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Why Do U Go Geocaching

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I am really getting into geocaching. It gives me an opportunity to be outdoors and see a lot of places I would have never gone. B) I get to spend time with my family and friends along the way. :) We've had many hours of good times and laughs.:D We've met new friends along the ways. :lol: It gives us that quality time with our children. :D Only a few more years and they will be out of the house, then we won't have them around as much. I want to take advantage of it while I can. :wub:

When you are at a movie or watching TV, you don't get a change to know the people around you better. :drama: If your playing video games, you're so zoned in you don't even notice when people come into the room. :D

So all in all, I love geocaching and the closeness it has brought between us and others. :lol::):cool:

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why do you care? ;)  :D

Seems a bit uncalled for, we may get the idea you are being snooty ;) . IMHO it's kind of about the GC community, I cache to meet new people and to do something other then sitting in the recliner, drinkig soda and driving the remote (Which I have mastered by the way and have have a Dr. that agrees). So whatch out freash air, here I come ;) .

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I was never very physically active,liked the idea of hiking etc. but was admittedly a whiner about excercise. I am still a whiner at times...like more than two DNFs in a row in the same day makes me way cranky...but I am out and active ALOT. I have also gotten to see lots of places- even locally I would never have seen that I really enjoyed. I like using my brain on the puzzles, I like solving them with friends when they are more difficult...and I like the look on people's faces when I say it as casually as I talk about food...but they have nooooo idea what the heck I am talking about. :D

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its not hard to figure out y we go geocaching... Y does anybody do anything they enjoy? (bad example "going to a movie," the differences between that and geocaching is extremely obvious... -Getting fat or getting fit) One last thing: if u have to ask that question, i dont think you should be geocaching in the 1st place.

-MP Ben (Proud to be a GEOCACHER)

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I love to get outdoors, but I also love the thrill of the hunt. Especially in those cases where you want to curse the cache owner for deceiving you. Cursing one minute and praising the genius of the cache hider the next as you uncover the hidden treasure.


I do have to say that the quality of the people I've met varies immeasurably. Some people are kind and fun-loving, while others seem to troll new caches just to log some complaint about the location. At first I thought hiding the caches was the best part, but I've learned that its really not worth the grief in most cases. I guess that is why most people don't bother to place caches. I know I probably won't be placing anymore.

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As we say in our profile, we geocache but we don't consider ourselves geocachers. That's why our numbers are modest after two years of geocaching.


We try to get out and take a weekend hike/walk/stroll a couple of times a month. Hunting a cache adds interest to the hike, so we usually will seek a hiking area with a cache or two hidden in the woods. But we have some favored hiking spots where we've found all the caches, and we sometimes return only for the exercise.


We also like to cache on vacation. That, too, adds interest. But, again, finding the cache is incidental to the trip and not the reason for it.


That's us. It may not be you.

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I get to learn the locations light poles and phone booths in various area. I have recently been enjoying the social aspects of events.

So, tell me, what is a "phone booth"? I have never heard of this term.


you know...that thing Dr. Who uses to travel all over space and time! -_- Oh and Bill and Ted used the American version too! :D

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Exercise, family time.


yep, that's the 'public' reason



Me, well Im a man so I have to hunt. Its primal.


yep, got that


Seeing new and interesting places while playing with a bunch of electronic toys.


yep, love playing with electronic stuff


I like being outdoors..


yep, always loved the outdoors


Because it's there.




yep, the reason i do a lot of things


Because Geocachers get all the hot chicks.


heard about this, but still waiting on it to happen


because i'm addicted! -_-


another reason i do a lot of things


The voices in my head keep telling me too!!! :D


yet another reason i do a lot of the things i do

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I started caching as a means of getting closer to my son. He's 10 years old, and like most typical 10 yr old boys, he's big into going "treasure hunting", so I thought caching would be perfect for him and I to do as a father/son thing. He particularly enjoys finding the ammo cans, because they usually have the best swag for a boy his age.


In addition to spending time with him, it gets me out being active; and that's important to me since I had major heart surgery just over two years ago. There's nothing I enjoy more than going hiking in the woods on a nice, comfortable summer or fall day.

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I have always loved the outdoors, I enjoy the time with my boys, they enjoy the time with me,

the thrill of the hunt, the boys like swapping treasure,

I just love playing with my tech toys, finding places I never knew existed,

another excuse to be out on my bicycle

my wife's tolerance of my crazy obsession.

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I do it because I have nothing else to do with the GPSr that my brother gave me for Christmas. Seriously.


But, I'm liking it more and more with each outing! Plus, I like find these places I would never ever have gone to otherwise. So, I don't really mind when I DNF on the hunt. It's the journey that makes it worthwhile.

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I am new to geocaching, and would like to know why do you go Geocaching?


I cache because I've always liked the outdoors and finding things makes it even more fun. I also do it because it gets my kids outdoors, too. Being the fully modern children they are, the computer sometimes has more attraction than the out of doors.

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I cache because I enjoy seeing parts of my town that I've never seen before. It gives me a chance to check out parks and other interesting places.


Another reason is the hiking. I love to hike and I love the scenery around my area. I also get to see some great scenery around the places I travel as well.


It gives me a reason to ride my bike for hours and miles. I was never really into the whole exercise for exercise's sake, so having a reason to go out gives me incentive to do it. I cache by bicycle (at least around town) for this very reason.


Last, but not least - It's FUN!

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We enjoy geocaching as a way to see "off the beaten path" areas we travel to. As an example, yesterday we traveled from our RV park in Ft. Pierce FL across the inland waterway to South Hutchinson Island. We spent the best part of the day here, not just caching, but seeing the attractions, walking the beach and enjoying a picnic lunch at one of the many beach parks on the island.


We didn't set any finds records..that was not our intention...but we did have a blast and were totally pooped by the time we returned to the RV park. :)

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