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  1. As you were it's working OK now
  2. Odd I can log in here but not on GC.com anyone else having problems ?
  3. The username is The Brat Pack with spaces I don't have access to passwords but you can use the forgotten password option if you have no luck I will delete the account and you can try registering again .
  4. Thanks - found it. Facebook postings seem so ephemeral - if you don't go on for a few days you can miss what is happening. I have tried to use it over the past two days but am having an issue logging on to the new Forum. I have e-mailed the Administrator to see what the issue is. Could just be me being dumb! I am sorry that there was 1 and a half hours gap between you registering and the activation of your account but there was a good reason for that. You emailed me at 2100 hrs last night asking if there was a problem I checked and replied at 2108 hrs that as far as I could see there were no problems. I have no access to password data so I am unable to even attempt to log on using your details but the 2 accounts I have (admin and personal) are both working fine. I have checked again this morning and I was able to log in again without problems. Can I suggest you check you are entering the password correctly and if that continues to be a problem that you request a password reset using the forgotten password link or try resending the confirmation email.
  5. Thats a bit like a series of "puzzle" caches in the Swindon area that can only be logged if you have the requisite number of finds on certain cache types , I found all the caches as part of a team that had the necessary qualifications but I did not . Also it looks like the powers to be are on the case according to a note from the cache owner
  6. Can a mod please lock this so I can crawl back under my rock ?
  7. You don't know me at all, so you can't possibly know what I'm like. No need to take offence at gentle humour. Seems like you are the one taking things too seriously. Why did you feel the need to post twice about one post ? Do you see what I did there ?
  8. You don't know me at all, so you can't possibly know what I'm like. No need to take offence at gentle humour. Seems like you are the one taking things too seriously. And you don't seem to be aware of something called sarcasm, it is a relatively new phenomenon
  9. I am sorry you were unaware that I was replying to Lucilla and not naming the cacher concerned , I promise to PM you and tell you the back story and my reason for posting next time. p.s read my signature it is aimed at people like you .
  10. There were archived by the user not a reviewer, Lucilla. It turns out it is a personal guideline that the setter has applied . If he has to replace the container more than twice he is archiving them, which is a shame as his hides are very innovative edited for the grammar police, I was tempted to add a spelling mistake but was concerned that I may cause offence to error free posters
  11. Thank You I did think that but wanted confirmation A removal belt clip is the one thing I miss from my old 60Csx so I will order one tomorrow .
  12. This one https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=31492 can the belt clip be removed ?
  13. This can be locked now both have gone to a good home
  14. Both Unactivated open to trades for interesting coins or cash
  15. I would just like to Thank Martin for his efforts and am happy to report he has found the cause of the problems I have been having getting the new OS style maps to work on my Garmin GPSmap 62st I will leave Martin explain what was happening it was not a fault with the maps but with the way the GPSr handles the maps Matrix
  16. I have even tried downloading the file with a different browser in case IE was doing something nasty and still no go ....works fine on my 60Csx backup though
  17. Phew thats OK then ....but sadly still not working it gets as far as the loading maps screen and freezes only way to do anything is to remove the batteries then plug in the usb lead with the down arrow button depressed for 30 seconds and force it into mass storage and delete the file .
  18. Martin at the risk of not only looking stupid but also sounding stupid am I right in thinkng that I can just drop the .img file straight onto the SD card (or the 62st itself) like I did with the old maps ?
  19. I hate to ask this, but do you have the latest firmware installed? Regards, Martin yes that was the first thing I checked
  20. I can't get them to work with my GPSMAP 62st It gets to the loading maps screen and freezes All I did was install it in the same way as I have installed the previous versions .
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