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  1. That's great! Let us know how you make out.
  2. It was just to hot out. I could'nt have left him. If he didn't have the address on the collar I would have brought him home. The women at the door when I dropped him off must have hugged me 10 times. Just glad it worked out. I was worried when I untied the dog that his owner would come back to find him missing.
  3. Out solo caching on the Metacomet trail today, was 2 caches in and came upon a black lab tied by his leash in the middle of the trail. There was a car in the parking lot, at first I thought the owner had tired the dog and gone off to do something. The dog looked tired and thirsty like he'd been there a while. I decided to give hime some water and take hime with me. We did the rest of the caches in the series and didn't see anyone on the trail. When we got back to the parking area the other car was gone. I checked the dogs collar and his address was a 1/2 mile up the road. He happily got in the car and I gave hime a ride home. Appently he had gotten loose the day before and they were very happy to see him. Glad I was able to bring him home. Having 3 dogs myself I would have been frantic if one was missing. All in all it was a great day caching. Another caching adventure.
  4. Welcome aboard! It's easy to get hooked.
  5. I'm the cacher in question. The caches were on an old town abandon road, there were no posted signs and the caches were on or within 10 feet of the road when placed. The op emailed me to explain the situation and I have archived the caches. Situation resolved.
  6. Welcome aboard. Glad you had a good time. It's an addiction!
  7. Welcome aboard. Been here a while and hpelessly addicted.
  8. My longest drought was 600 consecutive days without a find from 06/12/2006 to 02/02/2008. I came down with CHF and could barely walk. I used caching to rehab and get back on my feet.
  9. A dedicated gps will always be more accurate. It will get you a little closer and be more consistant. You will still need to look around for the cache.
  10. Your doing it right. I used to print the cache pages before I got paperless. I still print a map of where I'm going, to give me an Idea where all the caches are.
  11. jbar

    550 vs 550T

    I have the 550, no preloaded maps. I have the 24k topos loaded. works great. I'd rather spend the extra 100 on the 24k maps
  12. Very slow today. Taking forever to get queries and log finds....
  13. You don't really need maps for geocaching but the topo maps are nice when your in the woods to see whats around. If your going to buy topo maps pick the 24k maps over the 100k maps. Much more detail and the roads are routable. You can also get free maps from GPS File Depot The topos from there are nice but the roads are not routable.
  14. Did you get out to try the toy yet? I think you will be hooked like the rest of us. Good Hunting!
  15. Welcome aboard. Thats a really great first day.
  16. I find I'm very high tech. I've my GPS, internet connected Smart Phone, camera and ipod. I also bring a pen. Oh and a geodog
  17. Try the link GPSMap Wiki lots of good info.
  18. Congratulations on your day. I got out my self this afternoon. Manged to get the first 3 of the new year. Welcome to the obsession.
  19. Welcome aboard. Keep at it. It takes afew to see how different people hide them. Don't expect the GPS to put you right at the cache. When it says your there, put the GPS away and start looking. Look for anything out of place or man made. If you were the hider where would you hide it. Expand the search out incircles. Sometimes it can be 50-60 feet off. Start off with larger size caches, much easier to find. If i'm having a tough time I'll back off and use the GPS to come into the cache area again. Some micros I've found took a few trips. Funny some times you walk rightup and find it, other times it takes a while.
  20. Welcome aboard. Don't get discouraged. Once you find a few it gets easier. The GPS will only get you to within 20-40 ft of the cache. When it saids your there, put it away and start searching. Expand your search as you go. Think like the hider, where would you hide it. Start off with only medium to large caches, it can be very difficult to find smalls and micros. Also pick easier difficulty caches. Look for anything out of the ordinary or man made. Be aware it's easy to get hooked, I've been at it for 8 years. Good luck!
  21. Welcome aboard. Pick the low difficulty and large size containers to start with. Once you find a few it get easier as you start to know what to look for.
  22. Been caching since 2002 and interest has veried but the last several years I've been really into it. It seems to get more addicting as time goes by.
  23. Welcome aboard. Don't give up it gets easier after you find a few and know what to look for. When you get to where the GPS thinks the cache is, put away the GPS and start a search from there and gradually expand it. Look for place where you would hide a cache. Look for anything that looks man-made - unusual pile of sticks\stones, holes, foot prints from prievious finders. All GPS have a certin amount of error, so don't expect it to take you right to the cache. Normally 20-40 ft error, so make your search accordingly. Some times it takes me a few trips to find a well hiden cache. I stop searching when it isn't fun any more and will come back another time. Good luck.
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