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  1. My wife Kat6 and I always look for virtuals along routes when we travel. We also try to do the virtuals in and around the city we are visiting. Next month we go to Williamsburg VA and the Newport News area. We have many to pick up. We did Cream ME Up Scotty GCA238 the other day and had a great our of a dairy and has some great ice cream. I am lucky to own 5 virts and have a Mystery Cache GC1V5MP Georgia Virtual Cache Challenge where you are requested to find all remaining Virtuals in Ga now at 91 then find the cache. Of course the cache is available to all with out the ALR. GA Cacher
  2. COIN # 15 Well we have been getting +90 F for the past few days so that will help the tomatoes but wilt the dogs and I. Ginger The Cacheing Dog discovered the coin today to. thanks for the fun!!!!
  3. I was a bit perturbed when mine went missing into Canada. Oh well...I figure someone really had a burning desire to own a small red Jeep. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...ee-75b68698dc20 Why do you feel you own the TB? It is owned by Jeep and GC.
  4. I used my PayPal debit card last night at the University bookstore with no problem. Also made and received payments, with no issue. I have used Google checkout many times with no issues at all.
  5. Do you mean this one? If so write me tom.gacacherATgmailDOTcom
  6. I just spoke to the maker of the coin and from our conversation 1)it is trackable on GC and 2) the icon is a pink ribbon with a Red Maple Leaf on it 3) the coin profits will go to his local Kohmen Org. who have given him permission to use the ribbon 4) this will be a round coin not a ribbon coin like mine was. We didn't talk about price etc as he was at work. He will post more soon. Tom
  7. Macro, outside diffused light, white paper from printer. Maybe not great for a publisher but they work for me.
  8. Bob, FYI on the "Cachers For The Cure" Breast Cancer Geocoin, authorized by Susan Komen Foundation that I produced: We made 600 of them and they were sold to cachers in Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Portugal and the United States. It wasn't a coin just for the states. Link to my coin. I champion your continuing to help in the effort to help research in the fight against Breast Cancer. Tom
  9. Try contacting these folk. http://www.bamageek.com/alacache/index_files/Page386.htm
  10. How about " Stay High and Dry!" Here's history: FOR: Immediate Release DATE: August 31, 1999 CONTACT: Ernest Julian, Ph.D. (401) 222-2749 x 2429 (Pager: 581-1291) Goddard Park State Beach and Warren Town Beach Closed to Swimming Due to High Bacteria Levels Providence – Today the Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and the Town of Warren advised the public that Goddard Park State Beach (Warwick) and Warren Town Beach will be closed for swimming until further notice. Other areas of Goddard Park remain open for recreational use. "The most recent water samples for these two beaches show coliform bacteria levels above the bathing water standard," said Dr. Patricia Nolan, Director of Health in Rhode Island. "We will recommend reopening the beaches when we know they're safe." State authorities regularly monitor beaches for bacteria and other contaminants. Samples taken on August 28th showed elevated fecal coliform bacteria. HEALTH officials refer to recent heavy rains as contributing to the problem in these two areas. Officials will continue to monitor bacteria levels over the next few days.
  11. Site down for upgrades! Email sent thanks Marky!
  12. The round coins were limited to Gold only for GA residents. This is the Cut Out Light House coin we are selling now. There are no restrictions on the Cut Out.
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