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  1. Make sure you have WAAS turned on and let the GPS get a WAAS lock first. Otherwise, that is it. Nothing will be better than the etrex 20.
  2. You need to connect the GPS in "mass storage" mode to see the card in Basecamp or Mapsource. Look in the "interface" settings on the GPS. As above, the card is only for maps and custom POIS.
  3. But.... They are not quite as good at zeroing out on a cache as a dedicated unit. I suspect that is mostly because they do not use WAAS. I use both regularly to find caches, so this is from first hand experience. Your search zone will be half the size normally when using a dedicated versus the iPhone.
  4. AA batteries are not Lithium-Ion. They are lithium-iron disulfide.
  5. It is most likely caused by a specific GPX file. Delete all files and empty the trash if on a MAC. Master reset the unit and start from scratch. It should not be locking up. This problem started during the development period of the Oregon 400 and was clearly shown back then to be caused by bad HTML that the unit can't parse within GPX files.
  6. Basecamp, Google Earth, pretty much anything that will show a map will let you overlay a track and Geocaches.
  7. Actually the accuracy circle is not that. Is is a combined map and GPS accuracy. Garmin did not make the GPS on that model.
  8. On what? A computer? A GPS? A phone/tablet? Any mapping capable GPS will do that. Most computer mapping programs will do that. Most phone mapping apps will do that? I'm not sure what won't do that.
  9. Sorry, but the 60CSX had a million bugs when it came out as well. Why do you want an accuracy circle? It is just a made up number. The 62 programming started a decade earlier with the Colorado. It is across all the handhelds since then.
  10. Every Garmin handheld in the history of Garmin has this many unresolved bugs.....
  11. Find a store that sells Garmin handhelds and look at them in person. Purchase one that you like.
  12. Not a great analogy. The old screens had a very coarse resolution. The new ones are much better.
  13. The 30x has a much higher resolution screen.
  14. So to step back.... What problem are you having with battery life? It should be the same for a 62 as for a 60, around 12 hours. As for as features go, the 66 is quite different and it is well liked around here. Have you look at the list of differences yourself first?
  15. There is no way to split up into lists on the device. You could make routes between caches. Easiest to do in Basecamp. You should see all caches on the map by default.
  16. They just need to build them like the Colorado again.
  17. You don't really need any extra memory. They have lots stock. It is only needed if you are planning on putting on a lot of different maps all of them covering continent or a lot of Birdseye.
  18. It was discontinued, because there is a newer model, the 32X, that came out in June this year. There is very little different with the new model (more memory and preloaded maps). They are a good unit and work well. $130 is a great price.
  19. It seems the numbering is just different on the Glonass satellites. Positions look the same. And, yes, it is showing ALL WAAS satellites at the northern horizon. I've rebooted and connected to a few and they all show center, top of the screen. I get Ds on some Glonass IDs.
  20. Here is my test. August 4, 2019 06:47 mountain time. N51 W114.
  21. Did you update the firmware. This was fixed in the last firmware.
  22. It does not work that way. "Share Wirelessly" on a Garmin is via the ANT+ protocol and is between other compatible Garmin devices. You need to use the app on the Garmin to import data.
  23. More or less all the Garmin handhelds do what you want. The difference are the input method (buttons or touchscreen) and screen size. Also the lower priced models run a bit slower. My suggestion is to find a store to look at them in person and see what you like versus the cost. The newest models Gpsmap 66 and Oregon 700 series have wifi and bluetooth to get live information through a phone. But these are pretty expensive. You can also still read the cache info on your phone and navigate with the GPS, if you want.
  24. Yes. https://support.garmin.com/en-CA/?faq=5awjmF0u6fAPAGNFW0ACj5 https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2017/04/new-a-magic-button-for-your-garmin-gps/
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