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  1. Hello! Not on topic, but if you're Brizzle based then there's an event on 5th at Iron Acton that might interest you []
  2. Last minute entry. First cache of 2014 - Taken during the 10 Years of Earthcaches Event in Cheddar this year.
  3. From memory the one up at the monument was big enough for swag. It's a flat walk and there's the monument to see too.
  4. Hello Nicole, Happy to help - I live in Bradley Stoke and work in town, so happy to give you any advice you need. Feel free to message me if you want to get in touch.
  5. My favourite is still Kernow I http://coord.info/GCYP4F Not giving the name of a worst - too inflammatory! Besides the standards in SW Cornwall are on the whole very good.
  6. As your Premium members, why not just run a PQ along the route and filter out anything with a high terrain and difficulty. Then you can view these on the map and pick out ones that make sense.
  7. Taken while completing GC1Q5TQ, Botallack, Cornwall. Taken at GC39WPR, Ivinghoe, Bucks.
  8. Facebook has the advantage of numbers. I also think there is an advantage of knowing a real identity and name over an avatar. You get to know people much more easily. Plus I don't want to check multiple sites - its easier to just check one.....
  9. Yes there are. I'm looking at a green one right now.....
  10. The big advantage of having a vdub camper - a cuppa whenever you want one
  11. There are times when they act as a bit of a clue so I have on the odd occasion.
  12. Welcome back You probably don't remember me, but I remember finding your caches in Swansea before you moved to Dorset.
  13. The lenser X21's are lush. We use them at work and when you turn 3 or 4 of them on at the same time it's like someone turned the sun on. Although they are big I wouldn't let that necessarily put me off - they're no heavier than a big maglite torch and also have a shoulder strap so you don't have to carry them in your hand if you don't want to. Like all lensers the battery life is also good so you don't end up spending a fortune on D cells. I would love to buy one, but £200 for a torch is just not something I can justify
  14. Interesting site - and I think this has just inspired my New Years caching resolution. I don't stand a chance of ever catching up the table leaders, but it would be nice to get into double figures
  15. Take a look at the GAGB Landowner data base. They have negotiated agreements with a number of local councils which might help you find the permission you want.... GLAD
  16. These ones are handy and very cheap and I see lots of cachers with them. If you want to its easy to swap the carabiner for a mobile phone loop which are only a few pence in hobbycraft. Poundland pens Or mini sharpies are easy to attach to a gps with a mobile phone cord too as there is a clip off cap. Mini Sharpie
  17. Nope! Not in million years..... have our own ideas though!!
  18. It's a long time since I moved away from Lowestoft and the caches have changed totally, but while you're there you should do the most Easterly cache in the UK!
  19. There's no reason to rush your first hide - better to wait and place a well thought out cache than to rush and hide something sub-standard.
  20. Another thumbs up for the lenser - great little torch. Lenser also do a great little head torch as well which I can vouch for too but I've no idea as to cost.
  21. Am I the only person who read the title of this thread and thought it was about thermal knickers??
  22. Used to have a Mio (still languishing in a drawer somewhere) but now have an oregon. Would never go back to the mio as the oregon is just so much more sturdy and has better battery life. I don't have that same worry about dropping it, getting it wet etc... I do miss the 1:25000 maps, but have got used to only having 1:50000 discoverer maps and it's not actually been a problem at all. And you can still create custom maps if you do want them but it involves a bit of effort so I've never bothered. You can still use spoilersync if you want - the oregon has a photo viewer so you can load all spoilers and take them with you. Had a play with a satmap last summer and can see it's ok for walkers, but didn't appeal to me for caching at all. Only redeeming feature for me was the big screen size. With the oregon you would have to compromise with this - not sure what the montana is like and how much heavier it would be than the Mio but may worth be a look if screen size is important to you.
  23. Remeberance Sunday is on the 13th this year - so an event actually on 11/11/11 is not likely to offend
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