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Favorite Geocoin?

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I'm just curious what makes people love particular geocoins.


I would love to know what your favorite 3 coins are (minted or handmade), and why they are your favorites (were they a gift, came in a hard to find/reach cache, has a favorite animal, or it just looks cool). Please don't chose your own coin if you have made one (we all love our own).


**Has to be a coin(s) you either own or have seen in person.


I only own about 12 and have only found about 4 in the wild, so here are my picks in no particular order;


1. Which one today? (the spinning top). It's a neat concept, geocaching related, and it's unique.


2. The LizardToadz decypher coin (green frog design). It's just cool looking.


3. Dream Catcher by Windrose: It's a Native American concept, I love most anything that relates to that subject.


(I love all the coins I have and I'm sure as my collection grows, my list will change for a number of reasons and it will be even harder to pick a favorite).




PS: I did look for a thread already started on this subject but the only one I found appeared to be closed by request of OP.

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Good question!


My husband likes (just because they are all shiney and sparkly):


Geo-achievement (100 finds)

2007 Compass Rose (Silver)

2007 Compass Rose (Bronze)


I like


2007 Compass Rose (Silver) - because I love silver

Team Sand Dollar V2.5 (Silver) - because it's silver and looks like a sand dollar

Geo-achievement (100 finds) - because it signifies our 100th cache find (which took us 2 hours to get too because we got lost! LOL!)


Our son however only likes two coins


Pumkpin geocoin - reminds him of going to the pumkin patch

pirates of harriman 3 - loves pirates

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Last years Czech coin is one of my all time favorites...

My favorite of the more recent ones has to be the "Bluegirl" (LOVE the huge hachet) :(

Of course the compass rose is a beautiful coin as usual...


I have to put a plug in for our GBOTS coin, I think the antique copper is my favorite. :(

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It is really tough for me to name just three coins. Of the coins I own these three are my favorites:


Saffier & Stekelsteef Diving Helmet coin - love the design

My Uranium Yime coin - It glows, it's an amazing coin!

Jeeptoysrus's Jeep 2006 Day & night coins - these coins are so cool.


I also love: Landsharkz coin (it's a shark!) , all of the loggerhead coins (too cute) , the Go-Mad-Cow coins (they are little & a gift) & the Jeep Geocaching Adventure coins (so cool looking).

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Only 3?? Boy, that's a tough question. Depending on the time of day and what were the most recently viewed coins I'd have to choose.... nope that won't do. How about? Nah that's not quite right.


Okay... the coin that got me into coining ... 2006 Compass Rose (n)

then Tracking Time caught my imagination...

and last but not least would have to be any of the Tikis (would love to complete the series).


But the first coin I handled that really told me I'd be a coin addict was the Conejo GeoCacher's coin... a simple oak tree on the front and a Compass Rose on the back. Gosh it was fun trying to log those before GC started giving tracking #s to coins. Shoot, anyone remember the VacMan coins?? But I digress.

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Paula's 3: a) Tempting the Fates by Mackey

:P Monarch Butterfly by crake

c) Pocketpups (copper) - she likes any copper coin!


Jim's 3: a) 2006 Dorkfish (just gotta feel sorry for the little guy!)

:D Military Honor (Thanks to the Shipper) (Bronze)

c) Pay It Forward (Because I was honored with one)


Joel's 3: a) Cache is King by Mackey

:rolleyes: Feng Shui Compass

c) Monarch Butterfly by crake


We all love our "Geocoin Secret Agent" and "Crappy Cache Award" coins!

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My 3 favorites would be


1. Silver pepper First coin I ever got, it was from a friend of mine who got it from her, then I met her at GW4. I found out that she hadn't seen the coin in a year or 2!


2. Dreamcatcher I couldn't really pick which metal though! I love the whole set!!


3. The Blue Star Military Geocoin This is a very special coin to me...


Actually I have many other favorites depending on the category asked...

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I would have to say this is one of my favorites. I had it made to comemerate the occasion of my geo-dates 50th birthday and 200th find. If you look at the tree tops you can see that information "hidden" there and if you look at the tree trunk you can see a heart and a 1S2F (short for onesearching2find). I thought it was a great birthday surprise and he did too! Coins and Pins made it and did a great job!





