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  1. bluelamb03 would be my second guess if not binthair
  2. Sweet, this made my day This is the Black Spruce bog at the centre: https://youtu.be/fjMDWvI_WZU
  3. Suggestions for souvenir artwork also welcome
  4. Hi Folks / Salut! https://docs.google....C1e3uk/viewform There have been a few discussions about requesting a Souvenir from Groundspeak for Canada day weekend 2017 (Canada's 150th Celebration) I created a petition - If you are for the idea I will be presenting it to Groundspeak, and hopefully reducing their mailflow for requests. Please fill out the Petition! Please redistribute across Canada! (SERIOUSLY!!!! POST THIS TO YOUR LOCAL BOARD!!) Il y a eu quelques discussions au sujet de demander un Souvenir de Groundspeak pour le Canada jour week-end 2017 (Célébration 150e du Canada) J'ai créé une pétition - Si vous êtes à l'idée que je présenterai à Groundspeak, et en réduisant l'espérons leur mailflow pour les demandes. S'il vous plaît remplir la pétition! S'il vous plaît redistribuer à travers le Canada!
  5. I have tried talking to the Park Manager at Killarney Provincial to get an earthcache placed. He seemed quite offended and asked me to remove the container (after clearly explaining to him that there was no container). I responded by saying that there was no container He then became quite frustrated and told me that it would encourage off trail usage (despite it being on a portage route, again clearly indicated in the original email). I responded by saying that it was on a trail. Frustrated, He told me that it would impact trail usage patterns and that he was entirely not interested in having geocaches in his park. I thanked him for his time. When Springwater park was closed down near my house due to lack of visitors, I was a staunch supporter of the decision.
  6. JRI - I love you - THANK YOU!
  7. am i reading this right? They spent 3h there, and didn't blow it up? http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120510/120510_suspicious_package/20120510/?hub=CP24Home
  8. You and a murderer chose the same place to hide something. Please tell me you aren't an angry person
  9. ignore and move on - especially if there is no pen in the cache, or my pen has exploded in my pocket some time during the evening
  10. well, now that they can't respond.. I like Tequila 81 Proof - when is the 162 Proof coming out? Has it fermented long enough? I find it odd that this cache still inspires descent when their are so many more controversial challenge caches (not challenges! - I hear they are still around!)
  11. Nothing stopping you from bolting a TB tag to your bumper right next to the license plate!
  12. 5 Winds summit trail - http://coord.info/GC1QY8T
  13. just remove the gift part, and you're golden I'm sure the charities could use a few hard workers
  14. .... good luck with your formal complaint, please stay clear of my caches...
  15. Why was this a one time maze? Got excited to see the new maze exhibit in Toronto (Canada) and found it was the same exhibit as the last 2 times it has been in the area
  16. don't get me wrong, i'm all for archiving it. just make a new ironman cache somewhere else. let everyone who met the challenge start another 365 day streak, ha!
  17. Oh wow, that is something! Just wanted to add my two cents: KAAAAPOW!!!! (thank you, that is all)
  18. So why did Waymarking cause the grandfathering of virtuals, locationless, webcams, and if some people had their way.. Earthmarks?
  19. Can't we just ban jerks? That would solve a great deal of problems with the site, and reduce the guidelines to pretty much one sentance...
  20. watch for trees (just just jump out at you sometimes!)
  21. http://www.torontogeocaching.com/ http://centralontariogeocachers.com/forums http://www.ontgeocaching.com/
  22. You're right! What up with that? ... And as google maps is the official park boundary checker for the Ontario reviewers... does that mean it is now fair game?
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