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  1. GSAK gives you the abilily to download gpx files and keep track of them. I'm still pretty much a novice when it comes down to using GSAK to it's fullest, but the little I know, I love. With GSAK, you can edit the field notes to write your log, and keep all your trip finds in a filtered datebase. Once connected to the interned, logging should be easy as a mouse click. I haven't had a chance to test this, I'm stuck working in Afghanistan. I ran into a problem on a 9500 mile roadtrip (long story) and averaged 30 caches and 600 miles each day. By the time I got into the hotel room, it was tough searching for the finds, clicking on each one, waiting on the slow hotel internet to connect me and then write the log. So I started playing around with GSAK and it should make that pain a whole lot better. Hopefully someone with a little more GSAK experiance can give a more detailed accounting.
  2. I agree with dfx, sometimes my 550t freezes or locks up when taking pictures. I updated the firmware and that helped but it still happens occasionally. Has ever since it came out of the box. But I still love it and would by another in a heartbeat
  3. I still have my 530HCx, but it's on a shelf mostly. I bought the Rino 110's and strapped them to my kids when hiking. The ability to "Poll" or ping the other units to see where they were was for piece of mind incase one of the kids wandered off. Never had to use that feature. The kids loved the radios to keep track of me when they stayed behind with mom on a hazardous cache. The thing was awesome through my first 350 caches, but I would get frustrated at the inability to paperless cache. Big bonus is the rechargable build in battery. I finally upgraded to an Oregon 550
  4. I've placed a lot of caches, some good and some not very good. Live and learn. I've also Adopted about 60 caches from someone who's health keeps them from caching much anymore. Working in Iraq on the only base that has outlawed Geocaching, I've had a lot of time to think about my hides. when my poor ones come up missing or need maintenance, I have one of my Geobuddies check, clean it up and then I archive it. That is part of the live and learn process. My next hides will be much better thought out. I like hiding as much as I do finding. Although, after a winter of maintaining a bunch of caches, I'm severly limiting my hides to ones that will requore little added maintenance. Best example; Film cans bad, ammo cans good. By the same tolken, if someone asked me to archive a No Redeaming Value (NRV) hide so they could place a better one, I would gladly do so. However, if I archive it and an NRV hide goes in it's place, I would be pretty chapped. When I started cahing in 2008, there were a lot of hides, but big open areas on the map. I've been mostly on the side line (with a few days for caching) for the last year. A lot of new hides have gone up, even in my own neighborhood. I'm loving the prospect of going home and starting all over, so to speak. Most cache lifes are cyclical. Only the good ones stay any length of time. As time goes by, there will be fewer places to hide in general. but most of these hides will be NRV caches. Auto archive or time limits on caches seems rediculous. I live near GC12, GC16 and GC17. I will be going for these later this year. I enjoy going after older caches THAT ARE STILL IN EXISTANCE. Iron Horse was GC79, near the APE Cache and currently the oldest, active cache I've found. These older ones have lasted because they are good and remote. I've even looked up the archived GC6 and gone out and found the remains of the hide. I'd better get off my soapbox.
  5. Sooo... I'm sitting in Iraq, armchair surfing caches around the world (just surfing, not logging) and I come across this one. Then I jump to the forum and see this thread. Despite the rightness or wrongness of the NA, guidlines, etcetera, if it gets archived why couldn't the next person to head down that way just create an Earthcache? I understand it may be the older cache number some people like, but going to the unique location is more the point. I would love the opportunity to go, my company even gets work down there occasionally. But the odds are slim. Anyhow, my two cents.
  6. I've had them disappear from poor location, poor rehide, poor stealth and some come up missing for reasons that escape me. I've had TB's come up missing, some of which were real close to their goals. It's an unfortunate price to pay for playing the game. you either accept it, or you stop hinding caches and releasing TB's. To me, the few that come up missing is a small price to pay for the enjoyment I and others recieve from my efforts. I just try to learn as I go and get better hides because of it.
  7. Unkle Fester and Cops go together like Milk and Cookies, or peanut butter and jelly. Let me see... I've been stopped while grabbing a cache on my way in to work, unfortunatly a body was found in the ditch nearby a few days before and all the neighbors were jumpy. Same cops stopped me while wlking back to my car a few weeks later, they got a kick out of me looking for a cache and started caching too. They took my cell number and would call me before responding to calls. I've been stoipped going for an FTF when a police action (Domestic Violence) occured next door, guns drawn, had me walking backwards on my knees. Had to go back the next day to make the find. I've had local cops pull up while I'm on the other side of a hedge or tree, they've been educated now. Had a cop pull in behind me while checking my GPS to see if one was inside the park or out, he helped me make the find, thought it was cool so he went to the next one with me, then caught up with me about 2 hrs later on another cache and helped again. While climbing 60' up a tree a cop pulled up and watched, apparently his buddy hid the cache and he loved to give people a hard time for fun. Had the Cops in the Middle East (Qatar) follow me, but I just kept walking. Military Security has banned geocacing on the base I work on in Iraq, they weren't very nice about it. All in all I've had about 20 run in's with the police. Just part of the game. How you react is a big part of their posture and attitude. Oh well.