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Hmm hard choice, there are about 40 I love dearly.....


But Im going to cheat...


Top 3 coins in no order:


1. 2006 Gold Compass Rose (pretty)

2. Crake's Suncatchers (pretty)

3. Scout Knife Set (great design, very limited run)


Favourite Glow - Geopelli (unusual, integrates glitter, glow, shaped, etc)


Favourite Series - Wildlife Muggles (so very cute)


Favourite Country Coin - Scotland 2006 (brilliant design)


Favourite Personal Coin - Rusty O Junk (handsome rusty on the front, handsome tractor on the back ;-) )

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What I have only seen on the net that I would love to get.

Nero V2, Dorkfish, Fox and the Hound


I have one of Chris's (Hound's) Fox-and-the-Hound Coins and it is wonderful in its elegant simplicity. I love anything by him. I also recently received the Arrowhead geocoins - beautiful work.

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Please don't chose your own coin if you have made one (we all love our own).


Guess lots of people missed this part, eh? :rolleyes: I really can't pick favorites.


There are some I like because of their meaning, and some I like purely for their design.


Cop out, I know..... :wub:


Good thing I didn't give reading comprehension test :wub:

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Recently, I really liked the design of antique silver GeocoinFest coin by Coin and Pins. :rolleyes: I also liked the Delft coin although I haven't got one and haven't seen it in person :anibad: (lame I know, but the idea is still a cool one). I also loved the Pug coin which had a dogtag\firehydrant back you could pull out! Neat! :rolleyes::ph34r:

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Way too many to list.


off the top of my head, and More than 3. :rolleyes:


In No Particular Order.


Team Sandollar v2/v2.5 Sandollars

Red Tail Falconer

Alaska 2006 (2005 was nice too, I just like wolves better than moose)


Crop Circle V2

Da Yime

Scratcn-n-Win Cat Coin

Team PEZ


Blind Avocado


Shop99er (Shirt & Tiki!)

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;) ............... I guess that's what happens when you scan instead of read! Other than the coin I had made, some of my favorites are: Moun10bike v2 - I was sooooo excited when I got this one (Thanks Jon!); GeocachingDragon - I set all of my coins free, but I really want to keep this one. I love the "Dragons Prayer". The South Pointing Chariot - this is a remarkable coin, it just spins and spins and spins........ Edited by WI_Robin
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I tend to like the ones that are in a unique shape...I love the H&FcC club coins (rock pile, stick hide, film canister, ammo boxes)...but generally while I like the circle ones,but I really like the non circle ones. ..Blind acorn, the pill, centris, Mini film canister, Credit card, VW bug coins, Chile pepper, Nutlady, All the police shield ones, Scout knife, Shopper's shirt, Pez...those are just some of my favs.

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I like a coin that looks and feels like a coin. Lots of texture and has heft when you hold it in your hand. Sorry, but I don't care for cartoon like colors and drawings that make the coins remind me of Pogs. I'm also not too fond of geocoins that have little to do with geocaching.



Tempting Fates

Geocache Alaska

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We like many coins. Our favorites are ones where we somehow take part in something to get the coin.


We earned a Tour de Cache coin (GCXQ4H) by completing the Tour. We had to log a cache in each of NJ's 21 counties to qualify for the final cache.


We earned a gerbiL cacHe (GCC8) by completing that cache in commemoration of NJ's oldest cache.


We recently traded for the GeoLobo coin at an event sponsored by GeoLobo and Bluegirl (GCZXCT) which is quite unique in colors.


I guess for today, those three are our favorites.


Tomorrow, we might have a different list.

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Favourite Series - Wildlife Muggles (so very cute)

Make sure you watch out for the 2007 series - should be coming out soon!

You can see them at GeocoinShop

I am quivering in anticipation ;) Now I just need that pesky Cache Bandit... :laughing:


I forgot to add that I also love Worker of Wood's coin because of the neat little 'extra feature' it comes with!


Yes, Workerofwood's (his geonick is one word, BTW) is very cool because of the magnet and little disc.

