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  1. If you are up for a muddy adventure, try Melvin's Multiple Madness. It is great to go in a group in case you get sucked into the mud and mire, and lookds to be a great adventure I can't wait to do. EDIT: Forgot to say it is a little over an hour drive from Philly
  2. Oh no, not another micro where there could be a nice regular cache. Oh no, not another poison ivy fields Oh no, not another "no bikes" park after I rode a few miles to get here Oh no, not another wet cache!
  3. Sometimes it doesn't work for me. Look at the folder and the dot underneath, if it is red, close GE down for a little while and it always works for me when I start it up again.
  4. As others, I came to report that haha.
  5. But... if you were anywhere near the Pine Barrens, a more ever-present danger would be that the Gipsie monster, a mutant hybrid part-Piney monster, part-carnivorous plant, part-human creature that eats humans, might find you first and eat you. Not good. Not good at all. I have learned to fear the Gipsie monster.
  6. I think I have an idea of what the cache is, but don't want to ruin it. By reading the description and types of caches I have heard of I have a pretty good idea.
  7. I DNF when I look for over 15-20 mins or if I can confirm where it was. If I show up and look for about a minute and then leave I don't since it is most likely still there.
  8. I found a plastic squirrel once Scared me a little!
  9. Welcome. I have seen logs from melcrim on some of my caches before. Nice call on the 60csx, I am thinking about getting one myslef.
  10. The best would be if we could customize what it said. But I also agree, I don't usually click on it.
  11. See we don't run into these problems in Southern/Central Jersey, yo walk 25 minutes and you would be at a fire road and or power lines in Wharton, or if you were in Allaire or Hartshorne, a quick brisk walk will get you to a major road in 10-15 minutes.
  12. Maybe it was the reviewer? Thats the only thing I can think of.
  13. I didn't even know that existed, but I don't think you can change it now, unless I just haven't come across it yet, but I have clicked on basically everything on gc.com/my page
  14. PQ here: http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.a...ec-fa8a38065d68 info below is just info I changed Days to Generate (Server time: Saturday, March 07, 2009 4:11:42 PM) X Sat X Run this query every week on the days checked Show me 500 caches Within None Selected States / Provinces - put NJ From Origin None Selected By Coordinates 35 ° 53.785 ' 074 ° 15.997 ' Within radius of 4 mi
  15. I'd really love to help but you're not giving me much to work with here. If you need tips for reporting a bug please check my sig line. I always get this so I figured I would help. When I click the Printer Friendly link the cache page comes up and I decrypt the hints and change the map before printing. Sometimes when I do this nothing appears above the Short description area when I print it. There is the space where it is supposed to be but nothing is there and everything looks fine on the web page, but closer inspection in print preview, it looks the same as the printout. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. But when it does happen and I try the print again and I don't touch anything it seems to print out fine. Also it usually happens to me when the printout would usually be 2 pages but when I change it the above section doesn't print out. Forgot to add - I was using IE7 but now that I switched to Firefox it doesn't seem to happen but I haven't tried it a lot since I have moved to paperless. Hope this helped..... FD720
  16. do what everyone else said, and to add to that, I like earth caches since they bring you to some cool places.
  17. It seems I have the same problem but all above answers do not work for me. I have nothing checked except that I want all caches within a 4 mile radius of the coordinates for the middle of the park. And I know there are at least 30 wihin a 4 mile radius but I still don't get any results. Old ones work but not any new PQ's I create. I had created this PQ I am trying to run now before but somehow it is gone. any info to fix it is appreciated, I am leaving in a few hours and don't feel like manually selecting all the caches there.
  18. I like ammo cans or anyhting else in really nice locations. I'm not a fan of micros so a LPC isn't my favorite cache to find as well as other caches that you have to use extreme stealth. I always enjoy a nice hike/bike ride out to the cache location and if it takes some looking to find it.
  19. I would go with a Garmin since they are very user friendly. The only thing bad about the iPhone app is that if you don't have good cell signal while out in the woods you are out of luck or if the phone batteries die you can't just switch them out like you could a regular GPS. You could use the app do find the coordinates and description for the cache and manually enter the coordinates into your GPS, or use software like EasyGPS to load all the caches in the area you are going to and use the app for descriptions, hints, and the last logs on the cache. Hope this helped... FD720
  20. Thanks, I thought the KML in Google Earth was broken!
  21. Hey, does anyone have any suggestions for caches along the AT in NJ? I am going up this spring but I don't have time to do alot, just the good ones.
  22. I usually carry a pocket knife to use as a prod stick for places I don't want to stick my hand into, and to cut down branches to use as a geo-pile
  23. I have 2 of these containers on my caches right now and I have never had a problem with them. They stay completely dry, they are indestructible, and you can hide them anywhere. A couple years ago a made a bunch of them and now they are taking up room and now have thought about selling them. I have widths between 1/2 inch and two inches and they can be whatever lenght you want. If you are interested please shoot me a PM or email (matt720@verizon.net) and I'll let you in on some more info. Thanks, FD720
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