premium member. You could then drag the queries into your GPSr's gpx folder if it is connected to your computer. That is if my memory isn't failing me LOL.
  3. I have both a 62s and a pn-40. With the 40, EPE of 6 inside my house, it make no difference with my hand held on top of the "dome" with it upright or lying down. If I wrap my hand around the dome it goes from EPE of 6 to 9. With the 62s in the upright position I get a EPE of 15. With my hand on top or rapped around the antenna, the EPE goes from 15 to 23. For what it worth, when I use them side by side, both take me to the same position.
  4. I only occasionally will get that error message when I calibrate the compass. I would give tech support another try and maybe you will get someone else and get a different answer to your problem. You might also ask your question here also...http://garmingpsmap.wikispaces.com/message/list/home
  5. I have had a 62s since early last fall. Recent firmware improvements have helped with getting WAAS acquisition quickly and not lose it. I also have a PN-40 and have compared both units side by side. Each one takes you to the spot (waypoint). A plus with the 62s in better battery life over the PN-40, but the new PN-60's battery life is comparable to the 62 series. Overall, I am happy with the 62s and would recommend any of the 62 series.
  6. To stop tracking, menu, menu, setup, tracks, track log. Select do not record. As far a skip next waypoint I do not know.
  7. The installation instructions are missing... I wonder if anyone can point me to them? Thanks! I had no WAAS either. Garmin just released 2.92 beta for the WAAS problem. Seems like we are the beta testers for Garmin. http://www8.garmin.c...ils.jsp?id=5071 * Fixed issues with WAAAS/EGNOS * Fixed issue with progress bar displaying properly on power up * Fixed issue with track navigation not adding waypoints to the Active Route list when they are exactly equal to a track point * Problems with the software may be reported to 62-78Beta@garmin.com
  8. Just checked mine and it said I have the latest software (2.80) also.
  9. A good place to post question is on the DeLorme forums http://forum.delorme.com/viewforum.php?f=1...72b202fd5f4d1fe. You can transfer waypoints from your 40 to Topo9 via the green sync button on the toolbar on top of Topo9. Just make sure the waypoint is checked before transfer.
  10. Thanks for that info-I am happy to only use about 5 logs, however I am informed ( local Garmin dealer) that only 200 actual paperless caches can be stored, and I am unable to find another geocacher that has one of the newer Map 62s units or one of the other newer units. Thanks The local Garmin dealer is wrong. The 62s can hold 5000 paperless geocaches.
  11. I have had great responses to questions from this wiki : http://garmingpsmap.wikispaces.com/message/list/home You should ask your question there.
  12. As I was saying, EPE's are over rated apparently.
  13. Having both GPSMAP 62s and a PN-40, I find it rather surprising that the PN-40 consistently shows a lower EPE than the 62s. When driving in my car, 62s usually shows EPE of 9, PN-40 of 7. When traveling down a valley, the 62s EPE will fluctuate greatly going from EPE of 8 to 17, while the PN-40 will go from EPE of 7 to 10. While walking in the woods, 62s EPE varies from 8 to 20, while PN-40 EPE may go from 8 to 10. Having said all of this, both GPSr will roughly put me in the same GZ. The 62s will acquire WASS quicker and retain it better than the 40. I had thought that the quad helix antenna would hold EPE better than the patch antenna. So does EPE mean nothing if both GPSr put you in the same area? I have a location adjusted benchmark that I would like to place both GPSr's to see if there is a difference between them and would like to hear if anyone else who has a GPSMAP 62s and notices that there EPE fluctuates as much as mine. If I had not owned a PN-40, I would have never paid much attention to it. ( 62s I keep upright and 40 horizontal )
  14. Auction will end on 10.30.2010 at 6pm.
  15. I have a brand new GPSMAP 62s for sale I won in a raffle. I am going to auction to the highest bidder starting at $300.00. All increases will in the $5.00 range. The winner will also pay for USPS shipping of $12.00 added to the winning bid. Or buy it for $349.00 shipped.
  16. I had the same problem when I tried it this way. I was not able to resolve the problem. Try the way I described before. I have 4500 caches loaded in my PN.
  17. I have written a step by step approach on how to install waypoint on a SD card on your PN. Follow each step carefully and good luck. Installed firmware 2.7 on your PN. Make a PQ ( be sure to name it on the top ). Open your email and select “save attachment”. Select “Browse” and save to “C:\Delorme Docs\Draw” make a new folder called “GPX”. Select save. Now open the saved folder and unzip the PQ. Open GSAK, click on Macro, run/manage. (if you do not have a macro called DelormeGpxFix installed, go to help on GSAK, select GSAK website, click on macro, scroll down to DelormeGpxFix and install) hightlight DelormeGpxFix and run. Click on folder and select the folder the unzipped PQ (.gpx). Click open, then ok. Should say ok, click ok. Now connect your PN to the computer, open Topo 8. Select Draw, file, then import. Click on the dropdown box and select C:\ Delorme Docs\Draw\GPX. You should see the unzipped PQ, click on it, then click on “open”. PQ is transfer to Topo 8. Now on the PN, the screen shows “data exchange”. Click menu, device setup, enter, connect to computer, data exchange, enter, transfer to SD Card, enter. Back to Topo 8, select export. In the dropdown box “save in “ , click on the arrow and select the letter drive of the PN. Now create a new folder called “GPX”. Once created, highlight the gpx folder. Now in the dropdown box select save as type “GPX file“. Next select the folder above , file name and select the saved folder. Should be C:\Delorme Docs\Draw\GPX\”your PQ”. Click save. Now on the PN, push enter, scroll to the waypoint page, push menu, file, enter, save as ( a waypoint file number will show) select save. The PN will show “saving to GPX file”. Then select menu, file, enter, open, select the GPX number from geocaching ( example: 6647842 ASP Geobash ), select enter. PN will show “Loading GPX file”. Now scroll to the geocaching page on the PN to see your waypoints!
  18. I have only used it as a backup for my DeLorme PN-40. Looks like new. No scratches on the screen as I have had a screen protector on it. I seen a previous post for $175.00 so I will all so offer this one for the same price. Shipping via US Postal Service Priority Mail is $6.95 for continental USA. Best bet is to send me a email if interested. I have the original box, mapsource CD-ROM, usb cable and all papers that came with it. I am also including a 2gb card with IbycusUSA2 map that I downloaded to the card.
  19. The PN30 does not eat batteries. They have a much longer battery life than the PN40.
  20. You would be better off loading PQ into a Nuvi via GSAK. As I am driving along a cache will appear along a route I am driving provided I have loaded PQ along that route.
  21. I found the problem to be with the BB browser. Download Opera mini or Bolt.
  22. I use my Vista hcx as my backup GPSr unit. I have not use it in quite a while and I thought that when I last used it for geocaching, my waypoint always pointed up. I have it set on map page orientation, track up, but it does not seem to make any difference. It can be North up or track up nothing changes. Am I mistaken, or can I not have the waypoint, ie, geocache always tracking up?
  23. I bought 3 of them. Drill a hole in the chest area and placed a 35mm film canister in it. It scared the heck out of a fellow cacher...they enjoyed the find. As you said the clip is very secure and hold to a limb very well.
  24. To test your accuracy, find a adjusted benchmark and see how close your coordinates are to the coordinates of the benchmark. Check out my cache.. GPS Accuracy Challenge GC1TMN8
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