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  1. Agree with the OP. I quit when the "micro and power" phase craze came to be. I rarely do it anymore except to break up boring drives or in passing. Time for a new HOBBY....not a sport.
  2. Bingo. Did some at first but lost interest VERY QUICKLY. Hey Groundspeak, sometimes more in NOT better. Back to basics anyone?
  3. I thought this thread was supposed to be about Geocacher Magazine, not a debate on picture posting. Back on target please. Lots of us out here only received the first edition and nothing more. RIPPED OFF! Why apologize for expressing your frustration with his SCAM? Kid situation, any other excuse for his shortcomings are not in question nor the topic. Everyone has some difficult situation to deal with however this should not stop their commitments and give an opportunity to scam folks. Let the "hearts bleed" in another thread. Pfft
  4. you like stereotyping, don't you? there are always exceptions and the view you get from going for this magnetic guardrail hide is one of them i thought geocaching is about taking people to a nice spot, well some nice spots can't accommodate anything bigger than a micro Thank you for double confirming my point. The pictures you show here confirm my quote. Judging by the pictures shown, I could find a spot here for a nice sized container for certain, instead of just a drive by like the guardrail you show in the pictures. This area doesn't even look like it would be safe to park in, let alone a park and grab guardrail cache. So, without furthering any discussion I'll just state MY opinion (not speaking for anyone else). Guardrail drive by caches don't even set a person up for enjoying a nice view like these pictures. I'd rather pull off to park and take a short walk which would allow me more time to enjoy instead of standing next to the road, (in the open) grabbing a micro. DONE.
  5. Guardrail hides are generally magnetic micros anyway which suck eggs.Guardrail = Senseless micro, boring, no creativity, worth (NUTHIN')Why even bother with them? Go out and hide a small or better and do everyone a favor. Something big enough for SWAG.NUF SAID
  6. Micros are only good for special view locations that will not support a larger container, high muggle areas that have a special something to see or do and historical places that do not have the spot or room for a larger container. Other than that they STINK. Anyone for a bison in a bush or a nano in a pine tree in the forest? Didn't think so.
  7. Easy. "My Friend"...if this person is truly "your friend" then just TELL HIM. No need to sugar coat it or use any form of political correctness, just give him your straight opinion, period. "Friends" should be able to do this.
  8. Is it possible the person was doing "catch up logging" and forgot to change the date to the actual dates he/she found the caches? I know a few cachers who do not log their finds immediately or "promptly" and get a few hundred behind before they do a marathon of logging. Not the best method, but RL gets in their way I suppose. Did you by chance ask this person if this might be the case?
  9. WELL DONE !!! Could not have said it better. Cheers
  10. IMO your challenge is just dandy. As stated earlier there are the element of those "cachers" out there that seem to love expressing their opinions on the challenges from behind their screens (gutless) and thumbs down is their way of just being themselves...in other words, SMALL AND NOT WORTH PAYING MUCH ATTENTION TO. I'm not sure why so many out there are against the challenges other than they hate change and are not sharp enough to realize that change is good. Anyhoooo, challenges are here so go out and enjoy them and just stick to your principles and don't let the "hide behind the screen crowd" dampen your day. CHEERS
  11. 2:30 PM PST and still not working..................hotfix or frozen coldfix that is stuck in LIMBO?
  12. adoption request link in email is broken since site update 24votes 3 votesTeam T.A.P.A. shared this idea · August 19, 2011 · Flag idea as inappropriate…STARTED · ADMIN Moun10Bike (Admin, Geocaching) responded · August 23, 2011Aug 23, 2011: This is currently planned to be implemented in a hotfix scheduled for tomorrow. (30496) TY Moun10Bike
  13. Most of the day today we had a banner stating your working on technical issues. The banner is gone but the sucky logs have not changed. Does this mean the problem is fixed and we're stuck with what we got? Or did you just decide to take the banner down and are still working on the problem? Any chance you can roll that part of the code back and restore what we had before? Or is this strictly a one way street? If so, strange way to run a train, or is it that windows does not have a good RCS tool? We fixed the site slowdown issue. We will soon be releasing a hotfix to make other desired adjustments, including "repairing" the logs and tweaking Challenges. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Does the Hotfix include the adoption issue?
  14. Still not working today (8-22-11)....is this still a problem for everyone??
  15. I'm glad GOOGLE didn't feel that way when yahoo, msn, alta vista and a few other search engines were the staple. Anyone else remember Facebook's launch when competing with myspace? Competition breeds improvement. Still hoping here. I think it would be great to have more choices out there that had good quality (unlike the current endeavors). The monopoly GS has on this hobby right now will simply allow them to dictate the entire structure, which apparently isn't pleasing the masses as much any more, judging from the posts going around. So unlike the poster listed above, I would not rather give up the hobby but rather have other GOOD choices. Of course if the powers that be here at GC.COM get things rolling again as in the past the competition would be a hard sell. CHEERS
  16. 0830 Monday PST and still no fix. Time for a competition site me thinks.....Mark Zuckerberg out there anywhere?
  17. 100% Agree....Maybe it's time for a step back and go to good ole: Find 'em, log 'em, drop 'em. Who needs the frills of all the icons, pictures and "special features" if it means not being able to use the site. Hey GS, nice looking stuff....just wish it worked as well as it looks. Reminds me of the MGB car.....looked great, ran like a turd.
  18. More servers... (GC com does have more than one server... for sure ) Bring it on! More iron, more workhorses, more servers, more, more! Less of these "silly" services and back to the game and "valued" services, less ads, party's, videos, etc. that FEW people use often. They ARE the only game in town right now however much more of this GARBAGE and another game will take advantage and bye bye GS.....
  19. Used to be a premium member, but the performance of this site keeps my measly $30 in my pocket for now. ADOPTIONS still not working..............c'mon GS you charge for these codes....can we please have the use of them as promised in the sale?
  20. adoptions still not working. Party on Wayne.....errrr Signal
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