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  1. Welcome to The Bee Keeper, I'm late I know but please forgive me. It's good to see another UK reviewer out there, I guess with the extra help the others will have just about enough time for an extra cuppa in the evenings. Ian
  2. Welcome to the Bee Keeper, may your days as a reviewer be long and enjoyable (as in number of days not hours spent reviewing each day LOL).
  3. A very sad day indeed, we followed his progress through here and its sad to hear of his demise. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his familly and friends at this sad time.
  4. ...the grass is always greener on the other side.
  5. We have just got back from Help for Heroes HQ where we delivered our first cheque to them for £1,060. This money has been raised through the Help 4 Heroes geocoin sales and by geocachers who have opted to round their orders up to the nearest whole pound, so thank you to everyone who has helped us raise this money. We are over halfway now to our goal of raising £2,000. Here is Kathy (on the right in the pic) presenting the first 'unfeasibly large' cheque to Help for Heroes a very worthy cause. It was amazing, walking round their offices and looking at the displays - every wall is plastered with newspaper cuttings and letters of support together with pics of people that they have helped and people supporting them and raising money for them. All in all a very humbling experienced especially as I am in the forces myself. Ian
  6. They did and on Friday we get to present a large cheque for over £1,050 to Help for Heroes from the proceeds from the H4H Geocoin and other ideas we had. We have the next batch now in stock and aim to raise over £2,000 in total. Ian
  7. Received mine today - all three finishes and must say that they are great. Thanks for a great coin and judging by the toher comments its received on the EACachers forum its certainly gone down and treat. Prepare for an influx of US buyers I guess as its sale time in the UK for US shoppers because of the abysmal exchange rate at the moment. Thanks again for some great coins. Ian
  8. Anyone looking for the activation codes for "Help For Heroes" geocoins can retrieve them from: http://www.ukgeocachers.co.uk/coin_activation.php
  9. Well there's something to look forward to next eyar already. Hopefully it will be a good read.
  10. I am unable to edit the page until I get back to the UK on or around the 18th December as I am currently away in Canada, so the uptodate files are on Martins server. Ian
  11. The pictures don't do them any justice, the details on the bears have exceeded my expectations. They've arrived just in time as Kathy comes out of hospital tomorrow and I go to Canada tomorrow until the 16th December - I didn't think I'd get my grubby hands on one until I came back.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Whilst I am often at odds witht he way that Gspk conducts itself I have always found the mods to be friendly and helpfull - unless provoked. Some people delight in childish behaviour.
  13. Looks like today is another bad day in the history of UK geocaching. We have managed to drive off two very professional and easy to get on with Moderators who i guess will be backfilled by the global mods until replacements are found to mod here. Well I hope everyone enjoys the bed they have made for themselves. Thanks for everything you've done on here throughout the ages (I bet it does feel like ages). Your replacement has got huge boots to fill. Ian
  14. Lucilla, I'm very sorry to hear that you are leaving as you will be missed. I think you did the job justice and you can hold your head up high for actually being a geocacher who actively helped promote the activity for the benefit of all. No-one should have to put up with insults here or elsewhere for that matter. I fear that in the current climate it will be hard to find a willing successor and that means that we will need the help of the 'global mods' even more than we have done. Me thinks that some people on here have just scored an own goal. Anyway thanks for all of your efforts at least you will have more time for caching now. Take Care, Ian
  15. Sorry about the delay Martin, I will get the files updated tonight for you. Ian
  16. PUP if you need to store it somewhere to download give me a shout I have bags of room on me server. I can help out as I did for the Garmin Compatible Mapping. Ian
  17. It's a thankless task being a mod. Just remember they are doing the job for us all. They aren't getting paid, often have to put up with a lot of abuse and rarely get a pat on the back. It is only when they carry out an action that someone stands up and complains about that they are even noticed most of the time. I for one am thankfull that they stepped up to the base and are doing the job - they often show a lot more restraint than others would do in the post. Just remember you can please some of the people all of the time but you'll only please all of the people some of the time. They are under a lot of pressure from above and no doubt have their moments with the powers that be behind closed doors but at the end of the day if we all behave ourselves on here they wouldn't have to make any 'dodgy calls'. There are lots of very touchy people with thin skins who seem to forget its just a game.....honest it - at least thats what my therapist says when I tell him it's all about the numbers and icons .
  18. I'll get them changed over on the server for you tongiht Martin. Ian
  19. Great story Wendy. So glad that it ended well for you and you got your bag back. I can just picture their faces when you blurted out I'm looking for Aliens..............Mmm we've got a right one here LOL. I hope caesar is over his limp BTW.
  20. No need to apologise for anything. I'm not clued up on that side of things, Talkytoaster is the man you need to speak to. I'm just hosting the files for him. I believe you just create an account and edit the map. I may have to have a go at it myself later. Ian
  21. It's a case of work in progress. If there is data missing or errors it's for the user community to upload their logs and correct them. I personally only use it for the contour lines which make route selection easier for me. Around my location though the maps are is very accurate. When you consider it started as a blank sheet its a very impressive project in my book, one that can only get better and best of all is it's free. It's a case of try it, if you like it or can find a use for the data use it. If not then don't. If you've already invested in Garmin Topo software I'd be pretty peeved if Topo wasn't better anyway otherwise I'd have wasted my money but for a free resource it's the mutts bits.
  22. Very nice, great concept and its should grow into a very usefull resource indeed.
  23. No problem Donny. Good luck with the move. Ian
  24. As they have not been updated on that link yet, I have also published them here: http://talkytoaster.diinoweb.com/files/ Martin Sorry, the double post bug strikes again! ;-) I've been away for a few days and so have not been able to action the update to the map data. I will have the new files up for you later this evening. Ian
  25. Mandys post not being allowed is barkingmad but you are wrong about the siggy, its definitely against the Gpsk rules thats why I changed mine. You are just lucky that whilst the put rules out they only enforce them when it suits them
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