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  1. depends on which coins you want, some have already been sold via email
  2. Not sure how strong the Geocoin community is anymore, been out of the game a few years. Any coin listed in my profile as active can be adopted over, let me know what you may want and make an offer. The oldest coins Are GeowoodStock 3 , have a silver and bronze. Newest coin is GW7 both standard and volunteer. one set activated, one set unactivated. so 4 total
  3. Email me if interested. all activated trackable an adoptable. Prices are as listed or make an offer. Medusa 2 tone copper silver-$20 2008 reviewer volunteer coin-$50 Celtic sun moon star 3 coin set-$35 Flying Spaghetti Monster-$20 Sylvan seekers -$15 GeoWoodstock 3 Volunteer edition (Make offer) 4coin set Puzzle coin-$50 Mystery Geocoin- I have quite a few Mystery Coins , email me what your looking for and price list of what you will pay for the one you want, mabye i have it mabye its for sell and mabye its not.
  4. Make me an offer on what you'd like to own, by email please. princeshoko@gmail.com or click the send mail link in my profile. Ive had these sat aside to sell for some time, and my anniversary is getting closer and the wife needs a gift so heres the post. Thanks Shoko Activated & Adoptable ------------------------ 4coin Puzzle Coin. Ground speak logo (2005 or 2006 i think) Abomination Wherigo Fighting Cystic Fibrosis 2007 Bubbas Good Fortune "Buddha" Journey "Silver" Celtic Tree of Live (Original in Silver/Green) Chi-Town Romeo Black nickel Signal January 2006 Lizard Toads Decypher coin original V1 with bag and pin Travel Ingot NC Geocachers GeoTriad Evil Micro Geocoinfest 2008 Suncatcher style Coin Not sure of its name Shipping is what ever it will cost to mail so will have to get to that bridge when we get there because im not sure where you'll be from LOL
  5. Anyone have a photo they can post of the Geowoodstock frame that has 3 coins in it? Thanks Princeshoko
  6. Today I received a Cache Reaper and Bell Witch coin from a mystery person, i assume the Reaper them self. Thank you so very much, ive been after one of these coins for some time, especially at GW7 but was just a little late. Good news comes in sets i know that, ive been having a really good past few days. Thank you again for the coins they will go with my other mystery coin collection. Shoko.
  7. hurry hurry hurry , step right up folks and witness the amazing super duper never before seen deal of the century, its amazing, its spectacular . And i've alwayse wanted to be a carnie !> Up for grabs is 2 count them one, two brand new unactivated super special Where I Go Geocoins. Only $10 each which includes shipping to the US. Also I have. WHOLE LOT For $120 (plus $5 ship USA, $8.75intl) Abomination Book Signal 2006 January Gold Ingot Coin and Pin Club 1 year Where I Go Cystic Fibrosis Ribon nature walk sun catcher Geocoinfest 2008 GeoTriad Bubba's Good Fortune (Buddah) NC Geo Club Journey "Green version" Celtic Tree of Life Evil Micro 2008 Chi Town Romeo ALSO 4 coin puzzle coin set from 2006 i think for $48 Lizard Toadz Frog V.1 with pin and pouch $22 Lizard Toadz Lizard V.1 with pin and pouch $22
  8. The biggest number ive seen here is 23, 23x2.50 is $57.50 So if it is fund raising then there going pretty slow at it lol. This might just prove to be something Very kewl.
  9. ok I think this is a great topic. I find it so funny if you want to know what it looked like when I designed the Sleeping Dragon coin i uploaded my original drawing, its worse then anything you guys could come up with trust me haha. check this out Sleeping Dragon Geocoin ORIGINAL Drawing How do you like them apples.
