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  1. Thank you both. Yes, that is kind of a round about way of doing it. Another question...Is there a way to change the format of the ordinance? I need xx.xxxN xxx.xxxW
  2. This seems strange to me, so maybe I'm wrong... I have an older Etrex 30x(a discontinued model I got on sale at Costco several years ago). Is there a way to create a waypoint from coordinates? I've searched this forum, Garmin website and google and the unit itself. We had an earthquake about 2 miles from me a couple weeks ago, I looked it up and got the coordinates from the USGS and wanted to hike there after the rain stops. I could not find anyway to create a waypoint using said coordinates. I couldn't even find a way to change the coordinate format. Is it just me or is this not possible with the Etrex 30x? If not, is there a Garmin that will? I had to bring my old Magellan Tritan 400 out of mothballs and that did it no problem.
  3. I agree, browse the map. I did that when I went to Disney World and when I go camping or fishing or any other trip for that matter. Then I make a PQ of the area
  4. Which other devices did you try? The problem is your GPSr. Magellan no longer makes or supports handheld devices. So when things change on geocaching.com, there is no corresponding update for Magellan software. Your best bet is to buy a Garmin. I went through this myself, although I have a self built computer(ASUS motherboard and windows 10). I have an old Magellan Triton 400 and the unit itself works fine. I used to be able to download caches right to my device but that stopped. Also with Vantage Point I used to download Pocket Queries right to Vantage Point. Since web browsers stopped allowing plugins, all that stopped working. So I figured it was time to upgrade my GPSr. I was lucky to get a good deal on a Garmin eTrex30x from Costco a few weeks ago. Now I can download caches right to the unit again.
  5. Magellan doesn't even make handheld GPSr's any more, so they are no longer supported, not even Vantagepoint is getting any more updates. I have a Triton 400, still works fine and Vantage point works mostly, except for downloading from geocaching website. At some point Vantagepoint will some working because of some Windows update. I recently got a good deal on a Garmin eTrex 30x at Costco($130), so I had to switch, just to stay compatible.
  6. I did a few re-installs too and it is finally working. Thank you.
  7. It's in the bushes in the corner of the parking lot. I didn't see any of that when I went there though.
  8. The cache a few blocks away is nothing like this nothing like this one, not near the tracks at all. It's actually in the parking lot of a business. There is a huge industrial area here and lots of the old buildings were backed up against the tracks because how they would ship their products. So there are actually multiple end of the line tracks like this that branch off of another rail line. So looking on a map maybe hard to see the difference.
  9. No historictoric trains here, big industrial area and this is at the end of the track
  10. Let me rephrase that. After using Send to Garmin it does show up in the GPX folder but I can't access it from the unit. The cache doesn't show up in a search or just scrolling through the caches. Once I download the file and copy it to the GPX file, then it works fine. When I use the Send To Garmin, it shows up in the folder under the cache name. When I download and copy it, it shows up in the folder under the cache number.
  11. I've been trying to add caches to my eTrex 30x but when I do, they don't show up in the GPX folder. Garmin Express even says the download was successful. So I have to download the GPX file and move it to the GPX folder manually. Is this a problem with the website, my unit, me or something else?
  12. I logged it mentioning the "lived in" look and that the current resident could come home any time and gave me the willy's. I also mentioned the trash.
  13. The area is as described on the cache page, just not to the extent that I saw. So I'm sure it's the right area.
  14. This wasn't trashed by partiers. The cache was published about 9:00 last night and the area looks like it has been lived in for quite a while
  15. I didn't feel unsafe(nobody was there) but I did feel like I was in somebody's living room or kitchen or whatever it was. You're right, I wouldn't recommend this cache for women caching alone, so I'll log it.
  16. I just stopped on my way home to look for a cache that had been published last night, thought I might even be the FTF. Anyway, the area is a total homeless place, though I didn't see anyone but clear signs, trash all around, jury rigged ovens(I think), just gave me the willy's just being there. The CO only has a couple finds and this is the their hide. I maybe spend 2 minutes looking cause I didn't want to be there. Should I log the DNF and if so, should I mention how bad I thought the area was? This cache is also next to train tracks, albeit unused for many years. I was standing on the tracks and my eTrex 30x said I was 2' away. So is there something else I should do?
  17. Magellan doesn't even make handhelds any more. So the software isn't being supported either. I had a Triton 400 but recently found a good deal for an eTrex 30x at Costco for $130. So maybe it's time to upgrade?
  18. I too picked up an eTrex at Costco for $130. It was an upgrade from my 11 year old Magellan Triton 400.
  19. It finally started working yesterday afternoon. I have no idea what the issue was though. Maybe I had to wait 24 or something. I don't know. I'll try it again when a new cache pops up near me. I'm on a pc. The error was something about not being able to connect to the device but it was only with that one cache, others worked fine. Thank you all for your help!
  20. I tried 3 different ways. First from the cache page, I clicked Download to Garmin. Second I downloaded the file and dragged it to the GPX folder of the unit. 3rd time I dragged the file to basecamp and uploaded it from there.
  21. GC8C0JA ~ So much ivy I ask because I just bought a Garmin eTrex30x and I'm just learning to use it, I had a Tritan 400 before. So I'm not sure if the problem is me, the eTrex, the cache file or something else When I try to copy it to the GPX folder of the eTrex, I get a communication error. I do seem to be able to load other caches though. Also, a couple questions about the eTrex 30x... Is there a way to delete caches from the unit? Is there a way to sort the caches in alphabetical order?
  22. Thank you. I'm glad I checked. It didn't register. So took it out and started over but the little door fell off. So had to put that back in, put the sd card in and it registered as a separate usb drive.
  23. So I put the sd card in, but I don't see a menu that tells me how much memory I have? Is there a way to tell if it's actually working?
  24. I just bought an eTrex 30x and need some help please... How can I get a PQ to my eTrex 30x? I read I can use either Garmin Express or Basecamp to to this but says it can download Lists. Do I have to put my PQ into a list? If so how? Can I transfer the PQ right from the website or do I have to download it first? There must be an easy way that I'm missing?
  25. Thank you. I did order a 64GB micro sd card, case and screen protector. So the sd card should help with the memory. I see the 32x on Amazon for $299
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