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  1. Hi Steve My export should fix this also. Cheers
  2. I've created a Macro for this, an updated version of PupPort. The software that is most commonly used for OS-mapped geocaching is a combination of GSAK and Memory Map. GSAK is a geocache database management tool, and Memory Map adds the OS mapping. Memory Map v5 and earlier was available for both desktop PCs and Windows PDAs. So, with GSAK, Memory Map and some custom icons, you had the ultimate mobile geocaching setup. You can get the icons for older Memory Map and PDA’s here – http://blog.dixo.net/downloads/lordelphs-lovely-icons/ LordElph’s icons were great with PDA’s and Memory Map 5, but now we’ve moved to the smartphone age, the newest version of the app needs different macros. There are pros and cons to the Android/Apple versions of Memory Map. Cons No custom icons. No PDA support. Pros Mobile phone support. No need to upload maps. Faster transfer and sync of data. The biggest of these cons is the fact that there is no longer support for custom icons. That means that we are limited to the default icons such as anchor, dot, man overboard etc. Luckily there is a Geocache icon, however it isn’t ideal that all Geocaches, regardless of type, are the same green box. The pull-down shows the available icon types for Memory Map 6. So, the default way for GSAK to handle this is that every cache type is given a different icon type. Skulls, flags, car, etc, can all be assigned to Traditional, Multi, Puzzle, etc. I looked into this and wondered if the default Geocache icon could be used for ALL cache types, but the colour could be changed? It seems it can. I’ve created a BETA macro for GSAK v9, which works for me. Here’s how it looks in action: Green Geocaches are Traditional, yellow are multi, blue are puzzle/mystery. The Green first aid box shows caches that need maintenance. Whilst it works well, I'm calling it Beta because t’s a little clunky as it has to export every cache type individually. So, when you run the macro, if you have four cache types in your filter, it will run four separate exports. It doesn't create four files though - it will open up direct in Memory Map. Secondly, it exports based on your User Flag Set. That means that you need to set the GSAK User Flag for the caches you wish to export. The good news though is that when you sync the GPX to your mobile device, the icons carry over flawlessly. I’ve found that the best way to transfer GPX files between desktop and mobile device is using WhatsApp Web / Whatsapp Mobile, then opening the file on your phone with Memory Map. Alternatively, you can save the file to Downloads/Memory Map on your phone, but you’ll probably need a file manager to move it. Then you can use MM’s import function. It’s just less hassle using Whatsapp. My full article - and download link to the macro - is here: Geocaching with Memory Map 6 - Menu > (anglezarke.net)
  3. I have thought for some time that anybody who acts as a volunteer reviewer must need their head examining! Volunteering is normally undertaken for a charitable organisation, for instance, acting as a ranger for a wildlife association, or helping out in a Cancer Research shop, or delivering meals to the homeless. Volunteering for a money-making, corporate, non-charitable company - and in particular, undertaking a menial, sedentary and often thankless task - seems completely nuts! I wonder if anybody would offer their time so freely to, say, a supermarket, to help pushing the trolleys back into the trolley stand and "thereby provide a valuable service to the community that they serve"? All the customers in the town telling you that you are a wonderful trolley pusher would hardly make one feel any less of a mug! Less so when the supermarket told you you weren't pushing them correctly and you would be forbidden from trolley pushing at all if you didn't conform! Mind you, who could blame the supermarkets for not paying for trolley pushers when there were people queueing up to do it for free? Dave, channel your efforts into a charitable pursuit that gives a more holistic satisfaction!
  4. Well, the question is, do the regions accurately reflect the counties? Is Berkshire in the SE or SW? Is Derbyshire really in the West Midlands? What counties would you expect folk to standardise on when aiming to complete their county grid?
  5. Here's the definitive list of counties... It'd be simple if we could all agree to use the 1889-1974 list, and all would be clear. Maybe Groundspeak can simplify the areas used in the listings to reflect this?
  6. When your batteries are charged and you switch the charger off at the wall (or pull it out of the wall), make sure you take the batteries out of the charger, too. Leaving batteries in a charger that is not powered up will drain them.
  7. Some great paths through Buckshaw which used to have caches on, check out also www.sustrans.org.uk
  8. Have to say the Mega 2012 at Cartmel was fantastic, a virtually perfect weekend which accomplished the rare thing of being relaxing whilst being vibrant too. The effort put in was plain to see, with a camp site CREATED on the site. Generators, hookups, showers, boilers were all brought in, and a huge marquee which meant that the entire event was dog friendly. Loads of stalls, plenty of local produce, a fantastic area to walk in from the venue itself, free parking. The outdoor format worked PERFECTLY and felt just right. The bar has been raised!!
  9. As the person who set up Little Quest I must say there's a difference here... The whole point of LQ was to showcase the best locations a county may have to offer, which is not what is normally experienced at yet another drive by micro!
  10. I used to have this problem, it took an age to find the switch and then when I did I was apparently pressing it too hard.
