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  1. I received a warning on my last post. I mentioned GC HQ had announced when the trackable will be unlocked. True, here's a quote from the blog " How can I log this trackable if I’m not also going to Mars? If you’re not blasting off anytime soon, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to log the Mars Rover in the second half of February 2021. " Well, you all have 1 day to fulfill this. Again, seems odd to hype this thing when it can't be logged. Be respectful to you paying customer - no bait and wait....
  2. Hi all, Heard a rumor that you must attend an event on the day to get the souvenir. That's a bit different than before. I haven't seen anything on gc.com to that effect though.
  3. My bad they are there - looked in the wrong spot I'd delete this post if I knew how...
  4. I had the same question, I figure I'd just test it on on some cache.
  5. Based on my score a couple should have shown up for me. Looks like a potential software bug - typically they show up right away.
  6. Simple question - do we think my nuvi and oregons will continue to work?
  7. Love that I can switch between geocache map, google street, and google satellite with 1 click. Need OSM opencycle maps though. Be sweet if you can get google street view on there too (even if you aren't showing caches). I like I what to go here - where do I park?
  8. Hi, The guidelines say 0.5 mile. Is that 1 way or round trip? Thanks, cache_n_out
  9. Well they will be around for awhile until they add the option of allowing the geocacher to just enter "close enough" coordinates and some of the other stuff the other checkers can do.
  10. Hi, I noticed some of the trail info is incomplete online. Is there a way to send Groundspeak info on their maps
  11. When I pull up the list of geocaches on the device they changed the little icon next to the name. I used to be the typically cache symbol and you'd see if you found it or not. NOW, that symbol is 4x smaller and they added a little circle if the terrain and difficult on it. I really just need to see if found or not. Anyone know how to change it back?
  12. Thanks. I also haven't tried to search for event just on Aug 21. Still be nice if Groundspeak plugged into this. Better than "find a cache everyday in August".
  13. There are a lot of people holding events on the day of the solar eclipse (Aug 21st). It would be nice if Groundspeak had an easy way to find these for people who might be driving a 1,000 miles away to see the eclipse.
  14. Groundspeak ought to catalog all the events along the path that day.
  15. Just trying a simple one to start. Create a location, when geocacher gets there ask question. When they get question correct give them the final coordinates. Or can you not give final coordinates - does the cache need to be at the final location?
  16. Do you have any sort of tutorial on how to do it? For instance, not obvious where to get the url to put on your cache. Also on an iphone should I use safari or google browser? Thanks
  17. I am still pending on the fb page. Trying to create a new one. Any time I pick "show locations on map" I get a blank screen with just a link to go back. thanks, cache_n_out
  18. Hi All, Last year I had some extended conversations about placing caches along Ohio rivers. In Ohio property owners own the land on the shores and under the water. A good summary is here: http://senr.osu.edu/sites/senr/files/imce/files/course_materials/5451ReadingMaterials/Principles_of_Water.pdf Ohio law states that the owner controls the banks and the riverbed below. But one can navigate on the waterway. Ohio tree law states that if a tree over hangs your property can can trim it. Perhaps this gives a way to allow folks to place caches on over hanging branches of trees that can be reached without leaving the boat. From http://senr.osu.edu/sites/senr/files/imce/files/course_materials/5451ReadingMaterials/Principles_of_Water.pdf Page 54 In the most recent interpretation of the concept of "navigability" the Hamilton County Court of Appeals stated: "The state of Ohio holds these water in trust for those Ohioans who wish to use this stream for all legitimate uses, be they commercial, transportational, or recreational."4 § 62. 2. Included activities. While it appears clear that the public under the decided cases has a right to travel on any stream that will reasonably allow the recreational use of a canoe and which may be reached by public access, the further range of activities that might be included under the phrase "legitimate uses" is only partially defined. This statue does not prohibit hunting or trapping on navigable waters. A Wisconsin case holds: 55 "Sound public policy requires that the state continue to hold its navigable water in trust for the public, and that such trust extend to the uses of such waters for fishing, hunting, and other recreational purposed, as well as for pure navigation."4 § 65. c. Other purposes. In Michigan, a trout fisherman who waded a river, angling as he went, was found not to be a trespasser on lands of the riparian owner who owned the banks and the land to the center of the stream.1 In Wisconsin, bathing and ice skating have been mentioned as public purposes of navigable streams and rivers.2 It should be noted, however, that these activities were not cited as tests to determine navigability, but as proper uses of streams that were found navigable because of their capacity to carry boats or logs. In considering particular uses of a navigable stream which are not the subjects of Ohio decisions, the following statement from American Jurisprudence (2d) offers some guidelines: "The right to use watercourses as highways, and the right to use highways on land, are said to be analogous, and to depend on the same general principles. One's right to navigate a public river is not a private but is a public right, to which he is entitled only in common with the whole public. Any and all of the public have an equal right to a reasonable use, but the enjoyment by one necessarily interferes to some extent, for the time being, with its absolutely free and unimpeded use by others, and each must exercise his rights with a proper regard for the rights of others. An individual has no right to make such use of his rights of navigation as practically to monopolize the water and deprive others of the exercise of equal rights. Furthermore, the exercise of the public right so navigation may be properly regulated or limited under the police power in the interest of the general welfare. As to what constitutes reasonable use, it has been said that no precise definition, adapted to all cases, can be laid down. By reason, however, of the analogy of the rights of the public in navigable waters to its rights in highways, the principle that whether or not any particular use is reasonable depends on the character of the highway, its location and purposes, and the necessity, extent, and duration of the use, under all the attendant and surrounding circumstances has been applied, as have also the general limitations on the use to the effect that when such use constitutes an obstruction to the highway, it must be of a partial and temporary character, justified by necessity and convenience, and in the ordinary and contemplated use of the highway. It must not be incompatible with the reasonable free use of others who may have occasion to travel or transport over it."3 SO if we can put geocaches on guard rails - seems like we should be able to put them on trees over hanging rivers. Looking for other lines of argument. In Indiana and Kentucky there seem to be no restrictions for placing caches along rivers. Thanks for your consideration,
  19. Yep seeing the same thing. Emailed Groundspeak.
  20. But then ANYBODY would be able to view it. The group was closed immediately after I made a reference to something said about me, after I read it there. You could probably rejoin. That was around the time someone from our group got banned from the forums (and perhaps gc.com for a short time) and paranoia was running deep... Hi Keystone, it has been a long time. One thought some one had was we could put a link our our OKIC public website and on that website put a link to our FB page. OR could we just say "find us on facebook" with no link on the cache description. Open to any other ideas that meet the agreement terms to plug our local group.
  21. But then ANYBODY would be able to view it. The group was closed immediately after I made a reference to something said about me, after I read it there. AH, now I do remember!!!
  22. Yes,those are the instructions to reviewers. You cannot link to a page that requires joining or login simply to view. A Facebook page can be set up to be viewed without login (but not commented on.) The Geocaching.com Facebook page is set up this way. I can see this page's content without a Facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/geocaching Re links in logs, I doubt anyone is going to complain, and nothing there would violate the Terms of Use (which govern log content). Try editing the Facebook page permissions, make it viewable without login. That would be the simplest solution. That's the trick we can't change the page permissions. We are over 250 people and we couldn't open it up if we wanted to...
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