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  1. I was just wondering how many Geocachers worldwide there are?
  2. I am in the process of deciding which new SatNav to purchase. It must come with maps for America for a pending Fly Drive holiday. I am steering away from TomTom and thinking about a Garmin Nuvi 775. Can anyone tell me if they are any equivalent Lord Elph icons for this device and whether there are any GSAK issues with this device? Many thanks
  3. With only 2.2 miles as the crow flies to the event its pratically in walking distance for us. See you all there 2+2.
  4. I have requested the source files for the Wherigo Tutorial as I was certain that this cartridge made you walk x number of metres. However, the source files were declined. Does anyone know how this can be done? I also want to start a timer to note how long it has taken someone to achieve the distance. Thanks in advance.
  5. Now that I have completed the said Wherigo perhaps you could send me the source files.
  6. Thanks Ranger, Here's how I got it to work 1. Copied your function 2. Added the following to my event local zp = Wherigo.ZonePoint(51.31710, -2.982,0) -- New Location of existing zone CenterZoneOnPoint(zoneBronzeAgeMan, zp) 3. The only change that I made within your function was the need to add local ZoneRadius = 60 Voila I failed to find anything within the LUA reference manual regaring ZonePoints etc. So once again thanks.
  7. Here is the original location as created within the builder zoneBronzeAgeMan.Points = { ZonePoint(51.3176,-2.9823,0), ZonePoint(51.3176,-2.982,0), ZonePoint(51.3174,-2.982,0), ZonePoint(51.3174,-2.9823,0) } zoneBronzeAgeMan.OriginalPoint = ZonePoint(51.3175,-2.98215,0) And here is where I want to move the zone (under a certain condition) zoneBronzeAgeMan.Points = { ZonePoint(51.3166,-2.9820,0), ZonePoint(51.3166,-2.9817,0), ZonePoint(51.3162,-2.9817,0), ZonePoint(51.3162,-2.9820,0) } zoneBronzeAgeMan.OriginalPoint = ZonePoint(51.3164,-2.98185,0) as placed within a function within the Author Script section. As you can see the zone will not move far. Its purpose is that when the Player returns to a character (within the zone) that the character has moved a little. When this code is executed I receive an error First arguement must be a zonepoint What have I missed?
  8. Bruce, Then its quite possible that you have a typo. Try commenting out a line at a time until it works. By the way, to comment out a line you use -- Let me know if you need anymore help. Gary
  9. I agree. You have to be very careful when deleting objects. However, there is an option via Tools > Cross Reference which allows you top select your object to identify any dependencies.
  10. This should do it. function cartBackwellWander:OnStart() -- #GroupDescription=start up -- -- #Comment=start up Comment -- DeviceID = Env.DeviceID if Wherigo.NoCaseEquals(DeviceID,"Desktop") then Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[sorry, but emulator use is discouraged]],Buttons={"OK",},} zoneMainZone.Active = false else Wherigo.MessageBox{Media=zmediasplashscreen,Buttons={"click here to continue",},} Wherigo.PlayAudio(zmediapacmanintro) end end
  11. Intellisense would be the ultimate. For now, I would be happy to compile without exiting the Author Script Section and for the Builder to just tell me that a compile error exists and to just leave me to work it out. This would speed development up immensely.
  12. It would be nice if we could compile our code within the Author Script Editor. At present I have to save my changes and then attempt to publish before being told that the code has an error. This wastes so much time.
  13. Thats it: tostring Here is the modified code for _,v in ipairs(cartUphillChallenge:GetAllOfType('ZItem')) do print("Item: " .. v.Name .. " is in location: " .. tostring(v.ObjectLocation)) end which produces an iteration of all items like this Item: Sword is in location ZonePoint(51.xxxxx, -2.xxxxx, Distance(0, 'm')) etc etc Hope this helps someone
  14. No joy on that one Ranger. What I need is a ToString()
  15. The code below for _,v in ipairs(cartUphillChallenge:GetAllOfType('ZItem')) do print("Item: " .. v.Name .. " is in location: " .. v.ObjectLocation) end generates the following error attempt to concatenate ObjectLocation Does anyone know what the problem might be and how do I fix it. Thanks in advance
  16. I have created the following function: function EnableDrop() local txt = "" --Identify all Items within Cartridge local allItems = cartUphillChallenge:GetAllOfType('ZItem') txt = txt .. "Items: " .. table.getn(allItems) for _,item in ipairs(allItems) do item.Commands["Drop"].Enabled = true end end When I place the method call "EnableDrop" within the zone:OnEnter() event I receive the following error: enc:960 Attempt to index field 'Drop' (a nil value) I realise that there may not be any items within the zone and that some items may not have a command named 'Drop' Could that be the problem and if so how do I overcome this problem? Any idease please?
  17. OK, I have moved my Item command to the Author Script section as seen below. function zitemArmour:OnPickUp() -- #GroupDescription=onPickUpArmour -- -- #Comment=onPickUpArmour Comment -- OnItemPickUp() end The function call also exists within the Author Script section as seen below. function OnItemPickup() --IncrementPickUpCount() if varPickedUpCount > 1 then --if currentZone ~= nil then -- if item ~= nil then -- item:MoveTo(currentZone) ErrorMsgPickUp() -- end --end else --if currentZone ~= nil then -- if item ~= nil then -- zitem.item:MoveTo(Player) GoodMsgPickUp() -- end --end end end As you can see I have commented a lot of stuff out to just get the basic function call to work BUT I receive an error "attempt to call global 'OnPickUP()' (a nil value)" Anyone any ideas on this one? Thanks
  18. I have created a function as listed below by editing the lua file within Notepad. function SaveGame() cartUphillChallenge:RequestSync() Wherigo.ShowScreen(Wherigo.MAINSCREEN) Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[Your game has been saved.]],} end Then I created an event named Save. I then went back into Notepad and added SaveGame() to the event. Tools > View Parse Errors now displays 1 parse error preventing me from publishing to my machine. Question: What have I done wrong and how do I get rid of the parsing error? Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks for the reply. Is there a way of doing this through the builder or does it have to be hand cranked.
  20. I have a function within the Author section of the lua file. How do I call it from an event? Thanks in advance.
  21. In C# I am amble to loop through a colection using "foreach" Is there something within the lua language that does the same thing?
  22. Can anyone tell me if when creating a Tom Tom POI file from GSAK if you can display the usual icons within Tom Tom. I can only manage a red square. Thanks in advance.
  23. You could have a MEGA multi, one cache in each county to be comlpeted in order. A little like the olympic torch.
  24. We are from Weston-super-Mare and had given a thought to organising the next MEGA. However, we just dont have the time thats needed to organise it. That said, we would be willing to help out with the next event if it were to be nearby. That's all folks!!!
  25. What more can we add. An utterely BRILLIANT weekend was had by all. We recently rescued a dog which we have named Millie and therefore changed plans to camp rather than hotel it. Excellent idea. Over the weekend we found 59 caches, finding a record 19 in one day on Saturday and breaking that with 23 on Sunday. We also met many new cachers and some of which are now good friends. Thanks again. That's all folks!!!
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