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  1. That's just it, I'm able to get the boxes by the pallet load. At a very reasonable price. Way below what I see them selling for retail. I will be advertising them locally, on ebay, and other venues. I was just wondering if anybody here would be interested in them. Like I said, I'm not trying to sell any yet, just seeing if anybody is interested before I buy some.
  2. I heard about geocaching when I bought my GPS. It had information in it about geocaching. I found some caches, then stopped, but Im planing on caching again soon.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering what kind of demand there may be for ammo boxes here? I have the opportunity to buy a couple pallets of boxes form a local military base, legally, and was wondering if anybody would be interested in them. I can get the following: 11X4X7 witch are the 7.62mm ammo boxes. 13X5.5X14 witch are the 25mm ammo boxes. 12X6X7 witch are the 50cal ammo boxes. Please don't think I am trying to sell anything in this post, I was just wondering if there was a demand for them and I will post a formal for sale post in the garage sale if I do get these items. If this post is out of line, and doesnt belong here please forgive me, but I know that the people here that hide caches like ammo boxes and I thought I would help out, while making some extra money of coarse.
  4. I say as long as the property owner allows horses then go for it. Sounds like a great way to spend time in the woods.
  5. Just wait until she finds a skunk. That's more fun.
  6. If this is for a 1 day thing then I wouldn't be afraid to use the tin ones. But if you were going to leave them out for an extended period of time I would go with the plastic ones.
  7. You actually did find it, you found the spot to hide it. I say let a few discover it first and put some logs in it then log it as a find.
  8. The following quote was taken from the Wikipedia when searching muggle. Link to the page; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggle#cite_note-1 I highlighted the part about geocaching. As far as I can see its a done deal. Its in the encyclopedias and dictionaries. Nothing we can do about it now. And as for the word, I think its a great word. And yes I am a Harry Potter fan, read all the books and seen all the movies so far. I must say that the books are better then the movies. But that's another topic all together.
  9. That is cool, you have more faith in your vehicle than I would in mine. But it does look fun.
  10. These are some great pictures you all are posting, I need to start taking my camera on my journeys.
  11. In other words, unless you can get in touch with the owner you might as well forget it. You could just fix the cache and keep an eye on it but you wont be able to get into the cache page to do anything with it there. I wonder how many abandoned caches there are out there.
  12. It is a really good GPS. I use one. I haven't had any problems yet with mine. I have over 2000 caches loaded in mine and I can see them on the screen as I am driving. If I get close to one and want to stop I can. I have the description, hints and past logs all at my fingertips. You can search for caches by all, found or unfound. It is easy to load the caches into the gps if you use the usb cable. No need to hand type each cache in and no need to carry papers around with the descriptions. Im sure there are better GPS's out there, but I love my Nuvi500
  13. contact@geocaching.com Try explaining your concern and request to this email address. They will be able to let you know one way or another. Very nice people.
  14. I am what you will call a social cacher. I have 1500 caches loaded into my gps and while out for a drive with my family we may stop and check out a cache on the way. We haven't gone out for a days worth of caching but we may do so one of these days. As long as my GPS works I will be looking for them. Caches that I make a point to located are the ones with the trackables in them. I travel 100 miles south of me at least once a month so I take the trackables I find around home and take them down there, and I find trackables down there and bring them back home. It can get expensive running the gas out of a vehicle looking for caches. But on a side note, it is cheaper to take the family caching then it is taking them to an amusement park.
  15. If this group went out to look for these hides together, whats wrong with that. That is one of the great things about this sport. It gave some of the people that wouldnt normally do this type of cache a chance to see some good hiding places. I see nothing wrong with what they did and no I don't consider it cheating. Now for the owner, they are just being petty. I understand that they wanted to have a hard cache and to make it difficult for the searchers. If they where any kind of cacher they would just leave it the way it was and wait for more DNF's. So what if a group of friends went searching and found there hides, that's what geocaching is all about. The person I believe is in the wrong here is the hider. You need to be accurate with your ratings and your descriptions for future cachers. The price of gas is getting to high for somebody to go looking for a 1/1 and find something harder that they wouldn't have gone after in the first place. These are just my thoughts, and others may feel differently.
  16. Yea it would be neat but if somebody is taking caches they can easily take your camera.
  17. I carry my .357 with me when I'm on state game lands or in any kinds of woods. I met up with a bear once and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Got a permit to carry and carry it everywhere.
