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  1. The thing about our shared hobby is that we can all cache in the way WE chose - whatever that may be. I don't do hills ( and living in S Wales that is interesting LOL) but can still appreciate the ones that are put on them. I have enjoyed short stops, motorway caches, ARoad Anarchy, being able to find supermarkets when camping. I have found some and thought 'Why here?????' One of ours looks over one of the best beaches in S Wales Rest Bay - famous for surfers - beautiful but then sometimes I get complaints of bottles being smashed or rubbish / nappies around which is out of my control. My main wish is to thank the Original Poster for taking the time to think through what he wants to do with caching and how he can give back to the caching community - if no-one puts out caches then there won't be any for the rest of us to find and enjoy
  2. Nor me - and can verify what Andulusite has written as I was involved with resolving the Fire Hydrant situation as a S Wales cacher. Quite a few were not happy and we were informed we were over reacting. I wrote on the thread a comment such as 'How would they feel if a death occurred because of wasting time?' and from what I remember no more comments were made at the time. As far as I am concerned I know a number of reviewers, having been caching since 2005 and my favourite caches are avents. I respect what they do but do not have any sort of 'cosy relationship' with any of them apart from friendship which I have with many cachers
  3. As another Committee Member I totally agree with everything Bobo Frett has written. I really wonder why I am wasting my time with the anti-GAGB comments but when after a bit of detective work I can solve a problem, or after a query I can put a newcomer in the direction of someone to help them or any other minutae problem I can help with I think 'Yes I done good' - now I may not be changing the world or entering into any big negotiations but I am doing my bit as and when I can to help our hobby. Lilian
  4. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. and hopefully as you will both be at the Wild West event I will be able to introduce you to each other
  5. I use FB a lot to keep in touch with friends made through caching rather than just caching 'talk'. I also check here and the GAGB forum on a regular basis to make sure I don't miss out on any news LOL Lilian
  6. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah (and DRSOLLY) :) :) :)
  7. I understand what you are getting at but cachers meeting up - an event in my opinion
  8. Thank you for your informative feedback
  9. No offers???? ( or a gentle nudge in case)
  10. The GAGB received this email and I wondered if anyone would like to get involved. Please let me know if you are interested and respond directly to her Thank you Lilian Hi Everyone We are working on a project called Active Dartmoor 2013 on behalf of the Dartmoor Partnership, which will be a campaign starting in November and encompassing a week of events and experiences running from 4th May – 11th May next year. Our vision is to make it an amazing showcase of all the interesting, fun and diverse activities and experiences available on and around Dartmoor. At this early stage we need to forge introductions with event organizers and resource providers from a range of backgrounds for a creative, brainstorming workshop at Brimpts Farm www.brimptsfarm.co.uk (directions on website) on Thursday 11th October at 18:00. Our primary objective is to design five magnificent ‘Dartmoor Specific’ events complimented with a range of Dartmoor experiences which will form the backbone of Active Dartmoor Week. As the project gains momentum, we plan to build a portfolio of smaller events and activities to provide an overview of the diverse range of experiences to be enjoyed on Dartmoor. Ultimately we want all our activity and experience providers to benefit from fantastic exposure whilst simultaneously boosting their revenue making opportunities for the duration of the campaign, and into the future. The Dartmoor Partnership will market the events externally, generating spectators and participants to the event providers, who will either micro-manage their own events or collaborate with other like minded or complimentary activity providers to share resources. Please come along – we would really welcome your input and help in moving this forward and it’s a great opportunity for us all to work together to boost the local economy. Please feel free to forward this email if you feel it’s appropriate but please ensure you and your guests RSVP by mid-day Wednesday 10th October to this email address. Huge thanks, Tammy Molesworth On behalf of Dartmoor Partnership sub group. Tel: +44 (0) 1566 780465 Mob: +44 (0) 7740 200182 Email: tammy@ginpennant.com
  11. Yeah using project-gc Link in original post Unfortunately the event types are split into the separate sub-types Counting just 'normal' events, stevo185 is #1, mollyjak are #14 Mark I'm good with thaT lol Being thick but where do I find the events list - who am I chasing??? LOL See you at Hallowe'en event Steve
  12. Working at a high rating for attending events in the UK - not sure how many are above me but I am trying hard LOL Lilian
  13. No Dino-irl I was not suggesting you in any way Its an observation in general about posts. Again yes it is a very emotive topic and one I have said should be discussed and people be aware of, and thats why I asked the questions. I have said in nearly all my posts from the beginging that It was simple a queery and not a slur,moan or nag at anyone it was simply an equiry and nothing else and not intended to offend or cast a shadow over anyone. And I'm very glad to say that the reasoned arguement and information has been helpful and informative as I would expect. Regards Tony