  10. Not many left Heres whats left. WHOLE LOT For $120 (plus $5 ship USA, $8.75intl) or $5 to $15 each depending on which one you want. Abomination Book Signal 2006 January Gold Ingot Con and Pin Club 1 year Where I Go Cystic Fibrosis Ribon nature walk sun catcher Geocoinfest 2008 GeoTriad Bubba's Good Fortune (Buddah) NC Geo Club Journey "Green version" Celtic Tree of Life Evil Micro 2008 Chi Town Romeo ALSO 4 coin puzzle coin set from 2006 i think for $50 Lizard Toadz Frog V.1 with pin and pouch $25 Lizard Toadz Lizard V.1 with pin and pouch $25
  11. @Toojin , YEs. @STicker, LOL theres quite a few listed. @Harwell, if you click my name it takes you to my profile, then click trackable and you get a list. @SciFi well if you make a list of what you want i can send what version it is. @Kizb responding to messages this morning.
  12. In need of a bit o' cash, so take a look at my coins, see something you like? Make me an offer. Im not so hard up that i'll take any offer. So please make a FAIR offer on what you want. The following rules apply. 1: Any coin minted by me is off limits 2: It can't be a geowoodstock coin. 3: Pm or Email ONLY. Please no reply's with offers on the froums. 4: only the coins listed on my profile page are for grabs. Untraceable or Mystery coins are off limits. Thanks PrinceShoko
  13. My shipping is as follows $1.99 For package $2.00 Postage. I agree with the price of $5 us postage. My Intl is based on location, ive had some that ship for $5 ive had some that cost $28 .
  14. Nobody on the forums is interested? Give it one more shot before I sell elsewhere. $55 OBO + $3.00 Shipping.
  15. Holy Cow I got one. Nothing excites me more then receiving a mystery coin. And you hit close to home with this one. I LOOOOVE aliens and such. Received: #166. I must be honest, ive fallen off teh coin waggon lately and not been reading the froums as much as i used to, i had only recently heard of this coin and to get one so quick gives me shivers. Makes me wonder sometimes how i get picked for these things (not complaining) It leaves me with great mystery, that and the fact there is NO (ZERO) ZIP (NADA) postmark. I mean no postmark! How do you guys do it lol. Thank you ever so much, this one is going in the folder next to my Crop Circle coin ~Shoko BEGIN TRANSMISSION Assignment Accepted. Geo-Alias UNIT PrinceShoko 166 END TRANSMISSION
  16. I got the one you sent me. that was over a year ago lol.
  17. Happened by a Geowoodstock 3 Unactivated Volunteer geocoin today. Willing to sell it Please PM or Email offers if your interested.
  18. packages sent out everyone should have tracking numbers now. Next day at the postoffice will be Friday, still coins left. Let's make a deal!.
  19. anyone else? Still some goodies left.
  20. Coins are activated and will be adopted over Almost all coins listed in my profile are for sale, !!PM me!! with offers for what your looking at getting. here are just a few that ready to go. (Several mystery coins are in my hands as well that may be bought if you know what your looking for) Trickel v.1 Silver Anthus Laptop 4pc Puzzle Coin yEMON yIME v2 FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD ABOMINATION S&H US- $2.5 1st, then $0.50each after. outside US $8.5flate rate. coins that are NOT for sale off the top of my head are ------------------------------------- printr1 any geowoodstock unity wheel of the year sleeping dragon. bat-bubba
  21. 2008 Groundspeak Volunteer Geocoin Make me an offer Via E-Mail. Please dont PM. Highest Offer will be taken, but will respond to everyone with a yes or a no within a few days This is activated as the Volunteer who got it usually had to activate it before giving it out. Adopted over to you upon completion sell. I use Google for checkout, or Postal Mail for payment. Shipping $3 to the US, other locations will have to be checked on.
  22. In my profile under Trackables. some have gone already, still some good rare coins left thoe.
  23. responding as emails come in. I should also note. If there is a set of coins such as (example) 4pc Puzzle Coins to make 1 big coin Atwell Dream Catcher (earth, air, fire , water) Then they will only go as a set. Not individual.
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