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  1. Thanks, Damenance! Got it. I thought these were going to have thier own unique icon, not the generic coin icon... Still, they're great coins. I'm going to keep one and release one in my holy grail cache.
  2. Can somebody help me? I got my two gorgeous Quest for the Grail geocoins, but no activation codes! Coins and pins sends me to coincodes.com, but i don't see these coins there. Thanks in advance.
  3. I find that if a Muggle is getting too interested, I just adopt the attitude of a street preacher. My grandfather was a primitive baptist preacher, and I heard him call down the fire and brimstone from on high more than once during my childhood. Most muggles run for cover. Of course, you run the risk of Christian Muggles sticking around for the sermon, but if they do, I just pass the hat.
  4. Brian, Please come geocache in the Morgantown, WV area. Heck, we even have an awesome event this weekend. Sincerely, WB P.S., I like march browns, white millers, and black mayflies the best.
  5. Eight days and counting. Looks like we'll have in the neighborhood of 80 attending. New caches are placed, should be a great time!
  6. In West Virginia, a 3* terrain cache is a climb up a near-sheer mountainside. In Indiana, it's a 200' stroll through level woods with no undergrowth. LOL!
  7. Come on out, USmarine. It's going to be a great time. We've got a couple new caches hid just in time. MEAT-n-greet
  8. While in the Morgantown area, check out the caches on the Caperton Trail and Decker's Creek Trail. Both are easily accessed from I-79 and I-68, respectively. Also, check out the caches in Coopers Rock State Forest just off I-68 east of Morgantown.
  9. Did not "cache" tonight, but I did catch. Went out for a few hours to a local fishing hole and did a little ultralight spinning fly fishing. Tore 'em up, caught nine white bass and smallmouths on a march brown fly.
  10. I recall meeting up with Lep and his SporTrak (which I also use) for a cache hunt one Sunday morning. He and I were both off in Magellan-boomerang-overshoot land, while his lovely compatriot shouted "Found it!" from 100 feet away. LOL
  11. Glad to see you keep your kids away from McDonalds.
  12. This about the most incredible thing I have seen on here! Every other report I have seen from entemologists, etc says 24 hours or more. I might even believe 12 hours but 10 minutes - I don't think so! Methinks Tiff's sarcasm detector could use a tune up.
  13. Saturday I took a spill while hunting for a relatively easy (for this area) 3*. The rock I was standing on BROKE, plunging me down 4-5 feet. I landed square on my right knee on the rock below me. Busted my knee up good. I bled profusely as I limped back to the Jeep and called it a day. I had 8 caches on my "to do" list that afternoon. I was done after #2. Funny thing is, I could see the cache from where I came to rest at the bottom. My wife was fretting over me asking if I was ok, and all I could say was, "there's the cache, can you get it for me?" LOL
  14. Had a run-in with the biggest rattler I've ever seen while attempting an FTF on "Stone Age" in Coopers Rock State Forest in WV, about 5 miles south of the PA border. Snake was a good 4 feet long and fat as a christmas goose. I gave him a wide berth and went on my way.
  15. I've learned that I need to keep my fly rod in my jeep, because there are a lot of great caches near the streams and rivers around here.
  16. Whoa... that was quick. Go Mountaineers!!!!! Class of 1967 Screw the Mountaineers. I'm a Texas A&M Aggie.
  17. When I was a junior in high school I got bit by a copperhead. I stepped on him while I was fishing, and he defensively bit me. It penetrated my cowboy boot and stuck my leg, but the bite was dry. We determined this by the fact that 20 minutes later en route to the hospital, I felt fine. I grew up in SW MO, which is pretty much the copperhead capitol of the world. I've seen hundreds of them fishing/hunting/camping/hiking/mowing.
  18. ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE "BEER SWAG"!! THIS IS A FAMILY GAME. Drive down here to Morgantown, WV, and leave them in one of my caches. I will remove the offensive item, then redeem it for beer. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Beeeeeeeeer.
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