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  1. Nope, not really bothered about it. If I were then I would have got into Waymarking.
  2. This is where an honest well written log can be worth their weight in gold in educating cache owners. I have found caches in locations where a cache could have been hidden in a more suitable location. Sometimes a little education in a good log may get them to find a better location. Also a reminder about the diseases that can be caught from dog doo may make them think about a new location.
  3. How about buying a second hand cheap etrex? Plenty on various auction listing sites in the region of £30. Then you can buy an even flashier one next Xmas when you have attended a few events and tried the different types. It is always worth having a spare GPS for when you lose, break, leave at GZ or lend to friends. You can then use your iPhone for adhoc caching, or for getting the information to enter in to the Etrex. This will then save your Iphone charge and damage to the iPhone which is a little more vulnerable to weather and being dropped.
  4. I use a zumo 660 on the bike. You can upload waypoints and caches using GSAK and the garmin POI loader. It does work well as you get the logs, hints and description on to the zumo. You can also get photos but I have not tried that. I never use the 'voice' when using the zumo for directions. I just look at the screen. I have never found it a problem. I will state only look at the screen at appropriate times or an accident could occur.
  5. Nanos have their place. If caching with children I try to avoid them as they would rather find McD's toys and other tat from real caches.
  6. Don't feel bad, poorly maintained caches set a bad example. They are also not very pleasant to find. It was the right thing to do.
  7. My two pence worth so I do not feel left out. MEGA event only not even the support events.
  8. I am sure that this will not cause any problems at all. As they do say for all caches "Please make sure to obtain permission from the landowner or land manager for all caches. So all that needs to be done is add those details as a reviewer note to the cache when you submit it. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p....page&id=78
  9. You can of course have an event out in your neck of the woods. Just pick a day and a time to suit you. Find a suitable venue then submit your event. Then as they say Bobs your uncle. It is really really easy.
  10. I forgot to add, you can of course set up your own event to suit you. If the monthly ones do not suit then just pick a venue, date and time. Then publish your own. Dead easy to do. The knowledge books have some tips. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p...apter&id=23
  11. The next beds, herts and bucks event http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...98351&log=y
  12. it might help to mention what sort of caches you like to do. micros or proper boxes long walks or drive bys or power trails multis or trads historic places, good views or attached to dog poo bins (i still do not understand why people attach to those) I would not recommend caches unless I know what criteria I am being asked for.
  13. I would have doubted that it would have been easy process. After all you are dealing with a huge corporation where no is an easy answer to give. I would say do not give up until they ask you to leave them alone. I will say that as frustrating as it is, having a cache set with permission from the land owner gives a far greater satisfaction than one without. When caches get discovered without permission by land owners it is the GAGB and reviewers that have to deal with the initial repercussions. This is not a pleasant experience nor is it very favourable for geocaching in general. Even being a geocacher I would have quite a sense of humour failure over a cache on my land without me knowing about it. Not that I have a huge amount of land but I am sure someone could squeeze a 35mm film pot in a window basket. Anyhow, back on topic. You mention they said "Pastimes like geocaching encourage people to 'stray' off the beaten track, causing disturbance to flora and fauna'." This is something that with an official agreement would stop as placement would be done in conjunction with the Corporation. So that excuse can be argued. Likewise plenty of organisations that have similar land responsibilities have agreements in place that ultimately benefit both parties. I do not know who you contacted about caching but I would have thought there are plenty of avenues to try. I have had a look on their website and you have the epping forest superintendent, the directorate manager, the newly appointed epping forest community liaison officer, Chairman of the Epping Forest and Commons Committee and even the city of london mayor? Just a brief look at the annual report there are some things there that can be used, such as They mention that As there are numerous geocaching agreements with the forestry commission that may be another thing to bring up. One of their strategic aims is I am sure there is plenty of other bits in their annual report that can be used to justify geocaching being approved and meeting their own plans, aims and objectives. Another approach my be to start with some CITO events with their rangers to get them onside? There are quite a few geocachers in the Epping area who would look at setting caches, maybe you could get together and have a joint approach at the Corporation ? It may be easier than trying the next step by yourself. But the more official agreements in place has to be for the benefit of caching in the UK in general.
  14. Just do not forget from the knowledge books. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p....page&id=78
  15. There are a couple of drive bys on the cole green way just off the A414 between WGC & Hertford.
  16. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p...page&id=121 http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p....page&id=72 Two useful links on how to add both
  17. Additional way points are handy when used. I agree that I think most get put off as it appears to be complicated. It is the same as attributes. A lot of people do not use them either.
  18. If its a rural woodland, then I would be asking the local farmers. If it is a urban then I would be starting with the local council parks & woodlands department.
  19. OK, I take the hint I will get round to sorting one.
  20. I can recommend http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2290b&log=y This is the next mid week events in Bucks, Beds and Herts that might fulfil your needs of story & coin swaps and if you wish to go caching before or after post a note asking what the others are doing
  21. I can not vouch for otter box service, but I have been using otter box since I started paperless caching. It has been a really handy piece of kit in all weathers and even a clumsy oaf like me has been unable to break, lose or drown his PDA (so far).
  22. Marvellous I may have to get the TKC's back on the bike
  23. also pop along to an event or two and ask people to show you their toys. you can then see some of the other options out their and get a first hand opinion. for me i am paperless with memory map and a pda and it has been good for most of my finds.
  24. as others have said, pick a date and a location that suits you. they will come, it maybe a handful or a bus load but it stills makes a good social.
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