  18. Its amazing with this little smurf, it only went 5 places and racked up that many miles. Cool. I am amazed that it was still where it was put 6 years ago.
  19. I got a Garmin Nuvi 500 for trade on some work I did for somebody. Brand new. This is how I found out about Gecaching. I like it, its water proof and small enough to put in my hand or pocket. It has about an 8 hr battery life. I can store allot of caches and I can download them right to my unit from the computer thew a USB cable or using a micro SD card. The unit even gives me the description and hints, no need to write anything down. Im still a rookie but I really like this unit. If I ever come across some other geocachers while out hunting I may look at there GPS units to see what others have to offer. But for now, I'm happy. Turn by turn is great while driving. It can be switched from driving, walking, bike riding, boating and many others. On road and off road options. A great all around GPS in my opinion. I do allot of boating and there are maps to buy for waterways. Im going to buy them to see how it fairs out on the water.
  20. Maybe it never occurred to you that this could have been a joke. After all he seemed to know a lot about geocaching for a muggle who accidentally found a cache. He even Photoshopped the public domain leatherman geocaching logo on the photo of the girl. (Geocachers are supposed to notice things like that - so they don't take apart real sprinkler heads when looking for a geocache). My guess is that you did over react. Geocaches are often found by muggles who have no idea what these things are. Sometime they are reported as suspicious and the bomb squad blows them up. Sometimes the muggles read the geocaching note the cacher left in the cache. (You do leave a note in all your caches, don't you?) They leave the cache where they found it and maybe even get interested in the game from this experience and log the cache online. And sometimes the muggle figures he found some abandoned property he can now claim. This is the first time I've heard of a muggle deciding that he might get a few dollars for the abandon property by selling it on e-bay. Which is just one more reason I suspect this is a joke. I doubt that anyone seeing this is all of a sudden going to get the idea they can get rich by taking caches they find and selling them on e-bay. My guess is that if this did happen it would be treated like any other cache maggot problem. People would leave cheaper containers or make their caches PMO. In the end, ignoring cache maggots is the best answer to make them go away. Well I apologize. I'm sorry for being pro active. I'm sorry for over reacting, and I am sorry for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. It wont happen again.
  21. He stated that he didn't know what it was when he found it. He grabbed it and took it home. He later realized what it was. He stated that he didn't know much about the whole geocahing thing but he also said that it wasn't in the spot where it was supposed to be. How would he know this. If when he took it home and realized that it was a chache he should have put it back where he found it. Maybe it was where it was supposed to be. Maybe he is trying to sell us a line of crap. Maybe he was truly looking for it and found it and decided to profit off of it. Why would he use a woman as his picture and not the cache itself. This tells me that he didn't want the owner to see it and demand it back. The only reason I did report it was to discourage anybody else from thinking it was a good way to make money. They can find a cache, sell it and make a few bucks off of it. This would eventually spiral out of control and ultimately ruin our sport for good. It it was classified as stolen property or not, it still isn't right that he was trying to make money off of it. The last price was $10.50 with a shipping price of $15.65 to me. It had 3 bids on it and over 5 days left. It could have easily gone up in price and he would have made a healthy profit on it. Then he could have looked for another cache and did it all over again. I'm new to this forum and to the whole geocaching sport. But I do hate somebody making a profit off of something that they shouldn't be making a profit off of. Maybe I'm over thinking this, maybe I over reacted by reporting it but I feel the way I feel and I'm sorry if it offends anybody.
  22. Yea, I reported it to ebay as being stolen property. They take that stuff very seriously. Unfortunately we may never be able to recover the lost geocache but at least this guy wont be able to profit off of it. He stated that he took it and is trying to find the rightful owner. But instead of looking for the owner he is selling it, in my book that is stealing. And if we as geocachers do this for every auction we see come up there wont be a bunch of people going out, taking a cache and trying to sell it on eBay for a quick buck. If I am over stepping my ground here I am sorry but it ticks me off that somebody like that can try to make a buck on something as fun as what were doing. It will eventually ruin it for us all.
  23. I like cemeteries. I especially like old cemeteries. I don't mind searching in a cemeteries but everybody just needs to respect those who are laid there.
  24. I reported the listing to ebay. I stated it was stolen property.
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