  11. Fujitsu Loox 720 on Ebay - £70 16 gb CF card - £20 Bluetooth GPS - £10 You can also get extra batteries for the Loox on Ebay. My Copilot GPS lasts 13 hours. I doubt if you could actually find anything better, even spending five times as much. Against a Garmin with a years warrenty, batteries that last 24hrs+ for half the price? The mind boggles. Yes, even against that. Completely agree with PDA caching. Our PDA of choice is the very similar HP iPAQ rx5720 / rx5915, also known as the UCD (Ultimate Caching Device) OS 1:25k maps, SIRFSTAR gps chip, all-day battery life, under £100. Same crack as the Loox. Only - repeat ONLY - disadvantage is less robustness.
  12. Challenges will of course be more than likely be inundated with "Show a picture of you eating a burger outside McD's" / "Show a picture of you stood outside a railway station" / "Show a picture of you holding a Tesco receipt worth over £50" etc etc, ie the virtual equivalent of the "Burger Me" / "Sidetracked" / "Off Your Trolley" bilge!
  13. It's NOT about the golden ammo can, it's about the eggy bread!
  14. Just been googling for the previous events, and found this... how time flies!!!
  15. There's an hourly bus service from Grange Over Sands railway station to Cartmel racecourse, on the hour every hour... just catch the 530 or 532, which takes you staight there, approx 3 miles.
  16. Ah of course... just seen the PHOTO of the Merseyside one. Buzzin about these, I will be buying a set that's for sure!
  17. I think they look absolutely fantastic. Will the yellow border have black text?
  18. Cornwall could of course break the mould! 2 years away, a long time, lots of opportunity! We could have Piratemania 6 in July, The UK Mega Event in early August, and whyever not Cornwall Goes Mega in late August? Geolympix will be abroad that year by their own admission. Cast aside all your prior formalities... c'mon getting 500+ to sunny Cornwall in 2 years time is a given
  19. Thanks all for the great comments, it really makes it all worthwhile... without you, we'd be nothing! Massive thanks to the team captains, in scoring order, The Flying Boots (The Crimson Corsairs) for absurd levels of skullduggery and doubloon thievery that won the day, re-wristbanding rebels and shanghai'ing them into their crew. Lollybob for being the (not so) evil team (Black Barbaries) and putting signs up around camp telling tales of disqualifications and treason. TheOtherStu and Autumn Tiger (The Purple Plunderers) for a fab gazebo central and lots of load arrrring louder than the megaphone. Delta68 (The Bronze Buccaneers) for being the bravest navvies on the high seas, for pitching next to Scurvy Square and having first sight of all the goings on. Peak Gateway were fantastic as ever, in particular Ian (Studlyone) for constantly having a smile on his face... nothing is too much trouble, extra loos were put on just for us, a marquee was erected, tables and chairs were laid out, flags were put around the site. Many sites go round dictating rules, this was the polar opposite, nothing was a problem, everything was doable, little requests were met with a "Not a problem give me five minutes" and everything was sorted. Kathy and Loueze were lovely as ever and provided some extra-special Piratey tags for the event, and printed free maps of the new caches. Bob on camp was only spoke to fleetingly but was already asking what more could they do for us next time... fabulous. And last of those taking a direct part in proceedings - but certainly not least - go to team Mollyjak for handling the registration process with aplomb, ensuring that there were no chinks in the mega armour and that everything was done to a tee. A full days solid graft which really took the pressure off us, and ensured that the event got its newfound status with ease. Thanks to the reviewers who have been nothing but helpful - special thanks to Geohatter for support and encouragement at the event itself, and latterly to Deceangi also who has been ace. Jeremy was a star too, after meeting him at the Mollyjak event he spoke to us, Mollyjak and Geohatter then went to his hotel room that night and awarded Mega status himself - cheers!!! It's also been confirmed now that as an established event and proven Mega, we can get instant Mega status on publishing the event... so the pressure is well and truly on us to provide an even BIGGER and BETTER event next year
  20. Or maybe seventh / eigth / ninth / tenth... or maybe not at all... we decided not to be so presumptious until we got the numbers Good luck with that though Anyway... back on topic... We've only got limited portions of Satan's Ashes (renamed Blackbeard's Ashes) so see me on arrival if you are brave enough to earn the doubloons that go with eating the world's hottest curry
  21. The event programme is free to download from http://www.piratemania.org.uk/pirateprog.pdf Right click and Save As... it's quite a big file, there's a lot of mayhem to fit in there!!!
  22. Urban = location where hunting for a cache could be considered suspicious
  23. By all conservative estimates, we've now broken the 499 target and gone Mega... how did that happen?! www.piratemania.org.uk Still time to get booked in - and full welcome packs will be getting emailed out in the next couple of days, sent to all those with a bonafide Will Attend log. YARRRR!!!!! Thanks - you made it happen!!!!!
  24. Maybe it's time for proof of permission for urbans then?
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