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  1. All have now been allocated to new owners! Many thanks for the interest everyone. Happy huntin'!
  2. Hi there, I've got some coins and TBs that I no longer want. They are already out there doing their travelling. So if you adopt, feel free to change the mission etc. The caches and the walking is more my bag these days. The ones up for adoption are (click each one to see) TB11YQ4 NO LONGER AVAILABLE TB14N9R TB1AM6D NO LONGER AVAILABLE TB1AH3R TB1AJWW NO LONGER AVAILABLE Private message me - first come, first served. Scott
  3. The Puffin does seem to be good, but I would put the Hoverwing as the perfect cache mobile. It can go on land (roads), bog and marsh like normal hovercrafts and of course water too like a normal hovercraft. But when you go fast enough, using the ground effect, it can fly too so any big rivers, lakes... caching in style!!
  4. Hi Chris, Memory.txt should be placed in GSAK's defined "Application data" directory in order for GSAK to find it. This is not necessarily the same as the "root folder of GSAK - normally C:\program files\gsak". To find out the Application data folder, go into "Tools", "Options", "General" and checkout the path listed under "Application data" Cheers, Jon. I've justt had a bit of a mare getting the GSAK icons working under Windows 7. And the advice here worked. I had a completely clean install of Windows 7 and a clean install of GSAK as I was going 64-bit. I didn't want any 32-bit mumbo jumbo holding me back. The advice about the 'root folder' of GSAK and determining its location was spot on. Thanks very much. Scott
  5. Wish you well with it. I did something on BBC Wales on the 5th of November in the afternoon. I was interviewed for nearly 10 minutes. But did it appear on iPlayer? Nope! Afternoon shows prior to that did and afternoon after that did. Just not that Thursday! But friends who did hear it said it sounded it good, fun, chatty and non-nerdy (the friends in question weren't geocachers!) TTFN!
  6. I had very good results with contacting the Rights of Way Officer at Flintshire County Council regarding a rights of way problem on a footpath that we were having. The issue was soon resolved and the Council provided a fresh copy of the Authoritative Rights of Way to the security guards who were causing the obstruction. No obstructions any more. I wish you luck in your quest!
  7. I still use a GPSMap60CS and a Palm for me big caching days, but when I'm out and about, I've been using a Nokia 5800 with geocaching.live. The geocaching.live application is not maybe the most intuitive application but it did help me out with a hint I needed recently in the Lakes. I've found the GPS signal to be accurate and it actually gets the GPS signal quite fast too. I couldn't bring myself to buy Trimble. I think £30 is too much. A tenner I might consider. (It's no longer advert supported peeps!) I'm paying £35 a month with Orange with 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500Mb of internet (which actually goes quite a long way on a mobile compared to what usage you might get at home). My contract was obtained back in May. I'm sure more cost effective contracts are now available. <Edit for silly fat fingers>
  8. Agreed. If someone posts a log that indicates a need for action on my (the cache owner's) part, I want to know about it right away. --Larry I like this idea of aggregated notes. Handy for the busy caches that some people might have. I've had a couple of caches that have been hammered over the past weekend here in the UK due to the excellent weather we've been having (which is unusual in itself!)
  9. I've started using it, but it's still early days. It won't ever have mass appeal because of the requirement of Firefox and Greasemonkey. However.... I think the scoring that is offered through the system is likely to be fairly accurate. I think this because it will mainly be harder core cachers may use this scoring as they will already have Firefox and Greasemonkey for the OS overlays.
  10. er... dunno. Because when I ignored the cache, it DID disappear from my nearest unfound, does not appear in my queries and doesn't appear on the map. Time to try again? Maybe there was a coding problem on the website at the time???
  11. I use it. I've got a cache near me that is placed to never be found. It's placed in a rubbish location with rubbish in an uninspiring location. All to see if the numbers people can resist. If the cache was miles away I might have just been able to mentally ignore it. However, this was destined to be on my nearest unfound list. I put on my ignore list. Ta-da! Problem solved!
  12. I don't use the Sealskinz ones but I do use windproof gloves. And this is where I agree with the statement I currently use a pair of Berghaus gloves with Goretex windstopper material. Which I find more breathable than the waterproof stuff. This is also important in that if your hands get wet, well, yes, they get wet! But with no wind blowing over them, and you walking (you're caching remember) that your hands generally don't get cold. And the material is then thin enough to be dexterous in opening in little boxes and stuff too. I had a pair of these originally type of gloves (I got free with a Trail magazine subscription) and whilst they are maybe a bit more pricey than I might have originally given credit for, I can heartily recommend them. They were grippy and durable. But then I lost them....
