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  1. I'm confused. What's wrong with using stamps to sign logs? I know someone whose official signature is a stamp; if it's good enough for her bank, then it's good enough for geocaching. And why is it a problem to exchange email to clarify data before logging? On group trips, I often end up emailing a list of caches found to everyone in the group. And occasionally, group members even email corrections back. Why would that be a problem? Your described scenario of course is not a problem. Because you were there. But should you give me your stamp, and I do a caching run and share the details for you to log.... Well , that's a twist that some might not find is in the true spirit of the game.
  2. For the most part those high number cachers are all a farce anyway you know. #1 doesn't sign logs- has several stamps that he and his crew use- exchange emails to clarify data before logging, but what the hey- it's all a game anyway yes?
  3. I'm voting please return them. For personal tracking purposes. To discourage artificially inflating stats. And sorry- but I don't log a cache twice- even if it's a moving cache that I've found twice, so that's not an issue with me. If you have your reasons, fine, this stat can reflect that and you'll know the reason.
  4. Can you load pocket queries onto this?
  5. Local meetings are a great way to connect up with folks- search for nearby events to see what's going on in your area.
  6. I use the Load My Tracks program. I believe there was a pinned instruction link- either on the geocaching site or the forums, I'll look and update when I find. Well- turns out Load My Tracks which I have been using with my old etrex Legend model has not been updated for the newer units. Just got me a new GPSmap 62s so I'm new to the learning curve as well.
  7. I use the Load My Tracks program. I believe there was a pinned instruction link- either on the geocaching site or the forums, I'll look and update when I find.
  8. GC37GH9- re-enabled today 5/14/ good to go GC1AE9H- I think I was the last one to get it- meh/ not my idea of a good time GC3DFM2- That's by Deety- keep an eye on it, but I'm sure she's planning on making sure all of hers are in good shape before the guests come.
  9. Thanks, wonderful keepsake. The owner was a very special woman. Picture of coin attached to my log on: TB1KXZD
  10. I received a coin from a cacher's estate- 2006 Geocoin- The documentation that came with it includes a Certificate of Authenticity- from geocachetreasure.com The coin is named The Green Man. It is not a trackable- has an issued edition number. Anyone know anything about it? (I have a picture, but can't figure out how to insert in this note)
  11. Fortunately not an issue here- my local community has been setting new caches like crazy for this challenge month, I'll just go get one that published tonight.
  12. I do believe the lackey's abilities far exceed what we have purchased with our mobile app and premium fees. Oh wait- a sizable percentage use the site and play the game for free- I guess they too get much more than they pay for.
  13. Isn't that where we are now? This caching streak/icon challenge has sparked that for many of the less competitive folk- another member of my caching circle got flat out confirmation of this- got an email from some traveling rvers stating that they would be logging a series of caches they had found of hers one by one as they wanted the 31 day icons- justifying it with the assurance that they had found and logged each of these caches- just not on the dates they were logging. And these are just two examples that I know of. I'm sure we can all cite more.
  14. One of the posters asked if Groundspeak could/does help- im guessing they don't care. Member of my caching circle has clear evidence of some elaborate cheating- using a stamp- having others add their signature when they log and then send an email with all caching details so they could write their own personal logs- Groundspeak just essentially shrugged and said they are only hurting themselves.
  15. After experiencing this concept in the context of the Block Party my feedback is 1) I understand why they were created and 2) I think it worked- I spent most of my day in Seattle caching- what with the geotour, the labs and the beer. Daylight left over to hit the oldest cache in Seattle and some of the most favored caches as well before heading out of town. Thanks for the fun.
  16. Yes- there seems to be some sort of glitch/bug- looks like anyone who logged a cache on the 17th got all the labs. Hoping this will be fixed when the lackeys get back to work next week. Fun party.
  17. Yeah, figured that out, but couldn't do that on the Palm either- it's fine. Just need to see the description, hints and some logs when I reach the cache. Not really interested in paying monthly fees for a smart phone nor upgrading my GPS yet. I'm good now. Thanks for the help. Yeah, that'll work for carrying your cache info around. It just won't be able to load queries, upload logs, show or update your location, unless you're next to a WiFi hotspot. Gotta save all that stuff for when you're home.
  18. The touch- 8gb- generation just before the one that came out this month. Not sure how I did it- but did get my queries to load today- and had a successful day. Just ordered some shield protectors from Zagg as the unit is far more delicate than the palm. If anyone wants a palm m500 with all the accessories, leather case and cachemate loaded- get in touch. Gonna miss that thing......
  19. Been a paperless Mac user for years using a Legend Cx, Palm m500, premium membership/queries, cachemate and MacCMconvert. Bit of a learning curve at first- but worked for me- until I replaced my older Mac. Looks like the palm can no longer work on this newer operating system. Computer came with an ipod so was hoping I could use that to load my pocket queries. Foolishly bought the geocaching app without fully researching- and find it is not intuitive, does not have any sort of help file, and don't see any forum for help questions. Hopefully I am being dense and these things exist- if so just steer me in the right direction. If not- anyone know if the ipod is capable of storing pocket queries and if so, how? I looked up a tutorial on youtube- but it was an older version of the app- I'm stuck on my device's current location is...... once I get there (used the home set up/as this is an ipod/not phone- did I perhaps get the wrong app?) and never do get to the pocket query screen that is demonstrated on the video. Thanks- very, very frustrated, went caching yesterday without notes and did pretty poorly- really do need my hints and logs.
  20. Thanks- figured it out (yes, I'm the owner- sorta- doing this for my local geocaching group- forgot to log in on that account.) Mission accomplished. it will not work until the owner of the coin is sending him the request to Adopt the Coin from the message he gets, that hasn't happened yet Perhaps you might want to read the last paragraph of his OP. He is trying to "adopt out" his own coin. The same page he is describing is for the owner to initiate an adoption, and want- to -be owner to adopt..He even underlined this!! He has obviously entered the wrong numbers.
  21. Attempting to transfer ownership of a coin- When I attempt I get the following message: Geocaching > Adopt a Listing Adoptions You have not been asked to adopt this listing. Well- no- I am trying to adopt it out. Is there a different page that I am missing that I am supposed to use to begin this process? Thanks. Occasionally users need to transfer ownership of their listings to other users. This is a handy utility for sending and receiving adoption requests and a way to help make the transition go smoothly for the new listing owner. Refresh this page. Enter the GC Code (GCXXX) or tracking ID (TBXXX) of the listing you were asked to adopt or would like to put up for adoption. You can also enter the code in order to cancel an existing adoption request.
  22. How would you rate the terrain? No hike, flat ground- but no way to reach (even with a niffty nabber) without a ladder.
  23. Thanks Team Taran- lots of good ideas. It's that middle age I have trouble with- will be bringing assorted crafts and such for the wee ones. Love the idea about the puzzle caches.
  24. Hosting an event (potluck/indoors)- would like to include a children's area. Anyone have any table activities/games that 8-12 year olds might like? Thanks.
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