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  1. I got mine from Cotswold Outdoor, £400 but as I signed up for their 'loyalty card' which was free, using a nice disposable email address I got a discount of 10% so in real terms, £360.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts, I went out yesterday and treated myself to an Oregon 450 with full country OS mapping Off to give it a whirl later.
  3. The Land Rover does have an up turned lip on the roof, which I think gave the GPS more altitude I feel the need for a car with no roof, as that would ensure it wouldn't happen again
  4. Thanks for these ideas, I'm currently tempting myself with either a Dakata 20, or an Oregon 450, both with full UK OS mapping. As it seems to be a price differential of about £50, I'm leaning towards the Oregon at the moment.
  5. Today I managed a really clever thing We got back to the car and I shut the GPSr down and placed it on the car roof whilst changing footwear etc. I guess you can all see where I'm going with this, but I managed to drive off with it still on the roof. Sadly, it didn't stay there and fell off the roof at about 40 mph and that as they say, is that. So I'm in the market for a replacement. I had a MemoryMap 2800, but am not fixated on another MemoryMap unit, but Ordnance Survey mapping is essential. Any thoughts on what I should, and I guess, shouldn't buy please. ThanksRichard
  6. Sorry, but I really fail to see what people are getting so het up about. Geocaches are only supposed to be placed with the permission of the landowner, and any landowner is well within his rights to remove such permission at any time, without having to give a reason. The Royal Parks, have for whatever reason, decided to refuse permission, and thus any caches placed there have to be removed. This is something that they are perfectly entitled to do. Get over it, there is plenty more countryside out there. I fully appreciate that placing a full size cache in a city is difficult, but that as they say, is life. Richard
  7. I've got a Nokia N95 8Gb that I have had for a while that came 'free' with the contract. Prior to getting it I used a Etrex, and having had the Nokia a while, I started experimenting. Initially I used the Etrex and the using the phone for caching was a bit of a toy, but now I can't remember the last time I used the Etrex. In fact, I would be hard pushed right now to tell you exactly where it even is! Couple it to either SmartGPX or Geocache Navigator, and you're off. HTH Richard
  8. because TPTD don't seem to like mentioning these alternative 'coins' which are not Groundspeak products Can somebody let me in on the secret too please. Thanks Richard
  9. The problem with the 90 is that the rear seats are side facing and thus unsuitable for child seats. Exmoor Trim do offer forward facing replacements that are suitable. Richard
  10. I don't use GSAK, but I have got MemoryMap working on my laptop running OpenSuse 11.1 using Wine. Richard
  11. From a personal point of view, I couldn't give a monkeys whether it is Politically Correct or not. I have been, and will continue to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
  12. Hopefully an easy one. Why are graves in New Orleans above ground level, rather than burial?
  13. I feel that Alan White has put it a lot more eloquently than I could have done.
  14. If I'd bothered to look in the obvious place, the options menu, I'd have found the toggle to go to Imperial measurements.
  15. This is what I've been using for the last couple of months now. Works brilliantly. Only once have I not had the little green circle telling me I'm there, not too sure what went wrong on that occasion, as it was out by a good 100m. I'd just love it if I could make it work in good old feet. I don't do meters. So much so that I can't remember the last time I used the Etrex. Always carry it, just never use it now. Richard
  16. As the last question setter, I refer the honourable gentleman to post no 3920 in this thread.
  17. Congratulations Dave. Didn't realise there was a major cache series hidden in Alehouses
  18. Ah, but you gave a correct answer too, just not the right one.
  19. Not too sure where I managed to dredge that up from. Anyway, what is a Melchior?
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