  13. I would just put a date down. People will attend if available. You won't be able to accommodate everyone's whims. If 6 people attend or 60 people - it's an event - I'd just submit the date with a good few weeks head start and the rest will follow.
  14. Obviously leave the current method it works for many people. I'd like to have a daily e-mail that contains hyperlinks such as "Today, the following caches have had visits, DNFs, notes or maintennance applied to them:- Under the Bridge - GC123AB No Fools Gold Here - GC123AC Blah de blah - GCXYZ12" Obviously each waypoint having the hyperlink so you don't have remember the waypoint. It's just because of so many e-mails coming through, especially when an event is held in your area and your caches get raped! Just another idea, how about the same e-mail above a sub-section that says something like "And the following caches have had new photos uploaded to them:- Hoobery Doobery - GCQPR45 ThingyMeJig - GCTYH45 Hunt Me Box - GC123XYZ" Cache owners could chose whether they had a daily e-mail, a weekly e-mail, whether they want all caches, some caches etc etc. I don't know, but the ideas above are things I'd appreciate. Thanks for your time. Scott
  15. Loss of income insurance would sound more appropriate. But I don't know what to recommend - it's not something I'm familiar with BUT one thing I would say is that check the conditions on what they pay out on. I will never forget what happened with my Mum and Dad and their supposed mortgage 'insurance' when my Dad lost his job some 13 years ago. A pretty crappy time. Maybe, if you were going to rely on it in dire straits, then perhaps the cheapest quote might not be the most effective policy for you. Independent Financial Advisor time?
  16. It appears to me that the conversation has gone off-topic and is covering litigation / legal issues rather than - what insurance do people have? I purchased European travel insurance, Trek level of cover from the British Mountaineering Council because if I did injure myelf whilst out doing stuff I didn't want petty debates about getting a helicopter in whilst my arteries were squirting blood everywhere. Trek level covers for mountain hiking, swimming, yachting, kayaking and cycling. All stuff used for geocaching. Reading what is covered, maybe Rock level of cover may be more prudent as that covers orienteering (isn't geocaching just an enhanced electronic version of orienteering?) yachting and running. I chose the BMC as an insurance provider though because by its very nature its an outdoorsey organisation and I'm hopeful that they'll be more sympathetic to an outdoorsey injury.
  17. Hi, Sometimes when I access Gc.com via my mobile (a nokia 5800 xpressmusic) I get a 'mobilised' version of gc.com. Importantly, not the wap one. I can never successfully login into it. Other times when I access gc.com via my mibile the normsl PC website appears. And I can log into it via my mobile. So does anyone know what the state if play is? Us their a URL for the mobile one, I've made a guess at http://mobile.geocaching.com but that doesn't do anything. Any info appreciated! Scott
  18. I've found one these 'somewhere'. What made it a chuckle was that it was listed as a traditional standard size ie an ammo box. So a tongue in cheek hide - it made me laugh.
  19. I tried this live.geocaching.com thingy on me brand new jazzy phone over the weekend. The Nokia 5800, so using the java gubbins, worked faultlessly. I could see my trail over the Nantlle Ridge in Snowdonia as I cached and the surreal thing is, so could have, potentially, 650 million people in Europe! Theoretical I know (the servers would have keeled over well before then) but I liked the thought.
  20. I don't think this matters so much anymore (I'm going to get flamed by numbers people now! ) but even in the three years that I've been caching the density has increased like a billion fold or something scientifically similar. Therefore a comparison from 3 years ago to now is not fair because it's not because the game has got harder. It's easier. Get on a power trail, and a series of drive-bys- bish bosh bash, a couple of hundred caches can be easily found. I think the records should be frozen - never again to be surpassed. <And he doth raise his arms up to the sky. And expect flames and retribution>
  21. My opinion on this topic - I think the GC.com guys are perfectly right to archive caches no longer being maintained. And Forester needs to use less flowery language as not all have such a rich vocabulary. You can convey the same message in less words and much fewer syllables.
  22. You know what? I didn't! But I guess you still have hills, and moors and heaths and cliffs and stuff makes sense. Never thought of it until the post. Thanks for the edification!
  23. Or you can just ask to change your name - that way you don't have to relog all your finds. Click here to find how to change your username.
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