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Hello, and goodbye. After a great deal of thought I have decided to resign from my position as a Volunteer Reviewer for the UK and as Moderator of the UK forum. This decision is final and irreversible. No one thing has made me decide this, rather a gradual change in how things needed to be done. As a volunteer I did the "job" in the way that I thought benefitted the UK caching community and Groundspeak. This worked for several years. However Geocaching has grown in those years and it has become apparent to me that my way of doing things may not now be seen to be appropriate. I therefore felt it best for me that I stop now and make way for someone who will be more comfortable doing things the way they need to be done now.



Over the years I have been involved, I have found Groundspeak very supportive of me and I have enjoyed what I did. I thank everyone at Groundspeak for five very interesting and worthwhile years. We may not agree on everything but I hope we can continue to respect each other.



Finally I would like to thank all of you for the kind wishes that have been expressed both publicly and privately. Whatever your views now, I would urge you to consider what you are typing before hitting the "submit" button!! :drama:



Although Lactodorum is now bowing out, be assured that The Hornet will now be taking his place by contributing to the forum discussions and maybe will have more time to hunt Tupperware in the woods. :D



Thank you and goodbye. Peter - Lactodorum

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I'm sure that your decision has not been taken lightly and to be honest I can't say that I am at all surprised. We have been at this game for quite some time but are still newbies compared to you and have seen many changes, some good but unfortunately many not so. I think that we all need to take a step back occasionaly and remember "never take it to seriously, after all, it's just a hunt for a lunchbox!" (quote Dan aka Rocky Balboa) incidentally back on the scene, nothing to do with the resignation :D:drama: I'm sure! So anyway on to my reason to post, we would just like to pass on our greatest thanks and appreciation for all you have done for us and the UK caching community, you are sure going to be a hard act to follow :D . Now get out there and find some lunchboxes.

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You will be a very hard act to follow. Thank you for all the hard work that you have done over the years both publicly on the forum and in private. I hope that the change of pace will allow you to focus on the enjoyable aspects of caching - hunting for tupperware. Thanks again.


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Having been a mod for a forum in the past, i can understand how you feel.


welcome back to freedom


I more than most understand your feelings.. Been there, done that, made the film, read the book an got several tee shirts.

...now enjoy your retirement.


I gotcha beat, Moss...Iäve been there, done that, read the book, made the film, gotten the t-shirts AND wore the danged things out!


Here is the post that I posted in the other thread... it applies as well here, too...


Sad to see this happening. I may be an American in Sweden (whatta combo, right?), but I read the UK forums on occasions.


I'm not sure what is going on up there at Groundspeak, but there is definitely something in the air, and it's very hinky...


To the mods who have made the decision to step away, I wish you all well, I have been a mod before on another site, and I know how gut wrenching it can be - a mix of relief, anger, sadness and a few other things, but take the good with the bad and just enjoy the newfound time and the fact that you now have one less aggravation in your lives!


As we say in Sweden, Lycka till... or, for you Brits who love to butcher the language :drama:... Good luck!


Naomi :D

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Sorry it's come to this. Not surprised one bit, it really appears to have become a completely thankless task. If you were allowed leeway in the past to use your discretion then it's a reason to do it, but to be told what to do and "that's that" as appears to be the case, well... what's the point I guess.


UK caching cannot, from here, change for the better.


Hope to see you caching and eventing soon anyways, and if you want a rant there's always the http://www.nwcaching.co.uk forums... non-commercial btw :drama:

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Very sad to hear that you've decided to call it a day Peter. Thank you for everything you have done for geocaching, and for the help and advice you've given over the years since we've been caching. It's impossible to imagine how it's going to be without you and Dave reviewing our caches and looking after the forums. Good luck for the future. I hope you enjoy all the free time you will now have - you won't know what to do with yourself!! :D All the best, love and hugs, Liane :drama::DB)

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Very sad to see both you and Ecky go. I've only been caching a couple of years, but have been impressed both by the help given when placing caches, and by the common sense approach on the forums. As others have said, you'll both be sadly missed. But on the bright side, I may actually get to meet you when out caching. I expect to see your alter-ego's cache stats start to rocket as well.


