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  1. One should never give out "open" e-mail addresses on an open forum!
  2. I've just watched it here. I hope the reviewers don't see it as it was in a double plastic bag!! "Not me your honour, when I placed it 8 yrs ago it certainly was not in a plastic bag"!
  3. £300,000? You could buy anything for that!!
  4. Well then the guidelines are wrong. The purpose of a TB is to travel. A TB Hotel is a repository to help a TB in that goal. People can visit a TB Hotel to help a listed bug on it's travels. (If I was going to Australia and saw a listed Bug in a nearby Hotel that wanted to go there I would pick it up - if I, at that time did not have a "replacement" bug for the hotel, are you saying I shouldn't pick it up?)
  5. Good grief! This is just like the electronic calculator debate when kids were taught to rely on the "electronic gizmo" rather than use their brains. If you walk to a spot, pause, maybe turn around once or twice; it isn't rocket science to remember where you came from and in what direction you were travelling before you paused, without having to rely on an electronic gizmo!!
  6. Don't understand that at all. After "pausing", and moving again, why can't you follow the arrow?
  7. Geez, when I was a kid we were lucky to get a hoop to go with our stick......................
  8. There used to be but we are not allowed to mention his name..............
  9. More to the point, what do you want from your Geocoin? Do you want it to keep moving? Do you want it to be kept by geocachers? (The more desirable you make it the greater chance it will "go missing".) I know of no geocachers that put (specific) geocoins in their search criteria.
  10. I suspect the netwok card in the laptop got it's knickers in a twist and sent an unlawful request to the WiFi station.
  11. Perhaps the Cache Setter used Google Earth for determining the co-ordinates for the cache page.
  12. Thanks a lot - never encountered them - lucky I guess.
  13. Not doubting it, but it my mind that would be a plus! Roasted with carrots and roast beef - yummy!
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