  14. Thank you dino-iri I don't think I criticised your anonymity rather I said that I had concerns, I respect your choice and anyone else’s to do so and reserve my right to have concerns over things, I try not to make judgment on anyone or anything unless I have both sides of the story some unfortunately don't do this and condemn after just hearing one side. I have had very little involvement in posting in this forum but follow some threads and from the venom in some arguments fully understand the desire to remain anonymous. The reason I have concerns are stated in the passage you copied and that is just my opinion you can agree with it or not but surely I am allowed to express my opinion and concerns as long as I am neither offensive nor critical of anyone. My initial post was intended to get answers using a free and open discussion on a forum of my peers. I think this has been achieved, although I do sense some residual defensive hostility that I think may be a leftover of some heated discussion in the past. It’s a little sad that post are looked on with suspicion and scanned for alternate meaning instead of being exactly what they are, but again after witnessing some of the heated exchanges on here I fully understand Regards Tony . For me the topic has run its course and has been very enlightening and again thanks to everyone for their contributions Regards Tony
  15. I;m sorry Pharisee I respect your comments but had to laugh a little at the piece at the bottom of your message: Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and ability. Overkill is often under-rated. kinda makes my point a little Regards Tony
  16. I'm a very dyslexic 53 year old so I fully understand what your saying. Again I feel the need to say there are so many bad people out there that could easily look at profiles and find people ages. My fear is that after seeing and knowing people penetrate various inert organisations and seemingly being very nice people they turn out not to be. Perhaps I should have been more direct in the question, by saying is there any communication oportunities and is there the possability to exploit this for evil intentions or the possibility to leave the reviewer open for false accusations. Regards Tony
  17. Absolutely agree with you Haggis Hunter and that is a very responsible approach to it and I hope all parents follow that example. I just wanted to point out that my concerns were not only for the Young and vulnerable but it also it covered the reviewers. I know only too well from people I have worked with how unfounded accusations can ruin people’s lives. The thing pointed out in the previous post however, goes to show that there is interaction or can be interaction between Reviewers and People (possible young) and it was this very communication I centred my questions on. Enough said now and may I say how happy I am that you can have a grown up conversation on here for a change without it going astray. Thanks everyone for taking part. Regards Tony
  18. Thank you HH nothing is driving me it is a question that I had been curious about. This is the type of thing that can be openly discuseed and should be reguarly, There is no ulterior motive for the questions other than that stated. I'm sure you would agree it is far better to ask these questions sensibly and openly than just let things slide and then end up saying "if only". Again I have stated that I have a great respect and friendship with most Reviewers and trusted them to take and answer the questions in a Professional and Sensible maner. Unfortunatly the reply by dodgydaved came seconds after I replied to Deci and I find the information most informative. It would be a persoanl choice (as stated)to continue with investigating this and don't see the need for permission or approval from anyone. Kind Regards Tony
  19. Thank you Deci as usual a very clear answer. My intentions were not to raise any doubt, blame or Criticism regarding reviewers and I personally think you do a very good job and have a thankless task at the best of times. Your selection process is not a problem to me as such although I have stated to you my concerns on anonymity. Coming from a social work background, the thought of a person having any access to young or vulnerable minds in complete anonymity rings warning bells, and fail to see the need for this (again I’m sure there is a reason and it of course is only my opinion).I will however dig a little further in to this for my own satisfaction and fire off an email to Groundspeak if I need further clarification on anything. kind Regards Tony
  20. Thanks Chris I will fire an email off to them later. Just thought someone would know the answer on here, I know it is a delicate subject mater but I am a great believer in asking dificult questions when needed, other wise I have seen some really sad outcomes from lack of questions and apathy. I have found this on a CRB site "For the purposes of obtaining a Disclosure the CRB define a volunteer as: "A person who is engaged in any activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travelling and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than, or, in addition to close relatives". I will investigate a little further Kind Regards Tony
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