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  1. According to some recent postings on FaceBook, someone has started a web site called {edited out} with the purpose of selling memberships to people who will find and destroy caches. These destroyers are expected to video their vandalism and post the videos. I looked at the site today and it seems to have no videos posted yet. However, I did not pay any fees, so I could not log in to the site. It may be that I cannot see what paying members have done. This same person seems to have had a similar project about four years ago according to the home page for the site. Is this something that Groundspeak might address? Are there other sites dedicated to destructive muggling? I did search the forums for "{edited out}" with no results.
  2. Congratulations to both of you. Very nice card from Geo HQ.
  3. Can someone answer the OP's question? I would like to know how to lock in a milestone, too.
  4. Received my email and posted my payment. Looking forward to this great looking Sea Turtle. Thanks.
  5. Received our Dutch Clay Coin as part of a trade today. Thanks so much for the very nice coin. We have quite a few coins that have been traveling successfully for a few years. Some have been well over 20K miles. This one will stay in our collection to be displayed at some of our local events.
  6. Glad I watched this thread. Made my reservation this evening. The pearl is my favorite of the four.
  7. I have an unactivated copper honu turtle I would be willing to trade. Send me a list of your traders through my profile and we can work something out. I can send a picture later today if you'd like Found a shiny gold. Thanks.
  8. Honu Turtle Want to buy or trade one of these coins. I hope to get one to give as a gift to a special caching friend. Thanks.
  9. wigoweb

    Honu Turtle

    Meant to post above here. Sorry. Please ignore
  10. In naval parlance, the sail (American usage) or fin (European/Commonwealth usage) of a submarine is the tower-like structure found on the dorsal (topside) surface of submarines. Submarine sails usually house the conning tower (command and communications data center), the periscope(s), radar and communications masts (antenna). When surfaced, the sail serves as an observation platform. Historically, much of the submarine control was performed from the conning tower located inside the sail superstructure,[1] but some newer submarines can be controlled entirely from the bridge. The sail also provides an entrance and exit point on the submarine that has enough freeboard to prevent the submarine being swamped. This is a cache we would enjoy doing. Have done some similar to this idea.
  11. Thanks. I've started watching. I did see the daVinci coins there many times from the same vendor.
  12. How would one determine a fair asking price for some coins? I have a few that were considered 'rare' when I purchased them. I tried searching for completed sales on the auction site, but didn't have any success with Captain Gore-Tex. Here are two coins that I probably paid too much for several years ago. Actually, I'm talking about four coins as I have a three-coin set. The daVinci coins are on the auction site for in excess of $120 USD. Seems steep to me. I'm watching to see if they sell. Captain Gore-Tex The daVinci coins: Knights Templar Paris Meridian Vitruvian I have others, too, (such as the Anthus laptops) but I don't know how many I will part with at this time. I'm wondering if I should just list them here and wait for offers. Thanks
  13. Looks like a great event. I would attend if I could. Happy 50th.
  14. We had been caching for a little more than a year when we placed our first cache in Oct 2006. We had about 400 finds and had won a cache container at an event hosted by the South Jersey Geocachers. We archived that cache in the past week or two, but it had quite a few finds. We currently have about 65 to 70 active caches with a fair share of ammo cans and puzzles. Most of our caches are in the woods away from muggle territory. We try to do the occasional series with a theme or story. We just placed five caches named Equestrian Sidekicks with info about old TV shows and horses. They all have stables and pastures nearby, too.
  15. Would love to trade with you when its finished. Our personal coin has a Norwegian Elkhound named Wigo on one side and our cachemobile on the other. You can see photos of the one we carry with this trackable reference number, TB1N1D7. We don't sell this coin, but only trade it. Thanks.
  16. That GSAK macro did the trick for us. We actually find the GSAK macro produces a more useful map than the one we once were able to get through the google maps on the GC website. After using the macro a few times, you will see some tweaks that you can use which might make it even more useful. In order to print the map, we take a screen shot and then paste the screenshot in Word. Works every time. We get a numbered list of cache names and matching numbers on the map.
