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  1. That is mega awesome JimJinks, Sir, Very many thanks, DaveD -it worked
  2. OK, I am old and thick, but I am obviously doing something wrong and illumination would be welcome. I copy my map key from Bing and paste it into the Mapsource box on the GME drop down but I cannot add it as it says it needs to be a valid JSON (?) expression. What more do I need to do please? (As you have guessed since my last post I also have lost OS Maps - using Chrome with Tampermonkey.)
  3. It is a government briefing - a load of C**k , written in a trice!!
  4. In Chrome mine are working at the moment.......
  5. I'm going to go earlier than "D"-day in the hope that the florin was phased out and replaced by the 10p much earlier - so...........1968!!
  6. Ta you two! Similar idea: What links the Eric Coates composition "By the Sleepy Lagoon" with Roy Plomley?
  7. That's a ding, a paper hat, a pretty unfunny joke and a little toy to Searcherdog!!
  8. Sorry that's a double nope to colleda, and yes it is an easy one grimpil - if you know the answer, but then aren't they all
  9. Many thanks, here's and easy one in the run up to Christmas: What Christmas item was invented by London baker and wedding-cake specialist Tom Smith in 1847?
  10. "Born on a mountain top in TennesseeGreenest state in the land of the freeRaised in the woods so's he knew ev'ry treeHe kilt him a b'ar when he was only threeDavy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier!" at least according to Walt Disney anyway!!
  11. Nearly 3 weeks, MartyB may be on holiday so here's an interim one: Next 2 in this sequence please; Central, Circle, District, Bakerloo, Piccadily, ?, ?.
  12. Great, got them back in Chrome - its been many years!!!!!
  13. Longest flight I ever did was Hatton - and that was hot & thirsty work
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