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Yes, Workerofwood's (his geonick is one word, BTW) is very cool because of the magnet and little disc.

Yes I know, I just find it hard to write as one word after 6 years at university :laughing: I am now a trained monkey ;)


My six year old would like to add that his favourite geocoins are:


1. The Gingerbread Man (because he's adorable)

2. Beach Ball (the bright colours and the sand castle)

3. South Pointing Chariot (because it spins, and can put him into a meditative state for hours ;) )

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My faves, off the top of my head:


1. Joefrog's Famous Geocoin (what can I say, I'm biased)

2. Two Happy Hikers (love the simplicity and style)

3. DHenninger's/HaberCacher's (tie) handmade original coin


4. Very close runners up: Lightning Jeff/Walkabout Meli, SquareD22 Quahog, Vermont, Wandering Dragon, Temecula Valley 2006 (balloon), Team PEZ, 2Dolphins, Mauison

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:anibad: Tons of great coins out there. I had spent about half an hour listing great coins for this thread, then realized that I was leaving a lot of folks out. I enjoyed all of the trades I've made and the interaction with everone who put a lot of heart into producing their particular coin, and respect each and every one of them. (Well some more than others :wacko: ) Had I won the lottery at some point in my life, I would surely have them all. I guess I'm just too wishy washy on this subject to choose. :anibad:
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I think when my GSA gets here, it will move to my top 3 :blink:


Thank You

I am rather fond of it too.

Yeah-Ditto that...I will attach it to the front emblem on my car- The Secret Agent mobile :blink:


My 3 Favorite personal coins I OWN

1.Bikedog coin

2.The Rubicon Brothers

3.WhiteBears coins

and 3rd runner up is my new Joe 6-pack


My 3 Favorite commercial coins I own are

1.Caching pills

2.Credit card coins

3.The Cachoids series


My top want list is



3.The new coin that my new friend gave me a preview of tonight- It is absolutley awesome...Just wait!


I dont have my coins with me right now, so this is off the top of my head...I am fond of my Event coins as well.

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Of the top of my head? The Compass Rose (all three that I have)... EU (it was my 2nd geocoin)...


Nero (both versions)

Dorkfish (both versions)

Yemon YIME

DNF and Found it coins


I have so many and so many are special to me because of the person who traded with me!!!! I hope no one feels slighted by not being mentioned. Those are just some that I can think of easily.



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This is really hard to do. Many of mine are favorites because of how I received them rather than purely on the design of the coin.


Anthus Secret geoAgent (Top Secret XLE with black jacket and hat) :blink:

PA Keystone -- first coin my hubby bought me; second coin in my collection (so I blame the addiction on him :blink: )

Hazards of Caching #1 - love the design of this one with the black enamel and the gold plating and the 3D !

Pink Scout Knife - thanks for the surprise gift! I just love this one because it is so feminine

JeepToysRUs -- actually all my Jeep coins are my favorites !


Ok. That's more than three but it was really hard to narrow it down to just these.

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Ug....there is no way I could choose three. Basically, any coin that I traded with the person that created the coin has special meaning to me -- so I guess I have a few hundred favourites. Sorry.


whimpy! :blink:


whimpy! me?

Ga! Okay....I would list a few then.


Moun10Bike v2 - it was sort of my "I'm in the coin-club" coin.

Nicolo's coin that he made when his grand-daughter was born - it's a special coin and was a gift

Some coin that someone sent me as part of Secret Santa (can't say no more)

The Geocoin Fairy and Pay it Forward coins - they were far too kind in getting these to me

The SWAGS Christmas and the mini-cow coins (they have my geobone on them!)


Oh....there's more.... I recieved a very nice coin gift that was for US Military only - I'm a Canadian, so it was nice that I was able to get one - especially as there was really no reason I deserved one!


Now....I'm not being whimpy, but this is just the top of my head (my coins are at home). Tiki's, Shop99ers, Mauison, Yemon Yime, on and on. Almost every coin that I have is a trade (or, if commercial, are ones I bought long ago) - so they all have meaning in that the person trading with me thought enough of my coin to want one.


okay.... I'm whimpy....

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