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  1. Ok, I'm now back from Scotland (and oh my! haven't the forums changed a lot!) Some changes seem to have been made to the domain name (I'm not the owner of it), these have now been fixed. I'm now transferring the domain to myself (he was considering letting it expire!) Things should be once again working.
  2. I was indeed new Keswick, with little more than a tent, chemical toilet (yuck!), only 2 caches loaded into my GPS The server is now back, and everything should be working again.
  3. Yes, the server was changed, could a Moderator please change the link in the original post?
  4. The OS' jewel is the 25k and 50k raster maps, and the MasterMap vector data, if they let these go, they'd have less of an incentive to keep them up-to-date. The aim of this data release exercise was to promote people to do things with data, not merely hand out maps alone. One thing I'm particularly interested in is their release of the contour data - this should be pretty fun to play with and much better quality than any publicly available height data (other than that printed onto the 25k maps).
  5. A completely free release of the OS maps will ruin the OS, and thus the maps!
  6. a) Probably not, I've never explicitly tested it, I think I do things to get around some firefox limitations. I could (and probably should) make an effort to fix it. The various places I've hosted screenshots in the past seem to have disappeared into the ether of the internet. I've just taken one of a cache I'm hoping to get this weekend.
  7. Hehe I was developing an OpenStreetMap plugin a few years ago, but I percieved that there was never enough demand for it (plus I've got lazy with my development recently). There is a script called OSMify that will add OSM to most Google Maps. From the page below, drag the link titled OSMify (just below the image), onto your bookmarks toolbar and then click it when on the Geocaching Map page. http://blog.johnmckerrell.com/2007/12/31/n...fy-bookmarklet/
  8. This is a recurring problem with a very small number of users, and it always baffles me, I cannot recall ever finding a solution to the issue, since the majority of people cannot reproduce it. The one thing I can suggest checking is that there may be a setting flipped somewhere in the advanced Firefox settings. If possible, try this: Enter 'about:config' into your address bar and hit enter. In the filter box enter 'network.http.sendRefererHeader'. Double-click the one result, and change the value in the dialogue to 2.
  9. Version 1.3.4 of the script has now been released. This is an urgent update, the server which hosts a part of the script is being switched off at the end of the month, this version reconfigures the script to use a new server. It also fixes some compatibility issues with Gary & Jane's scripts, (thanks to him for the patch). The new download link is: http://ge.pythonmoo.co.uk/gcmap/geocachingmaps.user.js (I'd be grateful if a moderator could fix the link in the first post of this thread also)
  10. http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php This is a webpage that allows you to select areas of the world you are visiting, it then compiles them into a single map suitable for the GPS. The maps come with an installer that will install them to MapSource, allowing you to install them to the GPS in the usual way. Follow the instructions below the map for usage of the tool.
  11. I won't go into detail on the philosophy of not reviewing all edits made to the map, since it's far beyond the scope of this discussion, other than a valid point that should be kept in mind when using the maps as your only canonical source of map data. Anyway, the 'liam123 issue', several very strongly worded emails have been sent to the noted contributor who has not responded to any contact. At the time, there was no per-user banning system implemented on the OSM website (this has since been done), and a hard IP-block would be impossible after analysis of the IP ranges he was connecting from. It was also believed that he would simply circumvent any blocks placed on him by creating a new account. It was decided that a soft-revert approach would be best to counter his vandalism. As yet, it appears that he has not realised that all his edits are being automatically fixed to the state before he touched them. Further details of this revert procedure are available here. As to the rest of this insanely long argument over verifiability and reliability of OSM data - I have too little time to read the pages of arguments that I've probably heard elsewhere before.
  12. Version 1.3.3 of the Geocaching OS Map Substituter has been released. This release fixes the breakage caused by the Geocaching.com site changes. In particular, print friendly and the waypoint information page maps have been fixed (this took most of the work) A big red bar may have appeared if you already have the maps installed, if so click on it to install the update. Otherwise, install from here.
  13. Yeah, that works as a quick and dirty solution, the other changes will just take a bit of stylistic tweaking. I guess I also need to check the other conditions the script works under (printable, waypoint pages, and reviewer if that section of the script still works!) I should be able to get that done fairly quickly on Wednesday some time. For now, use the version provided by d-dixon above, an update message should automatically appear when the next version by myself fixing all the bugs is released.
  14. Oh, I really hadn't noticed, and I didn't get an email either, Chris! I should check my spam filters. I'm in the middle of an exceptionally busy week, and I'll have no free time next weekend either (I'll be somewhere in Snowdonia) I'll see if I can investigate a fix when I have time between bits of university work...
  15. I have to admit that this is the case in some areas to the NW of London, there was one very 'over-enthusiastic' person who believed that New Popular Edition OS maps were more worthwhile than going and collecting the data himself as is recommended by the project. Needless to say, he's not gathered himself many friends within the project.
  16. The OS won't release much detail, the next government will get in before they're forced to do it. The OS certainly don't like what they're being forced to do. Yet it is good for certain datasets such as the administrative boundaries, which are impossible to get without being encumbered by the OS licences. OpenStreetMap's name is a bit of a misnomer, they are not focused entirely on streets, take a look around Hampshire for a good idea at the detail that can be achieved from footpath mapping.
  17. Hyde Park have already been pulled in, I was planning to get them this weekend.
  18. If it goes for physical rec, I can get it signed off for my gold
  19. I don't think the two are linked. I'll contact the person that hosts that bit of the maps.
  20. I'm willing to give a hand where possible, I have little (read almost no) experience with streamlining database queries though.
  21. Nearest cache is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a4-c2efca85b396 I posted a note on it when I got the notification this morning. (Although with the incorrect date that Ofcom originally sent out) It looks like a power sub station.
  22. On that note, you've reminded me that I need to fix up the maps script, since there's a possibility we can get 1:25k online now...
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