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  1. Those of you in the East Midlands may have met somloci (Lori) who was studying in Loughborough from Hungary. I heard today that Lori died after an accident on Sunday evening. The news came as a huge shock to us, especially as he was only 25. Just thought I should let you know. ClareLouise
  2. I'm not sure if people will know, or if anyone would have been in contact with any Hungarian cachers, but I wanted to make sure some of his local cachers knew. Somloci died on Sunday evening after an accident. For those who met him, I'm sure you know what a loss he is. He introduced me to caching, and his enthusiasm for life was inspiring. Sorry to have to share this with you. ClareLouise
  3. Bright pink? Oh dear... have fun camo-ing them!! Who knows, we might get a whole army of caching families out of this...
  4. I'm assuming there is a way of deleting your account, if you no longer wish to be registered? (might involve emailing TPTB, but that sort of thing can usually be done, I'd guess!) She might have got bored and left, but preferred her details deleted? (Security conscious, perhaps...)
  5. I think there are those who cache, but never log online at all... (it's really not about numbers for them!!)... I can only manage a few days behind!
  6. Grrrrr... some people... Hope this all gets sorted very very soon. And that whoever did it gets blocked...
  7. Hi all- As pklong and I's upcoming wedding looms, shortly followed (or preceeded, depending on how it all works out) with a relocation to West Sussex, I have two of my caches in the Harlow area that are available for adoption. Harlow Drive Through TGPTBM- Tourist Spot- Harlow, UK The Drive Through I'd particularly like to see adopted, as I adopted it myself and think it's a fun, clever cache... If you're interested, let me know. Thanks, Clare
  8. Not a fan of the new look, but not all that bothered. However, there are a few problems with how it renders in Safari whilst using a Mac. On Cache Pages: Navigation Panel renders beyond the boarder of the page. TB Pages with Photos: Render badly, photo overlays text. Checked these on my Firefox browser (not my primary browser), and it's not a problem there, so something wrong with how it operates in Safari. Sorry if you're already aware of the problem- just a bit of a pain to work with!!
  9. LOL, I'd love too, but I'm not sure I'm enough of an egghead!
  10. What they said. I hosted the last London WWFM, and logged an attended on it
  11. 1. Signing/Techie- couldn't choose, like both! 2. Bikers- owing to a lack of bike!
  12. GSAK search for dnf logs and export to memory map or another mapping app, if you have one. (pklong on ClareLouise's lappy. Too lazy to log in as me)
  13. Sadly not- I'm working that day A bit gutted, but can't be helped!
  14. Ordered yesterday and received this morning. Beautiful coin! Made this Tyke in exile smile this morning!
  15. I agree! Well done! We had a great day, so huge thanks for all the work you put in! It was really well organised and we enjoyed our day immensely. Thanks again Clare
  16. Podcacher haven't announced a date yet, as far as I know, and they're the ones who co-ordinate the event.
  17. On FB, I can be found at www.facebook.com/clarebook and on twitter you can find me at @clareylouise
  18. Bit out of my way, and I'd only be a short term fix anyway... sorry!
  19. I agree... have seconded your proposal on the thread!
  20. It also works for solo females- I've headed towards caches, and had to walk away for fear of my safety wandering through certain areas, particularly on urban caches, on my own. I'd second this request!
  21. I have a very easy drive-by cache in Saunton, but probably a bit high up for a 6 year old to find on their own- pklong and longlady have some easy caches along the Tarka Trail, which is obviously very easy walking terrain, and safe as it's off the road. I liked Watersmeet cache, and the ones in Valley of the Rocks, although they're a bit of a walk!
  22. If you're talking about cacher stats, they do take a while to update sometimes... Also, you have to have found one of their monitored caches to be included- this link will help you find which ones are near you.
  23. Where abouts in North Devon will you be, and how much driving do you want to be doing??! Welcome to the forums! Clare
  24. I was going to mention the same series, but HH beat me to it! I enjoyed getting a few of these when I was up in Scotland last summer, and have debated bringing the series south (with myself)... I think I'd be interested in seeing it expanded.
  25. Possibly... if it's near some form train station, it's a possible!
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