  17. I've done a few on the Seaway...rather good as I recall... The Seaway Trail is fun and interesting. It is not what most would consider a power trail though. This series is far more than a bunch of magnetic key holders and film canisters every .1 miles along a strip of guardrails or utility poles. The caches are several miles apart and some require short hikes, though others almost qualify as park and grabs. We even met a singing cow. We have completed two sections and hope to get back there sometime to do the rest. The only problem we noted was that some of the punches were missing from the ammo can/cache containers for an extended time. We still found those caches even knowing that the punches were missing and that those particular caches would not count on our passports. The C&D Canal Trail in Delaware is a more traditional power trail. One could easily walk or bike it as well as drive it. Part of it is closed to motorized vehicles, so we walked out with our new geohound and then back again. We did the odd numbered caches going out and the even numbered ones returning to the start. Those that could be driven are still far more interesting than the guard rail variety power trails due to the lack of any real traffic and the added bonus of all the boat and ship traffic on the canal. If you have youngsters, take them along and take photos of the various ships and boats. After returning home, try to identify some of the gear and equipment on those ships. You might learn as much as the youngsters unless you did a hitch in the merchant marine. The Seaway Trail and the C&D Canal Trail get both thumbs up from me.
  18. How did Challenges and their problems get ahead of the faulty beta maps? One would expect older, more geocaching oriented bugs and features to have priority over tangential issues such as the new Challenges.
  19. Well, old Magic Phil is a successful fisherman. He dangled the bait in several threads and a lot of folks took the hook and got snagged. I suspect he is chuckling all the way to the next "boring" non-premium cache he is going to add to his list of finds. More than likely he caches with some other name than the one he uses for this sock-puppet.
  20. Less than a dime a day is what we each pay. Doesn't sound like a "lot of money" to me. Even when all of those dimes are accumulated, I doubt anyone at GS is going to make the Forbes List. Yes, the outages and the slow loading times are annoying. Maybe Irene has something to do with today's slow response times, maybe not. What do you pay to have a repair call on your washer or dryer? How about those responses from your cable provider? GS should be doing a better job, but $30 doesn't seem to be the reason they need to do better. Anyone running a web site with this much traffic should want the world to see that they are capable of providing quality service. Maybe a sense of pride in a job well done would be a good reason for GS to "do something." At least, I hope that the crew at GS has a sense of pride in their work.
  21. Why not go back to Gander and request info about a warranty claim? Their policy will determine the answer; opinions from here won't mean a thing. Have you called Garmin? I have called them three or four times and always had a satisfactory response.
  22. We did a long multi-cache with quite a few stages in 2005 or 2006. The final stage had a set of "bonus" coordinates which directed us to one more location. The instructions said to log the original multi- a second time to get the bonus smiley. We did that and have had that message about one less distinct find than our total ever since. More recently, our Stats page shows, "You've found 4523 caches (4519 distinct) since your first cache find on 08/17/2005." I'm not at all sure where the additional non-distinct caches originated. We have tried to check for duplicates, but not found any. The 4523 should be the correct total with only the one non-distinct that I mentioned earlier. If other cachers are seeing this same behavior on the Stats page, perhaps that is just collateral damage from all the other "improvements" that have been added to the site this summer. Wish they would stopping experimenting with a live web site and set up some beta sites with experienced cachers to practice and comment before they let all the new stuff out in the wild.
  23. These scripts are a nice idea, but really, should we shave to install scripts to fix what should never have been broken? You are investing a lot of time and talent in cleaning up mistakes made by some one in a management position at Groundspeak. Wouldn't you think Groundspeak would take note of that and do some of their own "cleaning up"?
  24. +1 How many new features that don't improve the site or caching have they added in the past several months? Wonder what the next "bright idea" will be?
  25. Themed caches add an extra dimension to the whole sport for me. I like them; perhaps others do also. You can't be sure that everyone else will be a fan of your theme, so you will likely have cachers who don't leave swag at all or leave swag unrelated to your theme. However, that should not deter you from placing an interesting cache that will be found and enjoyed by your local community. Good luck. PS. You are wise to wait to place your cache until you have an accurate GPSr. Maybe a local cacher who has a reliable one would be willing to go out with you and help you to get an accurate reading. Looks as if Max and I were posting about the same time. Hence the almost duplicate ideas.
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