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  1. Would totally be justified. I do try to be on top of maintenance.
  2. Previous finders wanting more FPs to give away. Take them away from archived caches.
  3. Project-gc.com. I noticed that the FPs were more then I have, but then I realized that since I have become a premium member, I get notices when FPs are taken away after I archive a cache. Too bad they can not stay.
  4. Where can I see the videos online? I can find previous years, but not 2018.
  5. Actually...as a farmer, and I used to be a walnut processor...I WAS sued because a shell got through ( and there is an allowance, stuff happens) and someone chipped a tooth. Folks, be careful if you actually eat food! ( oh you just know I had to reply to this....)
  6. Never tried to do this. But I have a question, how do you cache without a vehicle? Call me stupid. I live in the country.
  7. I will never understand the allure of being FTF. What am I missing?
  8. Yup, what the above poster wrote. I couldn't put it better.
  9. Do you know the hider? I have this problem often. And I have been asked by other geocachers if they could have my spot. Depending on the cache, I have archived a few that I can think of, it was lame anyway. I myself, do not mind archiving caches that are by my own opinion, sub par for something better. I always appreciate quality caches.
  10. Ohhh I want one of these pretty please:-) The geobinder, that is! I have several caches hid on business owners property.....and have gotten super lucky that they all thought it sounded like fun. Especially when I tell them they get to watch, lol. Usually, however, by a security camera. Which is a great deterrent, BTW to put on the cache description page, and help the business owner feel secure. ( Note to self...need to add this little tidbit to some cache pages!) I also assure the owners that we are "respectful" people, just playing a game, and if for any reason there is a problem, I will remove the cache. So far, no problems whatsoever, knock on wood. I always let the business owner know what I am planning to do, because each container is custom made, as you stated, some have said I can do "whatever"....but in a few cases, I have sent pictures of the cache as I make it, and always show them the cache before it is placed, and meet and discuss with them in person where it is acceptable to place the cache....no surprises. The last one that I placed, was at a very trendy, popular local restaurant. So, I made the cache to "fit in".....and it actually looks like part of the decor.....the owner loved it so much, he asked if he could post pictures on his website:-) And I also ask that the employees know about the cache so no one freaks out, and finally,. I thank the business owners in my description, usually, and send emails of the found logs if they want to read them. I keep them " in the loop".
  11. Was walking casually on a trail with my husband and 5 kids. Folks in front of suddenly turned around and started hoofing it back to where we all parked. All I heard was " huge rattlesnake". Sure enough, huge enough to have both its head and rattles hidden in the bush on either side of the trail. Hoofed it back ourselves, and when I got to the camp ground/parking spot....I started tossing the 5 kids snacks and water. Trying to regain my blood pressure. Then I glanced over at a tree about 50 feet from me, and I saw a bear cub in it, You all know if there is a cub, mama is not far away....started tossing again, but this time, my kids! Literally throwing them in my car, lets GO LETS GO LETS GO! Yeah, that was memorable!
  12. This is one thing that I do not understand. I am not a FTF person, I AM just like, yay! A new cache! If I am first, however, I will leave a note that the cache has been found, because other FTF peeps got angry, And then I leave a longer found log later. BUT if a person drives so far to be FTF......why do they not find other caches in the area? Why?
  13. Funny that I pulled this up tonight. I wanted to give a geocaching friend something special, and I remembered my PG coins. I managed to find 10 of them. But then I wanted to tell them the story, and oh ugh, there goes that memory again! So I googled geocoins misprinted with PG. And it brought me here:-) Nooks, if you are still around...hit me up:-) By the way, Am waiting on Oakcoins too. LOL.
  14. Thank you! I thought it was something like that......
  15. BTW....what is a charter membership? I have always wondered.....
  16. The downward spiral in log quality is one of the reasons I've stopped placing caches. It's just not worth the effort. Yeah. I friend of mine has stopped hiding caches, and archiving all of his "lost" hides because of this. Is a shame, he always put such thought and effort into his geocache hides.
  17. Little off topic, but I have a few gadget caches, where you have to figure out how to get/find the log. Time and time again, on one of them, I get a found log, found the cache but there was no log in it, so I added my own....I think that a lot of geocachers do not actually read the description page! But it gives me a laugh, every time. As for what I like to read on a log....and am being totally honest here...if it is a cache that I spent dozens of hours on creating, a few more words then "tftc" please. Give me a little credit, please . Did you like it? Was it fun? Did it make you laugh?
  18. I do have a large TB hotel. And twice I have had people take way more TBS then they admitted too, and tracked. I have no idea really, do people collect TBs? Is that a "thing"? But I always give a month for the TBs to be taken, or " in the hands of" type logs , after that I post that they are MIA.
  19. A "measly" 29. But they were all really easy park and grabs, and most of them were identical. It was sooooooooooo boring. But my daughter needed hours behind the wheel to get her license so I did it. I had a hard time writing "interesting" found logs that night!
  20. I got a found log of a fist emoji the other day, for quite some time I wondered if that meant they wanted to deck me! LOL. But also..GRRRRRRR.
  21. Holy cow.....I JUST finished making amazing cache that will be placed outside a locally owned pizzeria here! Contact me, I will send you pics.
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