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  1. I sent a small harmonica on a quest to Memphis in honor of the "Blues", my favorite music. Somehow it made its way to the UK and is moving all over the place there. Which is very, very cool. It's been on the road for a few years, even in limbo for a while. Don't care if ever makes it to destination at this point. Happy to see it active and moving. Thank you fellow geocachers.
  2. I was wondering how you stamped your pewter coins. I have a quantity of %60 silver droplets that would smash down to a dime sized coin and would like to make a sig coin with them.
  3. I was the last to find GC130C0 "R2D2, Is That You?" There had already been "Needs Maintenance" logs that I hadn't looked at. I found the bottom half of the cache with log so I signed it and got the smiley. I posted that it was only half there and then it was archived. There is another cache there now that I haven't looked for.
  4. My first cache placement, "Mbharpmans music box", (GC16557) was filled with music related items, small harmonicas, recorders, percussion instruments, and the like. I also left a .999 silver ounce coin as a FTF prize. I have restocked it a couple of times and am gathering more items to restock again .
  5. I put a 1oz .999 silver round in my first hide as an FTF prize. At that time silver was under $10 an oz. It' now pushing $20. Props the the FTF ninja who found and logged. I have also left Mercury dimes in caches I've found.
  6. Thanks for your help. I was looking for the "easy button" I'll have run some more PQ's and do some Tweeking.
  7. I have a query that I run of 500 caches centered at my home coords. My circle is getting smaller and smaller. I know I can download another query and load it as POI. What i would like is to do is increase my small circle. I am a premium member and use GSAK for my 60CX. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you.
  8. I use mbharpman with m, first letter in my first name and b the first letter in my last name and harpman because I play harmonica in a blues band. I started using it on some music related forums and emails because just plain ole harpman was not available. I sometimes leave a small harp as my sig in some caches and almost always a guitar pick because I play guitar also and always have picks in my pocket.
  9. The first one I found was moved and then archived so I took the spot and placed my first cache. Still very active and well received.
  10. I got my GPS 12 from a catalog of gifts for 25 yrs with the company I work for. Always being a gadget freak, I thought it was the coolest ever. A coworker told me about "geocaching" and i got hooked. I still have my "brick" and let my kids use it when we go out caching. I also have a Legend C, a legend CX, and now a 60 CX.
  11. I have always loved the outdoors, I enjoy the time with my boys, they enjoy the time with me, the thrill of the hunt, the boys like swapping treasure, I just love playing with my tech toys, finding places I never knew existed, another excuse to be out on my bicycle my wife's tolerance of my crazy obsession.
  12. If you're cheap like me you can go to wallyworld. In the sewing/fabrics you can find clear vinyl sheeting and get 1/3 yard for under a buck and protect all your devices. I put my 60cx on my scanner and made a pattern or template. crude but effective...
  13. found my house too. Strange, I don't see any of my cars or camp trailers. It's just kinda creepy... Big Brother and all that.
  14. found my house too. Strange, I don't see any of my cars or camp trailers. It's just kinda creepy... Big Brother and all that.
  15. found my house too. It's just kinda creepy... Big Brother and all that.
  16. This has given me an idea for a costume jewelry type cache. It would look like REAL tresure. I'll have to find a weather proof treasure chest, or customize an ammo can. hmmmm.........
  17. I have a theme cache, GC16557, in which I have encouraged finders to trade within the theme but is not a requirement. I stocked it with dollar store musical instruments, guitar strings, and such, plus I threw in a handful of toys and trinkets. I have received very positive logs on it
  18. I like to leave my sig item a small harmonica, mercury dime from my metal detector days, unique toy cars from yard sales, action figures, small plastic animals - dinosaurs - insects - reptiles, and of course a guitar pick. I have my boys bring a small handful of small un-broken toys to trade. One of my boys favorite trade was for a cheap micky mouse wallet.
  19. Crocodile Dundee had a unique way of finding out..... just sayin'.....
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