  8. Don't forget the plastic bags, both ziplock and CITO, because a child could suffocate after placing one on their heads. I've found condoms in caches, removed them too. I would hope I traded even, but who can judge? It's one of those grey areas. I may not feel it's appropriate, but someone does. I don't see how you could trust it... When my daughter asked what it was, I told her and she had a baffled look on her face and then went "Eeeew". It was kind of funny. Only because at her age, boys are yuckie. Not long before that changes though.
  9. Yup. Sadly it isn't as common as some other human traits. Common sense is so rare, it should be a super power. Hold on; my Common Sense is tingling...
  10. ROFL! OOPS, it was Starbrands tissue test. Your post was below the tissue paper test post. Darned photographic memory needs a better shutter. Did your film expire?
  11. Don't worry, some of us are very creative in the middle of the night... I think it's a little like the aluminum Festivus Pole brought out for the airing of grievances. Oooh, that sounds evil... Nice idea... Since I'll be too lazy to take down the tree before April, that'll work good. ...and you didn't invite me??? OK... what time (and at what coordinates) is Christmas dinner THIS year? Silly Knowschad, dogs aren't allowed at the table! LOL, I'm trying that!
  12. Remember, some people cache with kids and we don't want children to be cut up. I have no idea why you would defend a broken glass container... Broken glass needs love too! I love lamp...
  13. We are saddened for your loss, our hears and prayers go out to you. But are happy that in this time you have stayed connected with the Geocaching family. Thank you for your shining example of strength and courage, From our family to yours: Kendall, Lisa, Calista and Aaron
  14. I hope this is in jest. In a few instances out of our 100+ caches placed where someone said they didn't sign the log, or I found on random inspection that they didn't sign or something just sounded flaky I have emailed the finder and asked for a description of the area. Most folks could give me some form of alternative proof and I am a firm believer in alternative proofs. I usually send an email too. most of the time they give a quick description of the area/hide and I let it go. A couple of them deleted their own logs and a couple turned around and went to sign the log. Very interesting... I've left blood, distinct grass stain and uses a stick to etch some mark. It's even funnier when the next person comes along and sees the name etching attempt and inks your name a little clearer (usually they know me) Amen brother... Yeah, thats me too. It ends up looking like Carbunkle Toaster or Kunkle Jester or Carburator Tester or a series of unintelligble scribble of lines. Some out of towners have questioned it but all the locals recognize the unrecognizable but unique scribble.
  15. I've been meaning to start a Society of Procrastinators for quite some time now. I was gonna join an apathy support group but figured why bother. I was going to start a Mensa club but don't no how. I'm going to create a discussion forum for those that have pledged to a vow of silence. I was going to be circumspect but I couldn't get around to it.. What are these types of jokes called? BAD! Hey! What are you complaining about? You got your monies worth. Are you going to pay the rest of us too?
  16. What is advanced? Try getting people to read the guidelines for once. Doesn't get more advanced than that...
  17. Or how to open without tearing, and closing a zip lock baggie. ScubaSonic LOL!
  18. Hey Riffster, can we coin a new term, "WE"? TAR couldn't have much problem with calling them numbers WE's, could he? FTF WE's? Hold on, another epiphany! WE is too long, since it is 2 letters, we'll call it 2. Numbers is too long so it would be #, so can we just shorten the phrase to #2 to save time? Used properly in sentences: That #2 is #1 in my book... A #2 passed through my caches today... I was being a #2 and got 50 today... Some of my caches are set up for #2's... Yeah, I'm done.
  19. yep I reckon the Rat was keen on taking the toys - my next cache should have some lovely surprises for the next rats!!!! ...now that will solve a few problems..... Careful, that sounds like you might be threatening to leave it booby trapped? Without knowing more info, we can't tell what happened and can only assume that it very well could have been moved by rodents. Quite leaving Cheese as swag. I had the same problem. Gouda you to post this thread.
  20. What do people working in the dark have to do with this thread? I night cache often and end up with a lot of DNF's that I go back a few hours later in the light and realize how close I really was.
  21. Better yet, find a tree in the forrest that has some surveyors tape nailed to it and stick it on that nail, the tape folds over and obscures the nano. Nano in the woods, nothing better to hide...
  22. As gets said from time to time, please do not confuse the forums with Geocaching in general, two very different arenas. The forums get sidetracked, sarcastic and a little heated at times, but all are good people. go to any average geocaching event and you will meet a lot of people just out having a good time. i think reviewing would be tough, they sometimes live under a microscope. But they are good people trying their best to interpret guidelines and explain them to people. Welcome. And for the record, I'm usually not much help - I fall into the extremely sarcastic role usually. But I have fun.
  23. Why not? They are someones paid for trackable. No different than a geocoin or travel bug with the exception that they are tracked on a different site. That's not to say that I condone the spam. Oh, great thoughts. I should start my own. I can call them.... um.... cachebats..... yeah.... and sell them for.... um..... 10/$30 Yeah, thats it.... Better yet, call them golf balls! Cache Balls! Speaking of which, it's been a long time since I found one. I was wondering if aliens came down and took all the golf balls out of caches. But then maybe I've been doing to many micros. Jim Sorry, a buddy and me went out, spent two weeks caching to replace all his balls I lost in the creek, woods, rough, lake, stream, pond, some dudes windshield....
  24. No, Morris. Different guy same code. Just never got credit for it! Morris code is done with meow's versus dots and dashes.
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