Take time out, have fun and smell the daisys.

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I know that I have not always seen eye to eye with you, but this news was not good to read. I hope that the use of the word final is not final, and that the fools who forced you into this, will see the errors in their ideas


Take care in whatever you do.



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A sad day :drama: , but we fully respect both Peter and Dave's decision. When it stops being fun, it's time for a change.


We hope that you both enjoy yourselves back in the 'real' world and a BIG thank you from Rosie and her Rangers for all your time spent helping make this game as good as it is for all of us in the UK. :D


We would also like to add our support to Deceangi in this difficult time, good luck to all 3 of you.

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Although I am very sad that you are no longer reviewing/moderating. I also understand exactly why you have come to this decision.


100% behind you on this one. Jan 05 we asked you to reconsider, however i do feel it would be pointless to do so this time.


All the Best


and happy caching




next time I see you and Dave you can call in the beers I owe you :drama:

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We have been reading the forums recently with interest but never expected 2 mods to go due to the enforced changes in forum protocols.


I have only published a new cache this afternoon which Deci reviewed within a few hours. A fast service indeed given the situation.


Many thanks to you both for an excellent service that you have given us.


That's all folks!!!

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Hear Hear


Likewise can I add my heartfelt thanks to ALL the UK Moderators for their help, support and unstinting efforts over the years.


Eckington and Lactodorum you are going to be sadly missed. I hope you have the opportunity to "enjoy" your retirement and maybe stay in contact with your many friends in the GC community who hold you in such high regard.



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What more can I add? A truly black day for geocaching in the UK.


Dave (and Peter) you have both been more than marvellous - easily seen from the responses on these 2 threads. You both deserve some time off to go out caching yourselves, enjoy the time off. I'm only so sorry your departure has been under such circumstances.


I'm wondering how we, as a UK community, should respond to Groundspeak? I'm tempted to think I'll hit them where it hurts when my membership comes around.


The very best of luck to both of you.



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I am very sorry it has come to this and won't repeat what has already been said, except to say how much I have appreciated all the effort you have put into Geocaching in the UK. :D

Having been around longer than most I have seen the way it has developed and must have become a massive burden on you all - I hope your friend The Hornet can now enjoy some Geocaching again. :drama:

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It's been a little like Dr Who. :drama:


First there was The Hornet and Dodgydaved and they morphed into Lacto and Ecki and now they've morphed back. :D


Enjoy your time back in civvies.


I've never run a forum but I have been on a social committee and I suspect this was probably a hundred times worse.


Thanks for all your work. I reckon you'll both be on 30 finds a day with all the spare time! :D

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Peter, and David, this is terrible news. You're not going to have to read every half-bottomed forum thread, mediate in disputes with landowners/the Met Police/etc., deal with the demands of a baying, slavering pack of wild cache hiders or follow directives you don't have faith in the logic of. What am I saying? It's wonderful news!.. for you.


For the rest of us it sucks, because it's hard to imagine replacements being a fraction as efficient, helpful or enthusiastic in the roles you've left vacant today. You have my very sincere and heartfelt thanks for all your efforts over the years. Not just for me and my weirdly demanding (in a listing sense) events, but for the UK caching community as a whole. Your official personas will be missed more than you can appreciate at the moment.


Reading between the lines, it's clear why you've done this and I hope no one from the UK helped you towards this decision with an ill-timed post, or unhelpful email. I support you in your joint moves anyway, and look forward to seeing you both on the trail of tupperware soon. Although you go now, into the wilderness (with nettles, no doubt), you will not be forgotten. Your footprints of dedication and reasonableness will remain in the mud long after some other fool/s have tried to fill your boots. Best luck to you both, and the best of British luck to whoever takes on your 'duties' too!


Paul Smith, disappointed premium member

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Just logged on and read this.

What a very sad day for caching in the UK, not to lose one reviewer/mod, but two. No doubt you both not made this decision lightly.

Still, more time to go outside caching now. :drama:

Many thanks both Peter and Dave for your speedy reviewing over the years, and for very wise and considered comments both on the forums and privately



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