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  1. As I know a lot of German Reviewers and saw them coming and sometimes (very soon) going I know about this "job" and can only tell you thanks for the long and steady work. Go on caching - cache on with a smile. Friedel = 1/2 friedelfindus (temp. guest cacher from Germany)
  2. Well done, what a great walk! My limit is about 7 to 9 miles a day, then my feet and knees dance their own dance. Once I did more then 30 caches a day (it was a series of 50 or so) and stopped not because of injuries but of loosing the interest in finding just another boring Micro under another boring park bench only to get +1. Hope to do a 100-cache-series along a 100km-bicycle-path at Pentecost together with my family. This is connecting fun and (caching) business... friedelfindus (temporarily as a guest cacher in the East Midlands)
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